Loyal Nation member WVRedlegs posted the link to this article by Paul White at USA Today this morning in the comment section. It’s about the trend in baseball to use the second spot in the batting order differently. I wrote about this recently, in relation to Todd Frazier batting second, but the White article develops the concept further […]

The #2 hitter in a baseball lineup receives the second-most at bats of anyone on the team. For example, over the course of a season, the #2 hitter will have about 60 more plate appearances than the #6 hitter. Studies have determined that the first two positions in the lineup create the most runs. The […]

Our topic du jour has reached the front page at FanGraphs. Read Dave Cameron’s hot-off-the-press analysis on the idea of the Reds batting Todd Frazier second instead of Zack Cozart. Frazier would represent a substantial upgrade over Cozart in terms of OBP and presents a RH hitter to bat between Choo and Votto. Relative to the […]

Fresh off his dominating complete game against the Marlins, Homer Bailey takes the mound for the Reds in the series rubbermatch against the Phillies. Game time is 1:35 ET. The Reds face rookie right-hander Jonathan Pettibone. In the latest edition of irrational lineup construction, Dusty Baker has designated Cesar Izturis (.167/.286/.194) as today’s cooler, batting […]

I hadn’t written about this subject, because I really wanted the whole issue to go away. I should have known better than to be optimistic about that. Here’s our friend Dave Schoenfield from ESPN: Manager Dusty Baker — and the players — think Aroldis Chapman should remain the team’s closer; general manager Walt Jocketty, with […]

It’s a song that keeps playing in my head. A classic from the 1970s. At the risk of showing my age, I admit it rang in my ears once more after seeing Wilson Valdez batting in the 9th Friday night. And again, after seeing Wilson’s place in the batting order last night. I could hear […]

Over at Grantland, Jonah Keri has a pretty good piece on the Todd Frazier dilemma that will be staring the Reds in the face when Joey Votto returns (this weekend, hopefully). I’ve gone on the record as urging people not to worry; there will be plenty of ABs to go around, with Frazier playing all […]

Admit it.  You’ve been seduced.  Go ahead.  It’s okay.  We all have.  It’s heady, rarefied air up here at the summit.  And it’s been done without baseball’s version of supplemental oxygen—Joey Votto.  61-40.  This morning, even the pinstriped executives over at Bronx Bombers, Inc. are looking up at the team in flyover country, the land […]

Posted at Better Off Red. Richard from Springboro, don’t get your hopes up. It’s just a day of rest for Joey MVP, not a demotion to AAA Louisville. Super Todd Frazier takes his place in the first base slot. The folks who don’t like Zack Cozart batting first and Drew Stubbs batting second will surely be relieved by […]

Reds manager Dusty Baker’s testy answer to a question yesterday about playing time for Todd Frazier and Scott Rolen has been reported by John Fay and Mark Sheldon. At the end of his remarks, Baker said this: “Since I’ve been here there have been six or seven guys everybody fell in love with,” Baker said. […]

I’m a little reticent to wade into too much of the criticism of Dusty Baker for, well, being Dusty Baker, but since it seems like that’s the hot topic of the day, allow me to offer a brief, somewhat distanced, observation on the question of the Reds’ lineup. Here’s a pretty stark fact: as of […]

(Turns out, Bill and I were on the same track! He’s just quicker than I am.) Reds manager Dusty Baker sometimes receives criticism for events beyond his control. However, yesterday, when asked why Todd Frazier hadn’t been in the line-up for a couple days, Baker offered up this reasoning (reported by John Fay): “Everybody preaches on base […]