Baseball fans tend to forget just how hard this game is at the highest level. We expect prospects that succeed in the minors to transition to the Major Leagues seamlessly. That doesn’t happen often. A pitcher’s development is rarely linear. He may have several peaks and valleys in a short period of time or struggle […]

During Spring Training, we tend to do two things without fail: give in to unbridled optimism and overanalyzed individual performances. We gravitate toward players who play well and convince ourselves they have “figured it out” or “taken the next step”. On some occasions, they really have. However, as Steve has pointed out on multiple game […]

The Reds expect their rotation to improve in 2018 and how could they not. This season, the Reds gave 46 combined starts to Lisalverto Bonilla, Bronson Arroyo, Tim Adelman, and Asher Wojciechowski. Next year, they expect to pitch only guys who may have a future as starters with the team. A couple of weeks ago, […]

A Major League mound can be a place of solace for a pitcher; a safe haven where everything makes sense regardless of the chaos off it. And yet, even with thousands of people intently watching your every move, that same mound can be a place of extreme loneliness and confusion. Sometimes, it’s easy to see […]

“I’m really excited about the game,” my brother told me as we discussed which day he, my father, and I would be available. “I haven’t been to one all year.” I usually make it to two or three games a season these days; my poor brother, a die-hard Reds fan who lives in Michigan, gets […]

The Reds have seemingly come around to giving Michael Lorenzen another chance to start (C. Trent Rosecrans reporting), and after watching their current crop of young pitcher’s struggle, can you blame them? Lorenzen is a five-pitch pitcher who has proven he can get Major Leaguers out. Several of his peers – Cody Reed, Robert Stephenson, […]

If you missed the premise of this post, check out yesterday’s position player article. Essentially, you can protect five pitchers in the Reds organization from being picked in an expansion draft. Just because you don’t protect someone, doesn’t mean they are gone, just that they could be chosen by an expansion team. I write lots […]

The NHL just had an expansion draft, adding the Vegas Golden Knights to the league. Prior to the draft, the other NHL teams were required to protect players to ensure they would remain with their current organization. Based on the positions of the players they wanted to protect, each team could keep 9-11 players safe. […]

If you haven’t heard, the Reds are rebuilding and have acquired and drafted an impressive group of young, talented players. That’s important because teams that rebuild typically have insufficient talent throughout the system, which is why they were bad in the first place. The Reds mostly likely hit rock bottom in 2015 and have begun […]

The Reds appear to have a contending offense, defense, and bullpen, and yet, they remain under .500. Their struggles can be easily traced to an underwhelming starting rotation. Reds pitchers who have started more than one game are as follows: Bronson Arroyo Scott Feldman Tim Adelman Asher Wojciechowski Rookie Davis Lisalverto Bonilla Amir Garrett Only […]

We came into this season expecting it to be a year of sorting. While we want our Redlegs to triumph in every game, most fans understood that 2017 wouldn’t be about wins and losses but learning who was capable of contributing to the next winning team. Even though they have played better than many of […]

I vividly remember the joy of watching the Reds pitching staff during the 2010-2013 run as youngsters blossomed, and Bronson Arroyo arroyoed the competition. One night, Johnny Cueto would embarrass hitters with his ridiculous changeup and quick pitches. He even added that silly, little wiggle to his windup at some point. That was awesome. The […]