In addition to my recent proclivity for Hawaiian shirts, I’ve also taken a fancy to obscure Minor League baseball jerseys. I mention this solely because scrolling through pages and pages of eBay auctions looking for the perfect blend of absurdity and savvy design has reminded how beautiful the sport of Minor League baseball is. You […]

For years, I’ve followed both Jonah Keri’s and Fangraphs’ versions of establishing top-50 MLB Trade Value lists. Both annual rankings seek to provide an idea of how the baseball industry values its players, creating a sort of “absolute value” for what players could fetch on the open market. It’s a delicate balance of friendly contracts, […]

Sometimes I forget how good Major League baseball players are at what they do. After spending hours fielding fly balls and grounders in high school, we would get to the game and still boot two or three plays in just such a horrendous fashion I’m sure our parents wondered if we actually practiced or just […]

Recently, I’ve developed an affinity for wearing Hawaiian shirts. With no hint of exaggeration or hyperbole, my free time activity of choice has become browsing Goodwill or other thrift stores for absurd, flowery torso wear. This shift — my entire life before this summer has consisted of earth tones — has derived of a combination […]

Following a sloppy top of the first inning that somehow, someway saw the Reds enter their half of the frame still tied, Eugenio Suarez went yard for the third straight day. There’s really no way to accurately explain how beautiful it has been to watch Suarez blossom into his new role as face of the […]

In Little League, no one wanted to play second base. Second sackers were too small to play first, too weak to make the throw from second or third, and too slow to cover the outfield. Playing second base was insulting. It was the coach calling you a runt and good-for-nothing small person in front of […]

Bryan Price was relieved of his duties on April 19, and since that day, Jim Riggleman has handled the reins. While Price compiled an admirable three wins against 18 losses, Riggleman has risen to the occasion, proving his mettle and superior managerial instincts with a 31-31 record at the helm. Riggleman is the next Sparky […]

It’s easy to blame the Terry Francona and the Indians for the current hyper-usage state of bullpens, but blaming the 2014 Royals probably makes more sense. The combination of Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis, and Greg Holland sucked any oxygen out of a game the Royals were leading in the sixth, redefining the word shutdown. It […]

My fajitas took a bit longer to prepare than expected. By the time I had finished my lunch and settled in for the Reds game exactly eight minutes after it had started, Tyler Mahle had thrown 15 pitches. One had left the yard. 1-0 Tigers. Welcome to Reds baseball, where it feels like the hope […]

As much as I want to write more about the Reds rebuild, or how the team will be good with one or two more prospects, or how maybe we just need (another) management change, I really don’t want to write about that. I can’t take it right now. Writing about the Reds at this point […]

How’s this for an opener: The Reds’ starting rotation is worse than the University of Florida’s, the Reds’ bullpen is better than the one currently at the top of the AL Central standings, and Thom Brennaman is a schoolyard bully. Looks like a three-pitch strikeout of a sentence to me, so let’s break this down […]

Originally, this article was going to have nothing to do with the actual “Sleepless in Seattle” — besides the headline pun — but then I decided to refresh my memory on the movie’s plot and came across this one line summary: “A recently widowed man’s son calls a radio talk-show in an attempt to find […]