There exists a malady known as “refeeding syndrome,” in which a starving person experiences further physical distress after suddenly receiving nutrients. In other words, you can die from eating too much after eating too little. Watching a person in a Darth Vader costume trail through the festival ramps of Great American Ball Park this weekend […]

I have a lot of good Reds memories. Most of us do, I guess. I remember sitting on the floor in my living room, watching Eric Show give up THE HIT to Pete Rose. The REAL hit came a few days earlier in Chicago, but nobody knew it then and we celebrated like we’d won […]

Dear Mr. Castellini, First, I want to express my sincere gratitude for everything you have done for the Cincinnati Reds and the city of Cincinnati. Your generosity in check writing and spirit has revitalized the franchise. You have earned the respect of Reds fans. The club’s accomplishments since 2010 have made us proud once again […]

In September, 2003, a small plane crashed in northeast Indiana, taking the lives of a mother, her 5-year old son and 11-year old daughter. The woman’s husband and 8-year old son were the sole survivors. The child eventually set a goal to become a star high school basketball player in the Hoosier State, a place […]

Don’t look now but your Cincinnati Reds have scored 5.2 runs/game in August. Yes, it’s partly about facing mediocre pitching. Yes, it’s partly a product of improbable home runs. Yes, it’s just six games. But remember the last two weeks of July when the Reds hit .191/.242/.287 and scored an average of 2.1 runs/game? With Brandon […]

What we should make of the 2014 Cincinnati Reds? With 60 percent of the regular season games in the scorebook, it’s a good time to assess the team and look for insight about the year. If you’re in search for an easy narrative about a player, there’s a clubhouse full of them. Johnny Cueto can […]

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Last September, the LA Dodgers strode into Cincinnati having won 36 of 46 games after the All-Star break. The Reds themselves began the series with a bit of momentum, having won three out of four at home from the first-place St. Louis Cardinals. The series fell on Joe Morgan weekend that featured the emotional reunion […]

[Edit.: We’re pleased to post this article by Tony Liao, graduate student at Cornell University and loyal member of the Nation.] Fans of the movie ‘Old School’ will undoubtedly recognize the quote, where a drunken Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell) tries to convince everyone at a party to go streaking through the quad. Half a mile into […]

Realistically, with Jay Bruce and Joey Votto not healthy and not playing, the Reds offense isn’t going to be consistent. Any team’s run scoring would be hurt if you subtract their two best hitters. Sure, we each have our ideas for how the roster could be better and more resilient. But even with impeccable general […]

I had never been. All the years, with Fenway only an afternoon jaunt away—I had stayed away. I had read John Updike’s famous New Yorker piece, Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu and its breathtaking opening paragraph: “Fenway Park, in Boston, is a lyric little bandbox of a ballpark. Everything is painted green and seems in […]

Complaining is an inherent right of being a fan. And sports blogs are exactly the place for that. As long as you stay within our commenting guidelines and offer some insight and reasoning, you can be as negative as you want. Go for it. But I’d urge a little pause before coming to severely negative […]