Desperately needing win tonight after dropping 4 straight in California, the Reds sent de facto ace Scott Feldman to the mound.  His counterpart, Clayton Richard, entered the game with numbers similar to, but slightly better than, Feldman’s. The Reds are now in desperate need of a win tomorrow (today?).  They’ve lost 5 in a row […]

On the night of the MLB Draft, most thoughts are on the future, and more specifically, Reds 1st Round Draft Pick Hunter Greene.  If you haven’t read Doug Gray’s write-up at, you should go do that now.  It is quite good. This game recap will still be here when you get back.  Teaser: The […]

Amir Garrett toed the rubber tonight against Rich Hill.  Garrett only lasted 1+ inning due to a freak accident on a line drive back to the mound. More on that later. Coming into this game, the Reds had lost 6 straight in Los Angeles. Following this game, the Reds have lost 7 straight in Los […]

Joey Votto is like a self-aware computer program.  He is constantly receiving data from his eyes, ears, and muscles during every plate appearance.  His brain (CPU?) takes all of this data and formulates strategies and pre-planned responses, probably involving the terms “most likely” and “maximization of production.” Synthesizing all of this data tends to lead […]

Something happened. Either the Good Guys won or they didn’t.  I didn’t stay up to see it.  I’ve got a 1-year old that gets up very early.  Everything below was written before the conclusion of the game. I was fortunate enough to see Johnny Cueto’s final start as a member of the Cincinnati Reds when […]

Entering this game, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t think the Reds had a good shot at winning.  After all, they just outscored San Francisco 31-5 in a three-game tilt at Great American Ball Park. Although starter Bronson Arroyo’s ERA stood at a robust 6.53 entering the game, you sort of had the […]

It might seem controversial to say Scott Schebler is an above-average Major League Baseball player.  I don’t mean he projects to be above-average next year, or something; I mean he’s above-average now. And has been.  Recently we’ve seen comments from many on Twitter and on the hallowed pages of Redleg Nation calling for Schebler to […]

As we have all observed, Eugenio Suarez is having a nice start to the 2017 season.  As of this writing Suarez is carrying a 200 wRC+ (good for 6th in the NL) and has accumulated 0.8 fWAR/0.9 bWAR in only 46 plate appearances. Stat Geek Note: The difference between FanGraphs and Baseball-Reference WAR usually exists […]

We usually toss around platitudes like “It doesn’t matter that much” when discussing lineup construction.  On an almost daily basis during baseball season, many of us (myself firmly included) find nits to pick with the order in which nine names are written on a piece of paper. Is our nit-picking justified?  How many runs (and […]

Let us discuss the concept of Batting Average on Balls In Play, or BABIP.  In simplest terms, a player’s BABIP is his batting average while ignoring strikeouts and home runs. Why ignore those? Because neither play results in a “ball in play” that could possibly be converted to an out by the defense. The goal of BABIP is […]

The purpose of this article is two-fold.   First, we’ll quickly look and see how much it costs teams, on average, to let a guy reach Super Two status.  For an explanation of Super Two, you can go read this. Second, we’ll take a detailed look at how much teams pay for certain types of statistics […]

In front of the loyal Redleg Nation and the wonderful folks from Red Reporter, the Cincinnati Reds (56-77) do battle with the St. Louis Cardinals (70-63).  Today marks the First Annual Redleg Nation/Red Reporter Meetup at GABP.  People who cannot attend may or may not be jealous… but that’s neither here nor there! Attendees of […]