We often write off criticism of lineups, and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t much matter whether Zack Cozart bats 6th or 8th. But what does matter, quite a bit, is which players are in the lineup. Sometimes a manager can shuffle the deck in a way that makes a historical difference. That […]

Fifteen years ago today, Marge Schott finally agreed to sell her controlling interest in the Reds to local billionaire Carl Lindner. Marge had certainly earned most of the derision she received from the national press and the baseball world. And on the whole, she wasn’t a good owner (though Lindner was probably worse). Marge died ten […]

Monday is Pete Rose’s 73rd birthday. This week’s Photo Vault is dedicated to the most famous Red ever. Here’s Pete at age 24. Pete argues a call in the 1970 World Series. He was clearly the star of the BRM. I’m assuming those items in Rick Auerbach’s box are bills. Pete gratuitously (if photogenically) slides head first […]

Even though the Reds are playing the “Nye Mets” this weekend, it’s a Dodger-centric week here in the vault. This week in baseball history: April 5, 1934 – The Reds hire Red Barber from WRUF (the University of Florida’s radio station) to broadcast their games on radio. Barber’s Opening Day broadcast was the first major league […]

Welcome back inside the vault. This week we celebrate Cincinnati’s unique holiday – Opening Day. ———– First look at a hometown legend in the making. ———– Why wouldn’t it surprise me to see this happen again this year? ———– This photo captured the apex of optimism about the Reds, for about a 10 year period. Dante Bichette, […]

Like the Walt Disney Company, we at RLN are careful not to open our vault too often. So this feature will now be a weekly treat, to be enjoyed with your Saturday coffee and all the bacon and eggs that you have. The Reds play the Cubs today at 1:00 PM, Phoenix time. In honor of the […]

From 1996 spring training in Plant City, Florida, Reds owner Marge Schott and her dog “Schottzie” greet then-new Reds manager Ray Knight. Knight took over for Davey Johnson, who’d led the Reds to two consecutive NL Central titles. Knight managed the club for two seasons, placing third each time. But he sure liked that St. […]

Today’s pick from the vault doubles as This Day in Baseball History.   On March 8, 1923, Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis ruled that Giants pitcher Rube Benton could sign with the Reds, even though Benton had admitted to having advance knowledge of the plot to fix the 1919 World Series. This surprising decision overruled the ruling of the independent NL President John Heydler, […]

We’re launching a new feature here at RLN – the photo vault. Thanks to the good folks at Getty Images and the Cincinnati Enquirer, we at the Nation have access to a vast archive of Reds related images. We’ll share the best of them periodically. If you have your own images you’d like to share, please […]