Four pitchers and an outfielder walk into a bar. The outfielder orders drinks for all of them, setting the table so to speak. The first pitcher knocks his drink over while the second spills his all over his front. The third, seeing his friends’ mishaps, takes his nice and slow, making sure to hit his […]

We are nearing the end of the minor league season now and as we all start thinking intensely about next year, I think it’s useful to take a look at what has and has not been said about the various young players. This may tell us something about what to expect next year. In the […]

Jesse Winker, you may have noticed, is finally getting some playing time in the big leagues. Through his first 70-odd plate appearances, he’s been more or less a league average hitter. He’s also been above average at getting on base, even though his batting average isn’t great. That’s right, kids. Jesse Winker can take a […]

Lately, it seems to me that every post discussing the lack of success of many of the Reds’ young pitchers is accompanied by some number of comments about the players being “rushed” because of need at the big league level. This didn’t match my perception. My perception was that these guys were making debuts roughly […]

As I’ve sporadically written this column over the course of the season, various players have seen their stock rise and fall. I sat down to write this column and realized that, suddenly, the picture is a lot clearer. And that we need to add a few names to the list. So here we go, let’s […]

Come back with me, if you will, to a moment in the not-so-distant past. The Reds had a couple of hotshot starters in Louisville and a few more in Pensacola. We were waiting to see who would make the leap to the big leagues and who wouldn’t quite cut it. I know, I know it’s […]

This year was to be the year of sorting. Some would rise. Others would fall. In the end, a balanced team would be born. Uh… Yeah, about that. A funny thing happened on the way to being competitive. This team is lopsided. In some places, things have gone much better than expected. In other places… […]

Back in the misty half-forgotten time of early April when this little column began, the premise was that I would focus on a particular group of guys who were trying to transition across the line from prospect to big leaguer. There was one player I didn’t include in the group and maybe I should have. […]

A month has now gone by and it seems like a good time to go down the line, look at the numbers and handout grades. For the position players, I give the typical slash line. For the pitchers, I decided to list ERA/FIP/xFIP to give us a sense of what they might do going forward. […]

The Reds haven’t exactly played well since our last edition and it seems like a good time to simply run down the line and look at how stock is rising and falling and what might be there to take the place of someone struggling. There’s much more uncertainty with the pitchers than the position players […]

On Tuesday night, I was in the press box with the Bats here in Louisville and I had the chance to talk with Delino DeShields and Jesse Winker. One of the things I’ve noticed in watching minor league players and talking to people around the organization is that the most interesting players are those who […]

The Reds have finished a full week of games now and it’s safe to say we’re all pleasantly surprised. The longer this keeps up, the more glaring poor performances are going to become and the more likely the Reds will be willing to make a change (this will be extra true if the Reds suddenly begin […]