Two nights ago, I learned that the phrase “hat trick” originated from the cricket tradition of awarding a bowler a commemorative cap for hitting three wickets with three consecutive bowls. Well, it was either that or the bowler was allowed to pass his cap around for a monetary collection as award for his feat — […]

Across 55 offerings in 2017, no one had been able to hit Drew Storen’s changeup. The pitch had been put in play, sure, but not a single batter had managed to reach base when facing it. Averaging 84 mph, a tick faster than his go-to slider, the changeup was and still is Storen’s swing-and-miss pitch. […]

Back in November, I wrote a piece about The Value in Zack Cozart.  I have been meaning to write a “sequel” piece about the value of Todd Frazier, but I just haven’t able to find the time to do so.  However, with Frazier’s great success here in 2014, I couldn’t wait any longer.  Let’s begin……. […]

[We interrupt our regularly scheduled all-Price-all-the-time fascination to return for a moment to our previous obsession, all-Homer-all-the-time.] The conventional wisdom among Reds’ fans that Tim Lincecum’s new deal means Homer Bailey will be even harder to sign long-term is absolutely right, but maybe not exactly for the reason many people are thinking. In case the […]

Over the last few off-seasons, we’ve gone through some key players on the Reds, and discussed how valuable they were. Let’s kick this year’s series off with, possibly, the most polarizing player on Cincinnati’s roster, Drew Stubbs. When we did this two years ago, everyone was pretty optimistic about Stubbs. Two years later, the water […]

In the latest entry of the “How Valuable Is…” series, let’s take a look at Travis Wood. A 23 year-old lefthander, Wood emerged on the scene last year and pitched brilliantly right out of the box. For the season, he was 5-4 with a 3.51 ERA, and he joined fellow rookie Mike Leake in displaying […]

As the holidays have drawn to a close, it’s time to return to the ongoing “How Valuable Is…” series. Today’s topic: Mike Leake. Cincinnati’s first-rounder in 2009, Leake made a splash in 2010, earning a spot in the rotation after spending nary a day* in the minor leagues. From day one, Leake displayed an uncommon […]

This is the post I’ve been looking forward to — or dreading. I can’t decide which. My thoughts on Francisco Cordero are decidedly mixed, and they really have been since the day CoCo signed the big free agent deal to join Cincinnati. Until last season, I’ve been a fan of Cordero, but I always thought […]

Well, today we may just find out that Joey Votto is the Most Valuable Player in the National League. The outcome of the NL MVP vote will be revealed this afternoon at 2 p.m. Mark Sheldon has made a good case that Votto should win: Votto stood at top of the league in key categories […]

There are a number of players who cause a deep division among Reds fans. Adam Dunn was the best example of this phenomenon, but there are players every year who are beloved by some fans and hated by others. Perhaps no player on the Reds roster fits that description better than Homer Bailey. He was […]

Most would agree that Drew Stubbs had a fine 2010 season, in his first full year as a big leaguer. Stubbs put up a line of .255/.329/.444 with 22 HR, 77 RBI, and 91 runs scored. His wOBA was .345, and Stubbs put up a WAR of 3.2. Those numbers place Stubbs solidly in the […]

Let’s chew on this one for the entire weekend. How valuable is Edinson Volquez? He has shown more than one flash of brilliance during his time in Cincinnati. He had some very rough times last year after returning from Tommy John surgery, but he also started the first Reds playoff game in a decade and […]