Now that spring training has begun and Joey Votto has congratulated himself on getting fatter,  we have all backed away from the ledge a bit and may now gear up for some Queen City-quality complaining. I’m going to remind you here that first allowed our cherished right to begin the entire season to slip away, but […]

We’ve still not attained full Spring Training status, so this is usually rough times for People of Baseball. Well… not me. I roll around in all things Olympics, so this is my biannual party of staying awake 17 days straight. My favorite part is all the international harmony and sportsmanship. But if you don’t like […]

Our budget-conscious mother sewed, cobbled together, or recycled our Halloween costumes, which by 2017 standards isn’t just Earth-friendly, it was life-saving. Instead of shipping us out the door sheathed in flammable plastic to walk amongst a dark neighborhood rife with candles, she sent us into the night well-equipped to flee the potential razor blades buried […]

Like everyone else, I’m prone to measure a player against the “average” major leaguer. Or at least my perception of it. But average changes all the time, so I thought it would be good to put together a post illustrating what average is in the current major league environment. Offense The average major league player […]

The 2017 MLB post-season is upon us and, alas, our beloved Cincinnati Reds did not qualify for any hot playoff action this year. Yesterday, our staff here at Redleg Nation made our playoff predictions, and you all laughed at our sub-par prognostication ability. Now that the respective Division Series’ have begun, we can all settle […]

Just because the Reds aren’t participating doesn’t mean that our writers and contributors won’t be watching the 2017 MLB playoffs. Quite the contrary, in fact. So, as things get under way tonight — I know, I know, the Wild Card games already happened, but the Division Series are just now beginning — the staff here […]

Bill James was in Cincinnati a couple weeks ago, speaking at Xavier for the Williams College of Business Distinguished Speaker Series. The semi-autobiographical talk, titled “Never Meant for that to Happen: How My Career Accidentally Disrupted a Market” focused on the humble beginnings of his career and the sabermetric movement. I was fortunate to hear about the […]

Everybody back off for 900 words, because I’m about to get old up in here. Watch this video. Crank your device volume.  Like, John Cusack in front of a Chevy Malibu levels. Adleman with a two-run double!! Reds lead 3-1! — Reds Baseball Take (@CincyRedsTake) April 22, 2017 Do you hear that? Yes, Obnoxious […]

My city is a city in which we throw a parade on the first day of baseball season. Also that parade features a giant fiberglass rooster, one which is carefully slotted into a car wash bay so as to look its best as it makes its way through the heart of downtown. My city is […]

Earlier this week, Ken Rosenthal reported that negotiations between the Players Association and Major League Baseball were slowing down. This sent the twitter-verse into a tailspin: Would there be a lockout? Didn’t Rob Manfred say that a deal would be done before the World Series is over? Does this mean a strike is near? Would […]

This guest post was written by Daniel Matthews, who has contributed to Redleg Nation a couple of times previously (here and here). Earlier this month, Vin Scully wrapped up 67 years of broadcasting games for the Dodgers. He began his career in 1950 when the Dodgers still played at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, and he […]

“Life is hard,” my Grandma would tell me. “Eventually someone will hurt you. When that happens, you get to decide: fight back, or forgive. It’s up to you. What will you do?” As a kid, I played baseball in the field behind my Grandma’s house. We played every day, all day, and each day for […]