The sound you hear is the log jam breaking. Not final yet, but dis is happening. Reported terms: Reds getting two players in return. Reds pay most of Phillips 2017 salary. Phillips (35) will make $14 million this season; the final year of a six-year, $72.5 million contract. There may be a connection between how much […]

Brandon Phillips has had quite the offseason. He has seen several of his most talented teammates traded, and one of those trades brought back a potential replacement in Jose Peraza. The Reds then tried to trade Phillips to both the Nationals and Diamondbacks, but Phillips full no-trade ability allowed him to block both deals. He […]

We now know that Brandon Phillips vetoed not one, but two separate trades so far this off season. We also know that the Reds organization is being very frank about why the trades didn’t go through – he wants more money. That’s what we know for absolute certain. We can certainly infer from that the […]

Everyone knows That Guy. He’s the one who eats pizza with soy sauce and calls its a superfood. He’s the one who does the robot transitioning into the worm whenever he’s forced to dance. The one who played four sports in high school and still talks about it. That Guy is always the subject of water […]

National reporters seem to agree that the Reds and Nationals have worked out a deal to trade Brandon Phillips to Washington. But the Reds second baseman has earned the right to reject any trade, so it falls to the Reds to persuade BP to sign off on the agreement. It appears there’s been no movement […]

To leave, or not to leave? According to a report in the Washington Post, the Brandon Phillips trade is on hold while the Reds must convince their second baseman to waive his no-trade rights. On Brandon Phillips-to-Nats: Washington officials are awaiting word from Reds, who are responsible for convincing him to waive no-trade. — Barry […]

Brandon Phillips has been a truly outstanding all-around player for the Reds since virtually the minute he took the field at Great American Ball Park in 2006 after being cast out by Cleveland. DatDudeBP has won four Gold Glove awards and deserved a couple more. Although he hasn’t had 20 home runs or 20 stolen bases […]