On Saturday, a baseball arbitrator announced that setup reliever Dellin Betances lost his case with the Yankees. Betances had asked for $5 million and the Yankees’ offer was $3 million. After the case was decided, Yankee president Randy Levine created a stir by taking the unusual step of criticizing Betances’ filing as a “half-baked attempt” […]

Earlier this week, several news outlets reported that last November Brandon Phillips exercised his 10/5 rights to veto a trade that would have sent him to the Atlanta Braves. Former Reds and Nationals’ GM Jim Bowden reports that BP feels the Reds have yet to fulfill some ‘promises’ they made to him in past years. […]

Earlier this week, Ken Rosenthal reported that negotiations between the Players Association and Major League Baseball were slowing down. This sent the twitter-verse into a tailspin: Would there be a lockout? Didn’t Rob Manfred say that a deal would be done before the World Series is over? Does this mean a strike is near? Would […]

The Kid fell a few votes short of being the first player elected to the Hall of Fame by a unanimous vote. Junior’s accomplishments have been recited many times: He hit 630 home runs, compiled over 83 WAR, won 10 consecutive Gold Gloves at a premium defensive position and seven Silver Sluggers. The list goes on. […]

The Arizona Diamondbacks made two major moves this offseason by signing Zack Greinke to the most lucrative contract in baseball history (based on average annual value) and acquiring Shelby Miller from the Braves. The rest of the baseball world immediately panned these deals. Ken Rosenthal (FoxSports) wrote: “The contract is insane, everyone knows it’s insane, […]

Organizations say they want new ideas and approaches. “Fail faster, succeed sooner” is branded on many R&D departments. But scant few are able to accomplish it. If organizations want change, why do they so often fail to achieve it? A large body of research on this paradox indicates that companies across many industries espouse their […]

On average, how many games do you need to attend before you see a stolen base? It seems like Billy Hamilton steals a few every night, so for Reds fans, the stolen base is about as sure of a bet as Pete Rose. Yet if you look closely, the stolen base is slowly fading from the game: this year there will be the fewest stolen bases per game since 2005. In 2015, if you randomly attended a game, there is about a one in twenty five chance you will see a successful stolen base. What is driving this decline in thievery? Are players getting slower? A newfound morality regarding the sanctity of the base progression? Tighter pants?

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Earlier this week, Fangraphs took a deep look into Joey Votto’s hitting strategy and how it changes over the course of an at bat. Votto will choke up on the bat when he has two strikes. He does that to help make contact with the inside fastball.

How does this strategy affect Votto’s power and on base percentage?

When Joey Votto chokes up on the bat, he trades power for a higher on base percentage. He admits this much. That much isn’t surprising. Votto may not hit has many home runs with two strikes, but he becomes a tougher out. That raises another interesting question:

How does Votto’s two-strike production compare to other similar hitters who don’t choke up?

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At what positions do the Reds need to hit better? The short answer is everywhere but first base. To get at a longer answer, we need to compare the Reds position players to the league and their division. Using wRC+, we can assess the offensive value generated by each of these positions and compare each […]

I know I will be thoroughly attacked for being a pessimist, but I have to write what I believe to be true: it’s going to be close, I don’t believe the Reds will win the World Series in 2015.

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Over the past three years, we have seen two very different Todd Fraziers. From April to June, Todd Frazier dons his cape and torments pitchers. Throw a fastball? Watch it become a souvenir. Throw a breaking ball? Todd will see you at second. When Frazier was on pace to hit 55 dingers this year, you […]

[Doug Gray is returning from a trip to scout the Reds minor league teams in Florida. He will publish his usual Tuesday column on Friday.] Billy Hamilton has had a rough sophomore season in the box. He is hitting .223/.265/.283 on the year partially due to a decline in both his power (ISO down 42% from […]