As I touched on a little this morning in my Three Up, Three Down column, the Reds are now solidly in last place in the NL Central. None of us would have been surprised about this fact entering the season. I’d be willing to bet a few of us would be surprised, however, if someone told […]

Here’s the trailer for the long-anticipated Moneyball movie, in theaters September 23:     It looks pretty great.  At least, once you get past Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Art Howe eyebrows.  Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane.  Jonah Hill plays “Peter Brand,” the Paul DePodesta character. (DePo said he didn’t want his name on a “fictional character.” […]

September 9, 1970: Reds rookie Milt Wilcox, making his second career start, hurls a five-hit 6-0 shut over the Los Angeles Dodgers. The first place Reds were now 13 games ahead of the second place Dodgers. The 1970 Reds had moved from Crosley Field to Riverfront Stadium midway through the season. After having gone 70-30 […]

Aaron Harang probably – hopefully – pitched his last game as a Cincinnati Red yesterday. He was ineffective, as he was in his first start back from the DL, and frankly, as he’s been for large parts of the last three seasons. Harang’s contract is up at the end of this season (the Reds get […]

Joe Lemire, of Sports Illustrated Inside Baseball, today chronicles former Reds pitcher Ricky Stone and his battle with cancer. We should all stop for a moment and be thankful for what we have because you just never know what lies ahead, even around the next bend. Let’s all remember Ricky and his family in our […]

February 10, 2000: Ken Griffey, Jr., is traded by the Seattle Mariners to the Cincinnati Reds for Jake Meyer (minors), Mike Cameron, Antonio Perez and Brett Tomko. To add to the transaction above, please keep in mind that Greg Vaughn was granted free agency on October 28, 1999, and signed with the Tampa Bay Devil […]

I didn’t know what this would show before I looked it up. Heck, I’m not sure that it says anything at all. I just wanted to see what Cincinnati’s record was on the morning of June 13th in each year of the current stretch of losing seasons. 2009: 31-29, 3rd place, 2.5 GB 2008: 32-36, […]

Baseball Prospectus online ( and writer Steven Goldman posted some analysis today focusing on Yankees star shortstop Derek Jeter. Jeter, who will be a Hall of Famer, is known to be terrific offensive player and clutch player (whether you believe in “Santa Clutch” or not), but is sometimes maligned as being weak in the field (despite some popular legend). One common New York joke is that is many balls go “pasta diving Jeter” as if it is some specialty dish ordered in a popular New York bistro.

The story contained an analysis of the batting averages hit to (and through) the Yankee infield over the past several years, and compared it to major league averages. Without going into lots of detail (susbscriber story, I believe), Baseball Prospectus took the analysis and broke out the detail to a level where only right handed hitters were calculated (analysis shows 70% of ground balls by right handed hitters are pulled to 3b or SS, with majority going to shortstop).

Much more about Reds shortstops, below the fold:
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John Dewan, the defensive evaluation whiz, posts a “Stat of the Week.” Last week, he looked at bunting. Of course, the Reds’ Norris Hopper figures prominently in the section on bunting for a hit: When bunting for a hit, the leaders are (listed in order of most bunt hits): Willy Taveras Rockies 37 for 52 […]

In a (typically, and thankfully) long blog post, America’s Best Sportswriter Joe Poznanski touches on the way Bill James’ critics miss the point and the irony of how “anti-statheads” inevitably rely on stats, just different ones, to prove their point.  He then looks at a “new” stat that James apparently has on his website ($). […]

Inspired by this comment from Daedalus (“did we win the world series last year???”), and with free time powered by the writer’s strike… All those guys should be back, so maybe this year? The great photo was originally published as a free desktop wallpaper by The Enquirer. (It’s impossible to find a link on their […]

Have you been wondering what former Reds manager Pete Mackanin has been up to? Sure, we all have! Well, CTR had a blurb about him in the Post, and I found it amusing: Former Reds manager Pete Mackanin was working the Opryland Hotel lobby on Tuesday and has reportedly had interviews with more than one […]