Today marks the beginning of a series I’ve been planning to start for a long time: Reds By The Numbers. For whatever reason, I’ve always been interested (obsessed?) with the Reds’ uniforms and each individual’s uniform number. When I see someone wear 36 now, I immediately think of Mario Soto (not Blake Wood). When I […]

We’ve decided to make this a weekly feature as long as the Reds aren’t playing a Sunday night game. I will simply update the list weekly and try to note anything…note-worthy. Reds Batted Ball Exit Velocity Leaderboard – as of 04/23: Pitch Acronyms: FF (4-seam fastball), FT (2-seam fastball), FS (split-finger fastball), FC (cut fastball), SI (sinker), […]

Zack Cozart tends to play in bursts. I don’t quite mean his quick-twitch, hot off the button fielding for the Reds at short, but that does certainly apply. Rather, I’m talking about his bat. Think of his first 11 games back in 2011. Those fleeting two weeks of .324/.324/.486 slashing and fans hoping for a well-rounded, centerpiece […]

Ladies and gentlemen; like it or not, the StatCast era is upon us.  Last year, small bits of data trickled to us at seemingly random intervals.  Many of us desired the trickle become a deluge.  The time is nigh! The below table represents the 25 hardest hit balls by Reds batters in 2016 as of […]

Supposedly the Reds are entering a bit of a “youth movement.” Bryan Price first uttered that phrase on June 6 of last season, sending the fanbase into a tizzy expecting mid-summer trade after mid-summer trade. It just didn’t quite happen that way. Sure, Johnny Cueto was sent to Royals for three strong propects and Mike Leake […]

One of the most common themes the Reds’ broadcasters discuss on a daily basis is the team’s “chronic inability” to hit with runners in scoring position. From listening to the games you probably know by now that the Reds are dead last in the major leagues in AVG w/ RISP. The voices of the Reds […]

Two of the Reds’s best hitters, Todd Frazier and Jay Bruce, are both hitting below the infamous Mendoza Line. Those two and the rest of the Reds as a team have been the unluckiest group of hitters in the major leagues so far in 2015. The Reds’ have a paltry .253 BABIP on the season, which […]

If you want to measure how many runs a pitcher has given up, ERA is your statistic. If you want to measure how well a pitcher has actually pitched then FIP, xFIP or SIERA may be better. And understanding the difference between those ideas is what this post is about. The most commonly used measure […]

[View this as a companion (like minds!) with Chad’s excellent post about the Reds closer’s role in a historical context. If you’re tired of reading how the Reds are under-utilizing Aroldis Chapman, avert your eyes. Warning: this post does involve the use of the advanced metrics of Innings Pitched and Sarcasm.] Since Opening Day, the Cincinnati Reds have […]

Dan Szymborski has posted his 2012 Reds projections over on the Baseball Think Factory site. I really like these projections since they have the projected numbers for just about every player on the roster.

I’ve taken this years Reds projections for all of the players expected to see playing time this coming season and prorated their projections based on their expected role. I then totaled up a full seasons worth of AB (5500) and IP (1450). I calculated Runs Created for hitters and Runs Allowed for pitchers then used the Pythagorean theorem to predict the Reds record for the upcoming season. The following are the results.

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Saw this on Lance McAlister’s blog: Stats for Austin Kearns through his first 365 games with the Reds and for Jay Bruce through his first 366 games (entering Tuesday) with the Reds. *** Kearns/Bruce Game: 365/366 PA: 1467/1452 AB: 1268/1305 R: 195/193 H: 337/333 2B: 71/57 3B: 6/8 HR: 55/68 RBI: 213/183 SB: 13/14 BB: […]

Baseball Prospectus has published a new study comparing the great American League shortstops of the early 1990’s: Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez.

The article is on the payside, so I can’t say too much, other than to say BP’s fielding rating system still shows Derek Jeter to be a really poor shortstop on defense, despite his UZR rating which says he’s improved. BP also gives Garciaparra a rather poor defensive rating for the last several years, and ARod pretty much grades out as average defensively at 3B during his time with the Yankees.

However, that’s not what I wanted to note. What I noticed in the article were the overall BP “JAWS” rankings of two Reds greats, Barry Larkin and Dave Concepcion.

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