The Cincinnati Reds begin the second half of the season ranked 8th in the National League with 4.21 runs per game, which is right at the league average of 4.22 runs per game. Adjusting for ballpark, the Reds are 11th in the league with a 94 OPS+. How have the Reds gone from the best […]

With the Reds stated pursuit of starting pitching for the top of the rotation this off season and the recent acquisition of Mat Latos, there has been lots of discussion in regard to the slotting of pitchers in the starting rotation. Many like to tag starting pitchers as being a #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5 starter to describe their level of ability as a starting pitcher. The trouble is, most really don’t have a clear understanding what a pitcher in each of those rotation slots really looks like. I’ve devised a method of defining what a pitcher in each of these rotation slots looks like that may hopefully clear up some confusion in future discussions of starting pitchers and the rotation slots that they are capable of filling.

This is the method I used to define starting pitcher rotation slots. I first extracted all of the starting pitching statistics for the 2011 season. I then sorted the data for all pitchers in each league by ERA and then by XERA. Then, for each league, beginning at the top of the list, I totaled up enough IP to account for a #1 SP for each team in the league. I totaled the statistics for these pitchers and divided by the number of teams in the league to come up with the average #1 SP for the league. I repeated this process with the remaining pitchers for each of the remaining rotation slots, #2 – #5. I determined the number of innings pitched for each rotation slot, trying to come as close to the following as I could.

Slot IP
#1 220
#2 210
#3 200
#4 190
#5 The Rest

Continue reading to see the data for the 2011 season.

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It’s not just us. Grantland’s Jonah Keri has nothing but praise for Walt Jocketty’s off-season moves – particularly the Ryan Madson signing. The lead: Here’s what we knew about the pitching market heading into this offseason: There were exactly zero elite free-agent starting pitchers available, and roughly 83,000 closers. Any time there’s little separation in […]

In a sport where the slog of a 162 game season invites endless scrutiny, narratives are like Starbucks stores—they’re on every corner of the blogosphere.  The current raging narrative within Redleg Nation is that the Reds bullpen needs an overhaul.  So, bear with me as I, a simple member of the huddled masses, one of […]

Chad and Bill wrap up 2011 by looking at the recent events that may have put the Reds back into the driver’s seat in the NL Central. Plus, a discussion of Barry Larkin and his candidacy for the Hall of Fame. It’s the return of Redleg Nation Radio. Enjoy! You can listen with the player […]

Did you really have to do this to us, Mark? Was it really necessary to make us re-live the 2011 season? 🙂 Chad DotsonBlame Chad for creating this mess. Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. His first book, “The Big 50: The Men and Moments […]

I saw that our friend C. Trent tweeted a link to this article; it’s worth publishing here. It’s yet another example of why the Nation should love Joey Votto (and hope that we can keep him in a Cincinnati uniform after the 2013 season): Smyth opened the large package to find a replica of Joey […]

Somehow I missed this the other day, but friend of the Nation Joel Luckhaupt has a good piece over at The Hardball Times about the decisions Cincinnati will have to make this offseason: The 2011 Reds were adequate. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less. Depending on how you look at glasses partially filled with liquid, […]

from the Dayton Dragons: Dayton Dragons 2011 shortstop Billy Hamilton has been selected as the recipient of the Sheldon “Chief” Bender Award as the Cincinnati Reds Minor League Player of the Year. The award was one of several announced by the Reds at RedsFest over the weekend. Three of the four minor league awards given […]

Ramon Hernandez is now a former Red. Clutch Man Monie has signed a two-year deal with Colorado. That ends a pretty good three-year tenure for Hernandez behind the plate in Cincinnati. I’m not surprised Ramon is leaving, but I was very surprised at how productive he was as a Red. I wish him nothing but […]

Some more congratulations are in order for a certain Mr. Phillips: From The Enquirer: Brandon Phillips added two nice lines to his resume just as he and the Reds are negotiating a contract extension. He won his first Silver Slugger award tonight after winning his third Gold Glove in four years yesterday. “Yeah, I’ve got […]

From the Enquier: Red first baseman Joey Votto and second baseman Brandon Phillips won Gold Glove awards, which were announced late Tuesday night. It was Phillips’ third Gold Glove in four years. It was the first for Votto. He became, in fact, the first Reds’ first baseman to win a Gold Glove award. Jay Bruce […]