Yakyu shonen — you may not know the words but you know the type. He’s Roy Hobbs, battling back from a gunshot wound to rip the cover off the ball. He’s Henry Skrimshander, perfecting the art of fielding and going from Westish College to the first round of the draft. He’s Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, […]

Well, now that Bryan Price is gone, the Reds are sure to make the postseason! Right? They only have to win…wait, 3-15?!? This man managed the team to 3-15?! Is it even possible to make the playoffs at this point? So the short answer is: Yes and no. Before diving into the various semantics of […]

After 4.0 innings of stellar relief work, Kevin Quackenbush put a fastball on a tee for Nick Williams to break the 5-5 deadlock. I truly cannot be that upset because Reds win this evening would’ve been stealing a victory from the jaws of defeat. No truly, the Reds did not deserve to win today. But […]

Four pitchers and an outfielder walk into a bar. The outfielder orders drinks for all of them, setting the table so to speak. The first pitcher knocks his drink over while the second spills his all over his front. The third, seeing his friends’ mishaps, takes his nice and slow, making sure to hit his […]

Tyler Mahle, bless his soul, blanked the Chicago “Cubs Gonna” Cubs for 6.0 innings this past week, allowing only one pseudo-hit to Javier Baez. It was a masterful performance, with a dollop of drama and a whole heaping serving of legacy-building. There was the Anthony Rizzo hit by pitch, replete with Chris Welsh’s underrated “you […]

When the Reds spent their second-overall selection on two-way, high-schooler Hunter Greene last July, they were locking in the future at the top of their rotation, picking a flamethrower with 102-mph fastball and comps to Babe Ruth, Doc Gooden, and even LeBron James. But Hunter won’t sniff the big leagues until 2022 most likely, and […]

Can you smell it? Can you smell the fresh cut grass, the hot dogs sizzling on their grills, the dirt rubbing against the newly minted leather? Can you hear the mowers whirring, the organ starting up, the smack of the ball against the bullpen catcher’s mitt? Or can you just feel it in your core, […]

Quantifying how hot any particular manager’s or front office executive’s or face of the franchise’s seat is at any given time is a foolhardy endeavor with no good answers. Unless you are the owner of the franchise. Then it’s not so much a hot seat as much as how you’re going to do payroll for […]

Since the last time the Reds had a winning season (2013 for those keeping count), I’ve been telling everyone who deigned to mock our tortured fandom: “Just wait for 2018. The rebuild will be done in 2018.” Well, we made it, but guess what: There’s another long season of disappointment ahead. Due to injuries, questionable […]

Well this is it, folks. The last Regularly Scheduled Rain Delay of the 2017 Major League Baseball season. There’s been ups; there’s been downs; there’s been more downs and more downs and then the Reds finished with the fifth worst record in the league, which is an up from last year but a down in […]

First, I must apologize. Last week, I had the flu and thus no Rain Delay was Regularly Scheduled. Your weekly intake of lame jokes and annoyingly specific pop culture references was stripped right from your hands, and let’s be honest, most of you were probably happy to see it go. But now it’s back! Quiet […]

In the most recent chapter of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, the ghost of Steve Jobs has come back to undermine the very integrity of our national pastime! Or, you know, baseball finally moved into the 21st century with its age old practice of stealing signs. I’ve always found the outrage around one team or another’s […]