The origin of the expression “death by a thousand cuts” dates back to a barbaric form of torture and execution by the the Imperial Chinese government called lingchi, where criminals were put to death by being sliced over and over again. The idiom has come to refer to a series of small bad events, none […]

We had great plans once upon a time, didn’t we? Grand hopes for the future. Remember that interview after the clinching game in 2010 when you said you loved Cincinnati?  We loved you, too, that night. You were our compassionate player manager, our feel good field general.  And we’ll always have that glorious weekend in […]

If you’ve read what I’ve written here the past few years, this post will probably surprise you. It surprises me to be writing it. This opinion will be controversial among members of the Nation. My butcher on Court Street this morning was adamant that the Reds have to fire Dusty. Since one of my live-longer […]

Quick, guess these two players (all stats current entering play Wednesday night): Player A: 49.1% K%, 8% BB%, 6.15 K/BB 1.28 FIP, 14 saves, 4 blown saves Player B: 29.0% K% , 5.3% BB%, 5.50 K/BB, 2.43 FIP, 9 saves, 3 blown saves Player A is easy, as the strikeout rate alone gives him away […]

Two detailed articles on Dusty Baker were posted yesterday at ESPN, offering some insight about him, his future and his relationship with players. Journalist Jerry Crasnick’s piece deals mostly with Baker’s future with the Reds, but also sheds some light on his interaction with his players and coaches. Regarding Baker’s future, Crasnick says this among other […]

Check out this column from Michael Arace of the Columbus Dispatch… Some of his comments, I don’t know what he’s talking about… Yet the real driving force behind the fans’ subtle attitudinal adjustment is the sense that Dusty has their back. He has made that much clear by his outspoken defense of his team’s honor […]

From today’s Enquirer: “Everybody preaches on base percentage, which is great,” Baker said. “But I was talking to (Detroit manager) Jim Leyland about this the other day. You’ve got to have someone to drive them in. The name of the game is touch home plate the most.” It makes me absolutely insane that he just […]

I know the Game Thread is about to be posted, but take a second to read this. According to John Fay, after having all night to think about it, Dusty Baker exercised poor judgment in responding to Derek Lowe’s ramblings after last night’s game. Really, really, unprofessional stuff by Baker. It really got ugly when a […]

The era of Aroldis Chapman closing for the Reds is here. Like all Reds fans, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chapman secure the last three outs today against the Yankees. But I can’t abide by the discouraging decision that put him there. It’s a short-sighted move and borne from disregard or ignorance of modern analytics. 1. Sean […]

“We’re going to hit our way out of this slump, not walk out of it” – Dusty Baker postgame — JD Arney (@jdarney) April 15, 2012 // Okay, one comment: good grief. Chad DotsonBlame Chad for creating this mess. Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. […]

Ken Rosenthal has a list: On Baker: Just sayin’ on this one. There is no reason to believe that Baker actually is in trouble. He makes this list largely because he is in the final year of his contract. On the other hand, the Reds expect to contend after adding a potential ace, right-hander Mat […]

According to ESPN’s Jim Bowden yesterday via twitter Dusty Baker just told us they’re paying a lot of money to Bailey & Chapman and we’ll have to find roles for them even if it’s in bullpen Yet Dusty Baker wonders in the same conversation: Baker just told us that he’s sick of having to answer […]