Aroldis Chapman recorded the 100th save of his major league career last night – a milestone that divides Reds fans into Team Celebrate and Team Lament. Putting aside the controversies about how the organization has used Chapman, it’s a fitting moment to recognize that the 26-year-old is in the midst of an unprecedented, historic season. […]

As you bask in the aura of the Reds’ newly minted .500 record, add a little Aroldis to your morning, courtesy of Jeff Sullivan at FanGraphs. Sullivan wrote in March that Chapman’s fastball was baseball’s new most-dominant pitch. This new article is about the Cuban Missile’s change-up. Formally cross another item off the “Chapman can’t start” excuse […]

The Cincinnati Reds announced the activation of Aroldis Chapman today. He’s available to pitch against the Rockies tonight. Chapman’s return comes a little more than seven weeks after he was struck on the forehead by a line drive in a spring training game against the Kansas City Royals. The following day surgeons repaired a broken […]

Is your team struggling with a losing record? Are they saddled with numerous injuries to their bullpen? Do they face a rugged schedule over the next few weeks? Are you trying to conduct a fundraising drive for a sports blog during a losing streak by the team it covers? If you answered yes to three […]

You put your left foot in You pull your left foot out Once you looked “all in” Now everything’s in doubt. They’re doing the Hokey Pokey down by the river at 100 Joe Nuxhall Way. Again. Another offseason. Another episode of “Will He or Won’t He.” Yes, sports fans, we’re talking about Aroldis Chapman, a […]

We love watching Aroldis Chapman’s slender frame walk through that bullpen door. You can judge the intensity of the passion by the wild applause that accompanies his run to the mound even when there isn’t free pizza at stake. There are nights if you squint hard enough at the “54” on his chest, you’d swear […]

Many of us have said that if the Reds aren’t going to use Aroldis Chapman as a starter, his biggest value is as a trade chip. John Erardi agrees. He even has an idea who to get for him (and others)…. Bill LackI’ve been a Reds fan since the late ’60’s, with my luck of […]

A toxic narrative has developed that the Reds assigned Aroldis Chapman to the bullpen because of the pitcher’s mental weakness, a condition that disqualified him from being in the starting rotation. It’s a scurrilous notion that needs to be examined and, in my opinion, flatly rejected. The root of the theory comes from a single […]

[View this as a companion (like minds!) with Chad’s excellent post about the Reds closer’s role in a historical context. If you’re tired of reading how the Reds are under-utilizing Aroldis Chapman, avert your eyes. Warning: this post does involve the use of the advanced metrics of Innings Pitched and Sarcasm.] Since Opening Day, the Cincinnati Reds have […]

The “save” didn’t become an official statistic in baseball until 1969, although it had been tracked for years. The definition of a save itself was defined in 1960 by Chicago sportswriter Jerome Holtzman but it has been redefined, examined and criticized since. (The first official “save” went to Bill Singer on Opening Day 1969, who […]

Writing about baseball on the internet (either above or below the line), is a funny sort of thing for the way it tends to polarize and calcify our opinions about topics even if they aren’t ultimately that big of a deal, or even if we don’t actually know very much about the question when you […]

The Redleg Nation editorial staff put together a fine article on the recent developments regarding Aroldis Chapman’s move back to the bullpen. Word reached me late as I was in Jalalabad, a city near the Pakistan border that is very active — if you know what I mean. The 101st Airborne – the Screaming Eagles […]