Quantifying how hot any particular manager’s or front office executive’s or face of the franchise’s seat is at any given time is a foolhardy endeavor with no good answers. Unless you are the owner of the franchise. Then it’s not so much a hot seat as much as how you’re going to do payroll for […]

Former Reds manager Dusty Baker seldom, if ever, criticized his players in public for a lack of effort. That philosophy caused many outsiders to question whether Baker was holding the team sufficiently accountable. At the start of the season, new manager Bryan Price promised to supply plenty of that quality. Reds fans have been watching […]

[Edit.: This post was submitted by Joe Atkinson, loyal member of the Nation. Joe is a native of Cincinnati but now resides in Evansville where he spends most of his days fighting off Cardinals fans and is co-founder and owner of Court Street Productions. Thanks, Joe, for your post. – SPM] We like to dissect […]

Bryan Price convened a remarkable impromptu meeting in the Reds dugout after the Reds came off the field to follow the third inning today. From the FSO broadcast, it appeared that Price had chosen that unusual moment to deliver a message to the team. The Reds promptly hit and hustled their way to two runs […]

Well, we’ve finally shuffled off this mortal coil called Spring Training. George Harrison, who just happens to be one of manager Bryan Price’s favorite musicians, once said, “…it seems as if winter in England goes on forever. By the time spring comes, you really deserve it. ” The late Beatle’s winter lament prompted him to ensconce […]

If you’re desperately hoping that the new boss ain’t the same as the old boss, look no further than Bryan Price’s view of defensive shifts. Citing “pretty dramatic” data, the Reds’ first-year manager recently said the team will take more advantage of hit-chart data to shift their defensive alignment (Mark Sheldon). “I think we’re going to be […]

Redsfest takes place this Friday and Saturday at the Duke Energy Convention Center. The hours are 3-10:30 p.m. on Friday and 11 a.m.-6:30 p.m. on Saturday. Latest details here. For those who’ve never attended before, Redsfest is a gigantic indoor fair, including autograph and photo booths with current and former Reds players, interactive games, giveaways, game-used […]

Below is a transcript of much of Joey Votto’s conversation with Lance McAlister for those in Redleg Nation who may not have access to the podcast. Left out are a few of the opening remarks about Bryan Price, but it does reveal the bulk of the interview in areas of most interest by the Nation. […]

Question: Paul Daugherty, Enquirer: Aside from the obvious day to day things that a manager does, filing out a line-up card, setting a starting rotation, where do you think a manager these days has the biggest impact and where do you see yourself beyond the obvious as having the biggest impact on this team? Answer: […]