Chad recently wrote an article talking about a lost generation of Reds fans. I am among the lowly who barely remember the Reds last playoff series victory in 1995. I watched that entire sweep, but those memories fade just a little every year. I grew up on stories of the Big Red Machine. My father, […]

A year ago, I wrote about the Reds offseason trade chips because Dick Williams said the front office might pursue pitching help for 2018. As we now know, the Reds didn’t add any starters in the offseason, hoping instead for a return to health and form for Anthony Desclafani, Homer Bailey, and Brandon Finnegan. That […]

It was only a short time before my wife and I realized that our oldest son didn’t like to share. It was innate within him to hoard his toys, snacks, and other trinkets that he had deemed his own. When his younger brother became old enough to run and play as well, this problem was […]

I’m not criticizing the Reds, at least not the initial move. It’s possible to disagree with something the Reds do and still believe they made a reasonable decision given the circumstances. But I never liked the Matt Harvey trade. When Harvey was traded to the Reds on May 8, he became part of a team […]

Defense matters. I think we can agree on the premise. It doesn’t feel as nice as offense. We can see the impact of a batter going 3-5 pretty directly. When we watch Billy Hamilton take away a hit to lead off an inning, we don’t know how that hit would have changed the rest of […]

Michael Lorenzen is one of the most likable Reds, having delivered one of the few endearing moments of the rebuild, donating significant time to charity, and having a good amount of success on the field. That field success has come in several different forms. He has shown promise as both a hitter and a pitcher, […]

The 2017 and 2018 seasons are supposed to be about sorting the roster, especially the pitching staff. After two years of washed-up veterans and future Korean league players, the Reds are finally starting pitchers who might improve the team’s fortunes. But, as is usually the case, these young hurlers have taken us on a bumpy […]

Late last season, the Reds starting pitching situation looked promising. They had an abundance of young, talented pitchers ready to resuscitate a rotation that was on life support from a couple years of either pitchers past their prime (Bronson Arroyo) or castoffs from other organizations (Asher Wojciechowski, Lisalverto Bonilla, Tim Adleman, etc.). The new-found health […]

In the classic film Good Will Hunting, the title character and his friends get into a fight on a basketball court with another group of young men. Will slugs his adversary in the face, vengeance for the way this individual treated Will when they were both in elementary school. The police come, and Will ill-advisedly […]

We know that starters are more valuable and harder to come by than relievers. Starters pitch more innings than their bullpen compadres and must face a lineup multiple times. Because of these factors, starters often have a different skillset than relievers. When evaluating whether a pitcher should be a starter or reliever, I like to […]

Baseball fans tend to forget just how hard this game is at the highest level. We expect prospects that succeed in the minors to transition to the Major Leagues seamlessly. That doesn’t happen often. A pitcher’s development is rarely linear. He may have several peaks and valleys in a short period of time or struggle […]

During Spring Training, we tend to do two things without fail: give in to unbridled optimism and overanalyzed individual performances. We gravitate toward players who play well and convince ourselves they have “figured it out” or “taken the next step”. On some occasions, they really have. However, as Steve has pointed out on multiple game […]