Stand Up

Stand Up

[sung to the tune of Warren Zevon’s “Desperados Under the Eaves”] I was sitting in the GABP Machine Room Grill I was staring in my empty coffee cup I was thinking that Marty wasn’t lyin’ All the salty margaritas on the downtown Banks I’m gonna drink ’em up And if GABP slides into the Ohio … Continue reading

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The Spellbinding Mythology and Havoc of “ALL IN”

“It doesn’t seem like they [the Reds] are going in the tank, like the Houston Astros, but it doesn’t feel like they’re going ALLLLLLLLL INNNNN, does it?”        —Mo Egger All in. They are the two magic words that sometimes sound as if they should be shouted while waving one of J.K Rowling’s magic wands—pointed with … Continue reading