Dusty Was Misconstrued

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Submitted without comment

"We're going to hit our way out of this slump, not walk out of it" - Dusty Baker postgame— JD Arney (@jdarney) April 15, 2012 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Okay, one comment: good grief.... Read More...
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Oh, Dusty

Guess what Dusty Baker said yesterday, regarding Aroldis Chapman's role with the organization next year? “Well, I mean, that’s one thing we’re wrestling with kind of, Steve. We’re n... Read More...
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New Feature: The Dusty-O-Meter

We do a lot of carping about Dusty Baker's managerial moves, particularly his in-game moves (mostly since that's what we see). Understanding that Dusty's recognized strength is managing the personalities in th... Read More...