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Two innings

[View this as a companion (like minds!) with Chad’s excellent post about the Reds closer’s role in a historical context. If you’re tired of reading how the Reds are under-utilizing Aroldis Chapman, avert your eyes. Warning: this post does involve the use of the advanced metrics of Innings Pitched and Sarcasm.] Since Opening Day, the Cincinnati Reds have … Continue reading

Chapmania / Nasty Boys

Billy McCool, Cordero and Chapman: A History of Reds Closers

The “save” didn’t become an official statistic in baseball until 1969, although it had been tracked for years. The definition of a save itself was defined in 1960 by Chicago sportswriter Jerome Holtzman but it has been redefined, examined and criticized since. (The first official “save” went to Bill Singer on Opening Day 1969, who … Continue reading

2013 Reds / Chapmania

On the Aroldis Chapman rumors [Update: Not so fast…]

Not getting upset just yet about Chapman report. Waiting for confirmation before blasting what would be a terribly short-sighted decision. — Redleg Nation (@redlegnation) March 21, 2013 Rest assured, the Editors will have a response prepared, should this come to pass. At this point, however, all we have is a single report, without confirmation from … Continue reading