Guys and gals, it’s been two months since we last had one of these question and answer sessions. And when I’m busy, these are my go-to because they are easier for me to deal with on my own time schedule. I’ve been busy all week with The Cincinnati Reds Top 25 Prospect List, which started […]

The minor league season has been over for about a month now. For me, it’s been a weird stretch of time where I don’t know how to even go about life on a daily basis without seven games to follow. No baseball involving minor leaguers, however, has ended it’s cruel stretch in my (and your) […]

Over at on Tuesday I looked at the combination of the players on the farm between their contact ability and their ability to hit for power. You should probably give that a read if you already haven’t. It was that article, though, that led me down the rabbit hole to one of the players […]

The regular season is over for every team in the farm system except for the Billings Mustangs. They have two games remaining this season before the playoffs begin. They’ll join the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and Daytona Tortugas as Reds farm teams that made the playoffs. With the season essentially over for everyone, I thought it […]

The minor league season is nearly complete. In fact, for two of the farm teams, the season is indeed over. The Dominican Summer League Reds and the Arizona League Reds seasons are over. With that said, when’s a better time to take a whole bunch of questions than right now? I’m willing to take any […]

The Cincinnati Reds catch a lot of flak for their inability to develop pitching. And for the most part that flak is warranted. They have, however, been more successful at developing relievers than they have been at developing starting pitchers. This season the Reds farm system has had a few relievers stand out. One of […]

If you posed the question of “who is on the 40-man roster today that won’t be in November?” at the end of June, outfielder Aristides Aquino had to be in the conversation – and probably near the top of the list. In the 65 games between the start of the year and the end of […]

Every month I track the distances for as many home runs as I can on the farm. You can see the latest version, which looks at the second half of July by clicking here. I use trackman data when available, and video when it’s not (and the video IS available). In total this season I’ve […]

There’s been a lot of talk lately that the Cincinnati Reds are too slow to promote their prospects up levels. It’s something that I’ve heard many times in the past, but seems to really have caught traction on the social media platform of choice in the last year or so. Perhaps some of that is […]

The last time that we actually had one of these topics here at Redleg Nation it was nearly two months ago. I figured that today would be a good day to bring it back into the fold. I’m willing to take any question you have and I’ll do my best to give a complete answer […]

Hello boys (and girls), I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Last week instead of writing about the minor leagues here at Redleg Nation, I was hanging out in Tennessee watching the Greeneville Reds with Chad Dotson. But, I’m back at things this week and there are some things worth covering. The first, and at least for me, the most […]

Last week bad news hit the Cincinnati Reds organization when Nick Senzel tore a tendon in his finger that would require surgery and end his 2018 season. It was a tough blow for both Senzel, and for the Reds organization. You never want to see injuries happen. But sometimes when they do, it opens up […]