Saturday, John Fay published an important column about Jim Riggleman for the Cincinnati Enquirer. I’m going to bracket off what might be the most discouraging part: Fay’s reporting on a meeting that Reds owner Bob Castellini had with Riggleman about managing decisions, something Riggleman calls unprecedented in his vast experience as a major league manager. So after […]

No aspect of baseball through its history has changed more than pitching. Underhand to overhand. Soft toss to max velocity. Adding a mound and rubber. The introduction of players who were pitching specialists. Then relievers. Relievers used for fewer than three outs. For exactly three outs. Firemen and the disappearance of firemen. Measuring pitch speed and […]

Summer of 2015 I wrote a post (Culture of Narrowness) about how nepotism and insider-bias hiring practices and player evaluation were producing serial failure for the Reds. That article was prompted by a report that Barry Larkin had been talking to friends about joining his coaching staff with the Reds. My post wasn’t about Barry Larkin, but […]

“Filling a current need.” Bryan Price was asked before today’s game if Michael Lorenzen might be used as a starting pitcher. That’s an idea long advocated by many here at Redleg Nation. Lorenzen himself says he would like to start. Price’s response was horrifying. He said, in part: “(Lorenzen’s) not a reliever because we don’t […]

As we have all observed, Eugenio Suarez is having a nice start to the 2017 season.  As of this writing Suarez is carrying a 200 wRC+ (good for 6th in the NL) and has accumulated 0.8 fWAR/0.9 bWAR in only 46 plate appearances. Stat Geek Note: The difference between FanGraphs and Baseball-Reference WAR usually exists […]

We usually toss around platitudes like “It doesn’t matter that much” when discussing lineup construction.  On an almost daily basis during baseball season, many of us (myself firmly included) find nits to pick with the order in which nine names are written on a piece of paper. Is our nit-picking justified?  How many runs (and […]

Dick Williams gave a lengthy and eye-opening interview to David Laurila, published at FanGraphs yesterday. Williams talked about improvements the Reds are making based on a top-to-bottom review of the organization he conducted in 2016, his first year as Reds general manager. Read this closely: “Last year, we went through a thorough analysis of our business. […]

Last week, the Reds reached a one-year agreement with reliever Drew Storen. The club will pay the 29-year-old pitcher $3 million, an additional $1.5 million in performance bonuses and $500,000 if he’s traded. The deal’s impact won’t be felt in wins and losses. And since it’s only for a year and a tiny amount of […]

The purpose of this article is two-fold.   First, we’ll quickly look and see how much it costs teams, on average, to let a guy reach Super Two status.  For an explanation of Super Two, you can go read this. Second, we’ll take a detailed look at how much teams pay for certain types of statistics […]

Maybe we understood the benefits of plate discipline back in Little League and just didn’t know it. Cameron Frye got it. That time-honored taunt encouraged the opposing batter to swing. No one ever shouted: Hey batter, batter, batter … take! When a teammate let a pitch go that was called a ball, we chimed in with […]

Back in 2013, Brian Kenny of the MLB Network began a campaign called “Kill the Win.” The point of Kenny’s campaign was to help baseball fans, broadcasters, and writers understand that wins and losses are a bad way of evaluating the success or failure of a pitcher. The campaign was overall successful. Sure, there was much […]

[5/5] The Reds have been a bad, bad team for large chunks of the past two seasons. They finished with the second-worst record in baseball this year. Injuries indeed played a substantial role. That factor exonerates the manager, who can only play the healthy bodies available to him. The failure to do a better job […]