A bit of reading material on a Tuesday. Mike Petriello (FanGraphs) extols the virtue of Billy Hamilton’s range on the center fielder’s 24th birthday. Craig Calcaterra (NBC Sports, Hardball Talk) pens a long-read (8,000 words) debunking claims about the decline of baseball’s popularity. This is one of the best articles I’ve read all year and worth […]

icon_512Apologies for the brief commercial interruption…but my brother — a big Reds fan living in China, of all places — has just released an app for iPhone. It’s called Tunage Music Match, and it’s aimed at, not surprisingly, music lovers. I think it’s pretty cool, so I thought I’d share it. I expect each of you with an iPhone to use this app at Great American Ballpark this season to check on each player’s AB walkup music, and see how many other fans like that tune.

More information below the fold. Now, back to the Reds.

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Blame Chad for creating this mess.

Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. His first book, “The Big 50: The Men and Moments That Made the Cincinnati Reds” is now available in bookstores and online, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever fine books are sold. You can also find Chad’s musings about the Cincinnati Reds in the pages of Cincinnati Magazine.

You can email Chad at chaddotson@redlegnation.com.

It is trivia question time. Here is how this will work.  The first person to correctly answer the upcoming trivia question in the comments portion of this post will win the two tickets to tomorrow’s game.  The winning person will be contacted via email with the details of how to receive your tickets.  Here’s the […]

A buddy of mine has partial season tickets which includes two tickets for tomorrow’s matchup versus the Cubs.  He cannot go nor find anyone to take the tickets off of his hands.  Thus, in loyal Reds fashion, he has given them to the Nation to give away to one of our loyal citizens. Check back […]

I just wanted to announce that my wife gave birth to our third boy today.  Adam Joseph Wilson was born exactly at noon today. Adam Joseph (care to guess where that name came from?) weighs 7 pounds, 14 ounces and is 20 inches long.  With three boys, my future outfield is now set! Chris WilsonA […]

I mentioned this earlier in the week in one of the other threads but I wanted to bring it back to attention so that I do not miss out on anything.  Tomorrow I am taking my 6-year old son to PNC Park to watch the Reds-Pirates game in Pittsburgh.  It will obviously be our first […]

This isn’t Reds related, though I will tie it in shortly.  James Gammon, who played manager Lou Brown in the movie Major League, passed away Friday at age 70. Gammon, who may be best known for his role as the manager of the Cleveland Indians in 1989 comedy Major League, was surrounded by family at his […]

I just wanted to tell everyone that I went out to the Redleg Nation Shop (see link above) and bought a RN shirt… I did it for a couple of reasons. 1) I really like the logo and wanted to advertise RN. (The shirts are great quality and very well produced.) 2) To help generate […]

Catching up on some things…. * Good grief, that Home Run Derby was awful last night…or at least, the little bit that I watched was terrible. Can someone get rid of Chris Berman, please? What an interminable mess that Derby has become. Ugh. * On the other hand, this weekend should be fun. I’ll be […]

By “HE” I mean Chad…when he posted this…. This is like saying, “Boy, I’m having a great day” or “My car is running great” or “My wife and I are getting along really well”… Never challenge the wrath of the Gods!!! I just can’t figure out what he was thinking. Bill LackI’ve been a Reds […]

Happy Thanksgiving all, from your friends at Redleg Nation. http://www.hulu.com/embed/ARGH13THKHoYcvgLRNOP6Q (Tip of the cap to RR for reminding us of this classic Thanksgiving humor.) Chad DotsonBlame Chad for creating this mess. Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. His first book, “The Big 50: The Men […]

This has nothing to do with baseball (actually, it’s about college basketball and football), but it’s so funny, I wanted to link it up. The headline is “Cheering Fans, Thrilling NCAA Tournament Disgust BCS Officials”: DETROIT—Claiming that determining an unquestioned national champion through a playoff system “went against the very idea of sporting competition,” and […]