Since everybody is all mad at each other about statues right now anyway, let us discuss Pete Rose. Those of you who have read me for a while know that I used to work at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, a position I speak of with much respect and affection, because I was […]

In a blatant attempt to divert your attention away from the 2017 Reds and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Losing Streak, we’re going to fall back on the old Cincinnati standby: talk about the Big Red Machine instead. Over the weekend, as you probably know, the Reds unveiled the latest statue on Crosley […]

Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine. 1) Soul searching “Have we honored Pete Rose enough? I mean really, really honored him? Have we sacrificed animals at the intersection of Mehring Way and Main? Do you think we can get Perez in for that? How can we tie this in as a promotional […]

Before today’s game, the Reds will celebrate the unveiling of Pete Rose’s bronze statue at Crosley Terrace at Great American Ball Park. Even though Rose remains banned from MLB for betting on games, the league has given the Reds permission to recognize the on-field accomplishments of the Cincinnati native and star. Rose was inducted into […]

I have only myself to blame, for this all began when I asked my sister to make me an aunt and specified the form of a nephew. She complied twelve years ago with my godson James, who grew in favor before God and man and then begged to attend Redsfest. For those of you unfamiliar […]

Wanna be part of Pete-a-palooza 2? Get tix for June 17 vs. LAD for the statue unveiling — Zach Buchanan (@ZHBuchanan) November 3, 2016 Next June, the Reds are going to have another glorious Pete Rose celebration at Great American Ballpark: On the heels of his induction into the Reds’ Hall of Fame this past […]

In case you hadn’t heard, our old buddy Pete Rose was in the news again. He has appealed to the Hall of Fame to restore his eligibility for the writers’ ballot: Pete Rose is appealing directly to baseball’s Hall of Fame to restore his eligibility, arguing the lifetime ban he agreed to in 1989 was […]

A few weeks ago, the Reds inducted Pete Rose into the Reds Hall of Fame and retired his #14 jersey. It was, at last, an MLB-sanctioned chance for Cincinnati to celebrate and honor their troubled favorite son. It also provided an opportunity for a beleaguered manager and a sentimental newspaperman to look at baseball through. . […]

This submission is from reader Todd McDorman. With this post, I think we’ve probably run the gamut of opinions on the Hit King. The raucous capacity crowd greeted their favorite son with a hero’s welcome. The adulation continued for minutes. First, for the anniversary of the returning 1976 World Championship team. Then, for the retirement […]

Earlier this week, we had a couple of interesting takes on Pete Rose here at Redleg Nation. Check out Art Bidwell’s piece on The Paradoxical King, and Wesley Jenkins’ look at Rose from the perspective of someone who never saw him play. Both are worth a read, and I encourage you to check them out. […]

With the ever-controversial Pete Rose’s induction into the Reds Hall of Fame last weekend, I wanted to write a hot take on the young fan’s perspective of Charlie Hustle. It would be captivating, uncompromising, and maybe a bit risque, but then…I came up with nothing. Everything vitriolic that fans and writers have wanted to say about Rose […]

“All ballplayers are liars.” Consider this statement for a moment. A paradox. If a ballplayer were to announce it, we would share in the contradiction. Because if a ballplayer declares all his brethren to be lairs, then he in fact is calling himself a lair and in that sense, how can we ever believe what […]