[You may remember my friend John Barrett, a life-long Brewers fan. Full of optimism, John wrote back in March of his hope and expectations for Milwaukee’s season. Now that the Brew Crew almost certainly shares a dreary fate with the Reds, John touches base with us again, so to speak. Thanks, JQB. — spm] Put […]

[Edit.: This is John’s third post to Redleg Nation this season. He’s our Brewers-fan expert and he was just able to watch the Brewers play the NY Mets, where John now lives. He offers us a detailed and current scouting report. Thanks, again, John. — SPM] Although I grew up in Milwaukee and became a […]

[Edit.: You may remember that my friend John, a life-long Brewers fan living in New York, wrote a preview for the Brewers at the start of the season. He sent me this note reflecting on the series shortly after Super Todd Frazier’s walk-off double. Thanks, John! – SPM] From the perspective of a Brewers fan, […]

[Editor note: I’ve known John since we were in high school. While he’s quite accomplished professionally – Professor of Law at St. John’s University in New York City – it’s his ongoing devotion to the Milwaukee Brewers that most impresses me. I’m thrilled he’s agreed to share his thoughts about the upcoming season with us. […]