The canary in the coal mine died yesterday, March 22, 2013. Time of death: 12:41pm EST. Cause of death yet unknown. Dusty Baker has been taken in for questioning. Whenever I walk around New York City during the work week, I’ll occasionally see an interesting sight—a large inflatable rat, fifteen or more feet in height, […]

[This post was written by Steve Mancuso and co-signed by the editors of Redleg Nation.] Research on the brain shows that when we witness or learn of an emotional and shocking event, a surge of adrenaline encourages the formation of vivid, lasting recollections. They’re called “flashbulb memories” because of their nearly photographic nature. Depending on your […]

The sign says otherwise. It still feels more like the corner of Vada and Votto to me. Or the intersection of Yesterday and Tomorrow, if you will. Putting aside a fairly meaningless Spring Training record, the signposts are almost all pointing in the right direction for the Reds, as we wait for the gun to […]

In this week’s edition of Redleg Nation Radio, Doug Gray and I got together for more pre-season Reds talk. Topics included the latest in the ongoing Aroldis Chapman drama, a scouting report on Mike Leake, and some minor league prospect talk. Enjoy! You can listen with the player at the bottom of this post or […]