Ask pretty much anyone, and they will tell you that projecting hitters is easier than projecting pitchers. Hitters are more predictable. They get hurt less. Yet, somehow, I did much better with pitchers than hitters this year. Let’s look. Player 2013 Proj. WAR Actual (bWAR/fWAR) 2013 Proj. ERA Actual Johnny Cueto 4.5 1.4/0.6 2.90 2.82 […]

In the latest edition of Redleg Nation Radio, Bill Lack and I have the final word on the 2013 season. Of course, after that season we just witnessed, there was a lot to discuss. Hence, we’re bringing it to you in two parts. Here’s part one; part two will be posted tomorrow. Enjoy! (And sorry […]

Hi kids, how’s it going? So, the season’s over for the Reds and that’s a bummer. As you may remember, the last few years, I’ve done preseason projections. In 2012, I did pretty well. This year was tougher for a variety of reasons, but I’m still willing to hold myself accountable. Let’s start with the […]

It’s not official yet, but Bronson Arroyo thinks his days as a Red may be over: “I haven’t had one conversation with them,” Arroyo said. “They could be taking care of other things or other issues. The sense I get is by not having any conversation with me, is they’re going in a different direction. […]

Shortly after Dusty Baker was fired as Reds manager, I was asked what I thought of Bryan Price. I responded that he’s an excellent pitching coach, and there is definite interest in him around the league as a future manager. The next question was an obvious follow-up: as a manager, would he be an improvement […]

It’s a special edition of the podcast! Joel Luckhaupt and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about yesterday’s firing of Reds manager Dusty Baker, why it happened, and whether it was the correct move. We also speculated about what happens next for our Cincinnati Reds. Bryan Price? You can listen with the player […]

Those who saw Bob Castellini’s face during and after Tuesday night’s game were not surprised by this morning’s decision.   Chris

Mark Sheldon’s story at the Reds site is the place to start. Regarding the rest of the coaches: There was no announcement regarding changes on the coaching staff. “That will be determined after we hire a manager,” Jocketty said. “Several of them are still under contract. Once we hire a manager, then we’ll review the coaches […]

Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle…. FINAL Pittsburgh 6 Cincinnati 2 W: F. Liriano (1-0) L: J. Cueto (0-1) BOX SCORE POSITIVES –Ryan Ludwick and Todd Frazier came to play tonight. Ludwick went 3-4 with two doubles. Frazier had a double and made two very nice defensive plays. Frazier also very nearly hit a homer that […]

I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I’m sick. I’m anxious. I’m a mixed bag of emotions right now.  One game to decide the fate of the 2013 season.  Win and advance.  Lose and your season is over.  The roster has been announced.  All that is left to do now is play the game. The Reds and Pirates […]

It’s fitting that it comes down to Johnny Cueto in this “down the rabbit hole” of a season, where it was 13 runs one night, one run the next. Where the Reds best player and the Face of MLB was defined and ultimately maligned. Where a 90-win season is a disappointment because of the final […]

The Reds released their roster for tonight’s Wild Card play-in game. No, none of these guys are on it. Pirates roster is here. Josh Harrison, Princeton High School grad and Cincinnati native made it. Joe West will be the home plate umpire. Here’s an article at FanGraphs discussing West’s strike zone. Burn this into your identity. […]