Remember Teddy Kremer? If not, go watch this video as a reminder. Nearly three years ago, Teddy Kremer struck up a friendship with Reds third baseman Todd Frazier. Kremer (who has Down syndrome) was serving as bat boy for the Reds, and Frazier hit a home run at his request. It was a pretty fun […]

“It doesn’t seem like they [the Reds] are going in the tank, like the Houston Astros, but it doesn’t feel like they’re going ALLLLLLLLL INNNNN, does it?”        —Mo Egger All in. They are the two magic words that sometimes sound as if they should be shouted while waving one of J.K Rowling’s magic wands—pointed with […]

If you missed it, I wrote up a little piece on Ryan Hanigan for The Hardball Times. I don’t have a problem with the trade, but I’m really going to miss Hanigan. He has been quietly good for the Reds, and I hope he enjoys some success in Tampa. Chad DotsonBlame Chad for creating this […]

From the NYTimes: Early in the off-season, the Yankees checked in with the Cincinnati Reds about second baseman Brandon Phillips, who has four years left on a six-year, $72.5 million contract. The Reds were not ready to trade him, and the asking price was said to be exorbitant. The Yankees have few of the cheap, […]

Zack Cozart has two full major league seasons of playing time almost exactly. In those two season, he has accumulated 4.8. bWAR and 5.2 fWAR. Those are good marks and point out a player who many of us know has been broadly under appreciated. Miscast during the last two years of Dusty Baker’s tenure as […]

Even now, it remains curious and a bit confounding how this man has been received. So much excellence, so many hits, and yet so many conflicted feelings from the local fans. He would strike out. He would make an error. He’d hear about it in the stands. He’d hear it from the media the next […]

For the record, there seems to be plenty of interest in Cincinnati’s prime free agents. Specifically, I’m talking about Bronson Arroyo and Shin-Soo Choo. The Twins, Giants, and Phillies are reported to be kicking the tires on Arroyo (not literally; Arroyo doesn’t actually have tires). I’m still firmly of the conviction that the Reds should […]

(Ed: Occasionally, we like to feature contributions from you, the Loyal Citizens of Redleg Nation. Today, we bring you another post from Lawrence Wheat, known as “LWBlogger” in the comments; it’s an update of a post from earlier this season.) You might recall that earlier this season, back in June, I had an article published […]

I’m going to try something here. I’m not going to editorialize at all. I am going to give you some information. Below is a chart with every Red who hit at least 100 times this year. There are three columns after each name. the first is % of pitches outside the zone they swung at. […]

Below is a transcript of much of Joey Votto’s conversation with Lance McAlister for those in Redleg Nation who may not have access to the podcast. Left out are a few of the opening remarks about Bryan Price, but it does reveal the bulk of the interview in areas of most interest by the Nation. […]

In the latest edition of Redleg Nation Radio, Bill Lack and I have the final word on the 2013 season. Of course, after that season we just witnessed, there was a lot to discuss. Hence, we’re bringing it to you in two parts. Part one was posted yesterday, and today we have part two. Enjoy! […]

Didi and Gogo, those lost souls awaiting the mysterious, never-to-arrive Godot in Samuel Beckett’s absurdist tragicomedy have nothing on Reds’ fans, abandoned for yet another Fall, left out in the playoff cold, waiting for our Godot—Post-season Relevance—to finally bless us with his presence. Now, as the wait goes on for the next manager to be […]