The Reds are moving their top prospect, Nick Senzel, to the outfield? Jason Linden and I explore the possibilities with that move. Then we checked in on Joey Votto, and tried to put his career in historical context. After answering a listener question (send your questions in mp3 format to chaddotson AT redlegnation DOT com, […]

I am on special assignment this week making sure the ocean is still there, so no Championship Track. Instead, please enjoy this piece about how Joey Votto is good. I spend a lot of time clicking around and playing with numbers and trying to look at the different ways we can define a player as […]

This is simply amazing. Two of the legends of the comedy world spend a couple of minutes marveling over the continuing awesomeness of Reds first baseman and International Treasure Joey Votto. This is from an episode of David Letterman’s Netflix show in which he was having a long-form discussion with Jerry Seinfeld. Best part was […]

Recently we discussed the many ways in which Joey Votto is in fact perfect. I adopted him when he was an anxious rookie, then he earned his way into my tee shirt drawer by being awesome. I am a girl who’s hard to get except when I’m flinging myself at people (fictional characters, animated beings, total […]

Actually, MLB, Joey Votto is an international treasure. If you missed it, here’s the latest episode of Votto’s antics: Said it before, will say it again: Joey Votto is a national treasure. 😂 — MLB (@MLB) April 10, 2018 The City of Philly vs. Joey Votto is an unstoppable force vs. an immovable object […]

You’ve heard by now, no doubt, in these crucial and fateful times, that our zoo’s baby hippopotamus has been hit on by another zoo’s baby hippopotamus. I don’t even know where to start with this. Yes I do. I’ll begin by putting my foot down. Our Fiona is too young to date. No boys until […]

When I first began writing for Redleg Nation and scrolled through the list of post categories, I experienced zero surprise when I ran across one titled  “Joey Votto” and another called “Joey Votto Is Perfect.” For he is, and why not devote an entire subcategory to the matter? By this, of course, I don’t mean […]

Now that spring training has begun and Joey Votto has congratulated himself on getting fatter,  we have all backed away from the ledge a bit and may now gear up for some Queen City-quality complaining. I’m going to remind you here that first allowed our cherished right to begin the entire season to slip away, but […]

Here’s this week’s reminder that Opening Day will, eventually, arrive: Did you know you can get this shiznit at Kroger’s? For like four dollars, for a box of six? I am beginning to suspect the price of one at the ballpark is somewhat inflated due to the fact it comes served to you at your […]

My mother, who attended a college which contained parlors and a skirts-and-heels dress code for the all-female student body, passed many harrowing post-Christmas hours hovering over me at the kitchen table, engaged in battle over the matter of thank-you notes.  “Someone was nice enough to think of you, take the time to pick out a […]

Earlier today, Steve discussed Joey Votto’s MVP candidacy, and took a sweet little trip down memory lane. The votes have now been tabulated, and the winner announced. Your 2017 National League Most Valuable player is Giancarlo Stanton. Well, maybe he’s your MVP. My MVP is Joey Votto. Votto finished just two points behind Stanton in […]

Tonight we’ll find out if the Baseball Writers of America voted Joey Votto the National League MVP. Votto is one of three announced finalists, with Giancarlo Stanton (the favorite based on conventional wisdom) and Paul Goldschmidt. The MLB Network award show begins at 6 p.m. ET. Votto was named NL MVP in 2010. He finished […]