I’m sure that at least once in human history, Christmas has fallen on a Monday, but not within my immediate memory. Because I would remember the absolute Mass placement hysteria every single Catholic is experiencing right now. The feast day, which one of Mass obligation, is not waived. And neither is the 4th Sunday of […]

This season, I’ve been writing mostly about the young ‘uns and how they’re doing. But today, I need to do something a little different. Everyone, I’m sure, remembers that during April and May last year, Joey Votto wasn’t being Joey Votto. he struggled for a while before transforming himself into the offensive monster we’re all […]

Because I never want to miss an opportunity to hype Billy Hamilton, I don’t want you to miss this piece over at MLB.com about Hamilton’s world-class defense: It may be easy to look at Hamilton’s lack of offense and conclude that other than the speed, there’s not much to see here. But that would be […]

Let us discuss the concept of Batting Average on Balls In Play, or BABIP.  In simplest terms, a player’s BABIP is his batting average while ignoring strikeouts and home runs. Why ignore those? Because neither play results in a “ball in play” that could possibly be converted to an out by the defense. The goal of BABIP is […]

It must be father/son week. If you missed it a couple of days ago, you’re really going to want to read Nick Carrington’s piece here at Redleg Nation about fathers, sons, and the Cincinnati Reds. Today, over at the Enquirer, Zach Buchanan has a wonderful piece about Reds pitcher Michael Lorenzen. You probably remember Lorenzen’s […]

Man, this off-season seems longer than most. There’s nothing going on…and that’s probably the best thing for this organization, or so I’m trying to believe. Either way, it’s unfortunate for a group of devoted writers who like to publish words about the Cincinnati Reds (I’m talking about Redleg Nation here). The club isn’t giving us much to […]

Ross Ohlendorf will be pitching for Yakult Swallows in Japan in 2017. Signs for guaranteed $1.6M with 400K in reachable incentives. — Jerry Crasnick (@jcrasnick) December 27, 2016 Ross Ohlendorf, a whipping boy for many Cincinnati fans, will take his distinctive windup and pitching motion to Tokyo, Japan, where he’ll play for the Yakult Swallows in […]

Not much going on, but there are a few Cincinnati Reds-related items out there worth mentioning: –The Reds claimed a couple of guys — Richie Shaffer and Tyrell Jenkins — off waivers: Today the #Reds claimed off waivers from the #Phillies IF/OF Richie Shaffer; claimed off waivers from the #Rangers RHP Tyrell Jenkins. — Cincinnati […]

There are only two things guaranteed to make me cry: 1) Listening to the Hamilton soundtrack all the way through; and 2) watching clips of servicemen and women surprising their loved ones for the holidays. I don’t know what that list says about me or my emotions but I also don’t care because yesterday both of […]

Occasionally, we feature contributions from loyal members of the Nation. This is Scott Woods’ second piece for RN (here’s his first). Enjoy!   If I asked close followers of the Cincinnati Reds to describe Tony Cingrani’s performance in 2016, I suspect I would hear phrases such as “failed closer,” “walks too many guys,” and “only […]

With the winter meetings in the rear view mirror, it’s time to take a look at everything Cincinnati accomplished. I hereby present a detailed accounting, with in-depth analysis, of all of the moves made by GM Dick Williams last week:                               […]

I have only myself to blame, for this all began when I asked my sister to make me an aunt and specified the form of a nephew. She complied twelve years ago with my godson James, who grew in favor before God and man and then begged to attend Redsfest. For those of you unfamiliar […]