The Reds, we all know, have certain pieces they should be looking to trade in order to free up spots for other players and/or because they players are unlikely to produce as well as they have in the future. The two most frequently mentioned pieces are Adam Duvall and Scooter Gennett. However, if those players […]

The title of this post is deliberately misleading. You’re all thinking of the cartoon and expecting a post about how oblivious the Reds are being. (Some clueless editor even added it as the featured image on the home page. Good work, Chad.) Nope. Not today. There’s a lot of hand-wringing around the internets, which is […]

All offseason, we’re all going to be talking about the same thing. How can the Reds get from where they are to where they want to be. I mean, we feel okay about he offense, but they have a primary infielder who was below replacement level and an outfielder who continually falls well short of […]

Like everyone else, I’m prone to measure a player against the “average” major leaguer. Or at least my perception of it. But average changes all the time, so I thought it would be good to put together a post illustrating what average is in the current major league environment. Offense The average major league player […]

Joey Votto is an MVP candidate. His numbers versus the National League competition are stunning and some people, at least, have noticed. He probably won’t win, but he’ll get some votes for sure. And why? Well, he lead the league in walks, OBP, OPS, OPS+, and wRC+. He was fifth in homers and sixth in […]

Final R H E Cincinnati Reds (67-94) 3 10 2 Chicago Cubs (92-69) 1 3 0 W: McGuire (1-1) L: Lackey (12-12) S: Iglesias (28) FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score The Good –The Reds won. –In winning, they beat the Cubs. –Joey Votto set a new record for the Reds for times on base. It […]

There are things I’m good at. One of those things is convincing myself the Reds will be better. So, today, I thought it wouldn’t be the worst thing to talk about the best-case scenario for 2018. Except I don’t really like best-case scenarios. They’re outlandish. I’m more a fan of the 80th percentile or so. […]

I just moved. Moving is exhausting. Amidst the unpacking, I stopped periodically to stare at baseball things. One of the baseball things that caught my attention was this piece over at FanGraphs that looks at how teams generate their wins by breaking the players on each team into three groups: The Top 5 The Next […]

Baseball season is almost over, and, as has been the case for a few years, the question for Reds fans is: Will next year be any better? Yes. It will. In fact, I genuinely believe the Reds will be vastly improved next year. They may even contend for a wildcard spot. I’ll make this case […]

Recently, one Chaddington Q. Dotson tweeted the following tweet: Which player do you prefer? A: .249/.297/.495, 31 HR in 139 games. 29 years old. B: .234/.316/.481, 26 HR in 123 games. 26 years old. — Chad Dotson (@dotsonc) September 10, 2017 If you’re a Reds fan, you probably know who those players are. Player A […]

Final R H E Cincinnati Reds (54-74) 4 7 0  Chicago Cubs (68-58) 2 7 1 W: Lorenzen (8-2) L: Strop (3-4) S: Igelsias (24) FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score The Good –Sal Romano has had two really good starts in a row. Overall, he’s been very solid since being called up. Some rookie mistakes, sure, but […]

We are nearing the end of the minor league season now and as we all start thinking intensely about next year, I think it’s useful to take a look at what has and has not been said about the various young players. This may tell us something about what to expect next year. In the […]