The Giants are up 2-0, and as we all know, it’s impossible for a team to blow a 2-0 lead in the playoffs. — Redleg Nation (@redlegnation) October 26, 2012 Chad DotsonBlame Chad for creating this mess. Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. His first […]

We had great plans once upon a time, didn’t we? Grand hopes for the future. Remember that interview after the clinching game in 2010 when you said you loved Cincinnati?  We loved you, too, that night. You were our compassionate player manager, our feel good field general.  And we’ll always have that glorious weekend in […]

Ed: Please welcome Chase Howell to the Redleg Nation family. Chase will be posting occasionally here over the next few months (and maybe more), and we’re glad to have him. It’s taken some time for me to work up the nerve to write this. The past few days I think I’ve gone through all the […]

Let’s recap today’s titanic (in both senses) struggle… FINAL San Francisco Giants 6 Cincinnati Reds 4 WP: Cain LP:  Latos S: Romo Just got back from Great American Ball Park. Chad said I could do the recap if I wanted to. And I do. Obviously we’re all disappointed at the outcome of today’s game and […]

Baseball, for the people who read this site, is not a casual affair. It isn’t a dalliance. It’s love. And every team, or at least every core group of players, is a new relationship. For a long time, we had the kinds of relationships that are doomed from the start. Sure, there were nice moments, […]

The Reds are going to win today. I believe. Mat Latos is pitching today. He’s a stud, right? He’ll be great today, right? Right? The Reds are going to win today. I believe. The Reds won 97 games this year, the second-best record in the major leagues. They’re good, right? Right? The Reds are going […]

I had Dustin Hoffman in my head last night.  The Rain Man: Elimination game.  Yeah. Ten left on base.  Yeah.  Got to go get Leake, Dusty.  Yeah.  Runners in scoring position.   Bad.  Yeah.  Elimination Game.  Yeah. This series should probably be over now.  I keep searching for reasons why it isn’t.  I keep coming back […]

Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle…. National League Division Series, Game Four FINAL San Francisco 8 Cincinnati 3 W: T. Lincecum (1-0) L: M. Leake (0-1) BOX SCORE Series tied 2-2 POSITIVES –None. That was terrible. Just terrible. NEGATIVES –I try not to be too hard on Dusty, but he was unbelievably incompetent tonight. Why he […]

Well, so much for the sweep. As I write this (it’s 6:20 am), we still don’t know who will be starting for the Reds tonight. All we know for sure is it probably won’t be Johnny Cueto. Of course, the last time the Reds had to improvise, it turned out okay. Let’s see if the […]

Believe. Easy-peasy just a day ago, up two and coming home to the waiting arms of the Queen City fan base. Not so easy when you rose this morning, yeah?  But, do it anyway.  Give adversity the brush off like so much lint on your shoulder.  Forget that Scott Rolen has suddenly turned into Edward […]

Standard “day game after night game” lineup, plus Mike Leake pitching. Cueto was DL’d which makes him ineligible if the Reds make it to the NLCS although he would be eligible to pitch in the World Series if the Reds are part of that. Brisk weather today in the Queen City. Cooler than yesterday by […]

Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle…. National League Division Series, Game Three FINAL — 10 innings San Francisco 2 Cincinnati 1 W: S. Romo (1-0) L: J. Broxton (0-1) BOX SCORE Reds lead series, 2-1 POSITIVES –Homer Bailey was nothing short of brilliant tonight: 7 innings, one run allowed on one hit. He struck out ten […]