With the eventful winter meetings concluded, many players are on the move. The general consensus of the watchers, however, was that the offensive market moved really quickly and the pitching market is now starting to fall into line. The Reds made two major moves and came away without a LF, so we eagerly wait to […]

This offseason is a critical one. The Reds, as you know, are coming off of a 5 year stretch with mixed results. They lost in the NLDS in 2010, finished 3rd in the NL Central in 2011, lost in the NLDS again in 2012, lost in the Wild Card play-in game in 2013, and finished […]

The non-waiver trade deadline is fast approaching and Jeff Samardzija, Jason Hammel, Jake Peavy, Brandon McCarthy, Huston Street, Joakim Soria, Chase Headley, Jason Frasor, and Kendrys Morales have already been dealt. I know more than a few Reds fans have been wondering if trades were still allowed in baseball, and let the record show that […]

[Edit.: We’re pleased to post this article by Tony Liao, graduate student at Cornell University and loyal member of the Nation.] Fans of the movie ‘Old School’ will undoubtedly recognize the quote, where a drunken Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell) tries to convince everyone at a party to go streaking through the quad. Half a mile into […]