Like a pot of water under a slow flame, you don’t notice the window closing until the moment reaches full boil. Yet, along the way, there are clues, small bubbles forming below, wisps of steam that announce a full roil is not far off. Such was the temperature of Mat Latos on a beautiful fall […]

According to the Chinese zodiac, this was the Year of the Dog. If you spent much time at Great American Ball Park, you know it was just a dog of a year. Every contest seemed a bark in the park, with too many games off the leash before the first time through the order, everyone […]

All my feels tell me it’s likely a fait accompli, that the interim Band-aid is about to be ripped off and Jim Riggleman becomes the next manager of the Cincinnati Reds. No sooner does the sun peek out over the horizon each morn than it seems there are those in the media—both locally and nationally—that […]

I’m just coming out and saying it:  I have a man-crush on Cody Reed. I’m not sure how it came to pass. Perhaps it’s the goggles triggering me back to those heady hot-corner Sabo days. Maybe it has to do with the due diligence (such as it is) that I did when the Johnny Cueto […]

“You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.”  ― Tom Robbins I walk into the Holy Grail Tavern & Grille days after the Reds have signed the soon-to-be Face of Major League Baseball to a contract that added 10-years and $225M to an existing deal to keep Joey Votto […]

That would be Bob Castellini. Owner. The man in charge. The Boss. The top dog. The big cheese. The head honcho. If that fact’s been forgotten of late, it was driven home once more by Walt Jocketty shortly after the 4:00pm draft deadline passed the other day. No matter what is expected of the Reds’ […]

The Boston Red Sox you knew back in October 2013 are no more. For that matter, the Sox of May 2014 are no more either. They are undergoing an extreme makeover. A face lift, if you will. For starters (pun intended), gone is Jon Lester and John Lachey. Jonny Gomes’ beard left for Oakland. The […]

Final R H E Miami Marlins (56-59) 2 7 0 Cincinnati Reds (59-57) 1 7 0 W: N. Eovaldi (6-6)   L: M. Leake (9-10)    S: S. Cishek (28) Box Score | Stats | Depth Chart | FanGraphs Win Probability   The Good Mike Leake was good tonight. Just not good enough. He pitched 7 innings, […]

Final R H E Cleveland Indians (57-58) 0 5 3 Cincinnati Reds (59-56) 4 8 1 W: H. Bailey (9-5)   L: T.J. House (1-3) Box Score | Stats | Depth Chart | FanGraphs Win Probability Tonight’s recap is courtesy of the Reds Connect Zone behind third base. All hail technology. The Good Todd Fraizer’s play […]

Final R H E Cleveland Indians (57-57) 3 7 0 Cincinnati Reds (58-56) 8 10 0 W: Mat Latos (4-3)   L: D. Salazar (4-5) Box Score | Stats | Depth Chart | FanGraphs Win Probability   The Good Beginning with his three-run blast that knocked paint off the left field foul pole, to the humpback […]

Final R H E Arizona Diamondbacks (47-61) 5 8 0 Cincinnati Reds (53-54) 4 11 0 W: W. Miley (7-7)   L: A. Simon (12-6)   S: A. Reed (26) Box Score | Stats | Depth Chart | FanGraphs Win Probability Watch the beautiful diving catch by Chris Heisey in the top of the 1st inning. […]

Final R H E Arizona Diamondbacks (46-60) 2 8 0 Cincinnati Reds (52-53) 1 6 0 W: O. Perez (1-1)   L: J.J. Hoover (1-8)   S: A. Reed (25) Box Score | Stats | Depth Chart | FanGraphs Win Probability Devin Mesoraco slipped the surly bonds of earth in the 2nd inning. But, after […]