Jason Linden joined me this week to discuss the firing of Reds manager Bryan Price, and what it means for the current version of the ol’ Redlegs. We also did a deep dive into our expectations for the rest of the 2018 season, and we even passed a little judgment on the current state of […]

In a move that was becoming more inevitable with every loss that piled up — and currently there are 15 of those losses in Cincinnati’s first 18 games, and ten of the last eleven — the Reds announced today that manager Bryan Price has been fired, as well as pitching coach Mack Jenkins: The Reds […]

The Short Version: Sal Romano’s strong start, along with solid work from the Reds bullpen, is paired with another miserable night from the Reds “offense.” Reds drop their ninth game in the last ten. The “rebuild” is stalled. Final R H E Cincinnati Reds (3-14) 0 3 1 Milwaukee Brewers (9-9) 2 8 0 W: […]

This week’s respondents are Jason Linden, Bill Lack, Chris Garber, Steve Mancuso, and me (I’m Chad Dotson). Our Weekly Reds Obsession: How hot is Bryan Price’s seat? Jason: I have no idea how hot his seat is. I really don’t think he’ll be managing the Reds next year, but if he isn’t let go in […]

The Short Version: Another effective outing by Homer Bailey, and the bullpen was even good. Another anemic performance by the Reds offense. Rinse. Repeat. Reds are 2-13 on the season, and everything is a disaster right now. Final R H E St. Louis Cardinals (9-7) 3 5 3 Cincinnati Reds (2-13) 2 5 0 W: […]

Jason Linden joined me this week to discuss the Cincinnati Reds’ horrific start, and whether anything can be salvaged from this season. (Short answer: plenty to be optimistic about.) We also discussed the managerial failings of Bryan Price, and his future with the Redlegs. That was a less optimistic conversation. Music for this episode provided […]

Actually, MLB, Joey Votto is an international treasure. If you missed it, here’s the latest episode of Votto’s antics: Said it before, will say it again: Joey Votto is a national treasure. 😂 pic.twitter.com/7FHKNuiPva — MLB (@MLB) April 10, 2018 The City of Philly vs. Joey Votto is an unstoppable force vs. an immovable object […]

The Short Version: There really is no short version. It was a 12-inning game and in all the confusion of extra innings and bunts and pinch-hitting pitchers, I originally forgot to write the short version. So here it is: Reds lose. Final — 12 innings R H E Cincinnati Reds (2-9) 3 11 1 Philadelphia […]

The Short Version: The Reds are shut out on one hit by Pirates starter Jameson Taillon, and Eugenio Suarez breaks his thumb. Can things get any worse? Final R H E Cincinnati Reds (2-6) 0 1 0 Pittsburgh Pirates (7-2) 5 11 0 W: Taillon (2-0) L: Mahle (1-1) FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score […]

Baseball is dumb. Just when you think the 2018 Cincinnati Reds season couldn’t start off any worse, this happens: One day after tying his career-high with five RBI and blasting a game-winning three-run home run at PNC Park, Cincinnati Reds third baseman Eugenio Suárez took a pitch off his right hand in the fourth inning […]

Just a reminder: You need to hear all 90 seconds of Joey Votto. To the very last drop. "I'm so tired of losing – it needs to get going NOW." @fox19 #Reds #RedsST pic.twitter.com/2M2LyPNbql — Jeremy Rauch (@FOX19Jeremy) February 19, 2018 Chad DotsonBlame Chad for creating this mess. Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, […]

The Short Version: A close game becomes a blowout in the blink of an eye because Reds manager Bryan Price decides to give up and put in a garbage pitcher. This is getting really old. That’s the short version. This nonsense is getting really old. Final R H E Cincinnati Reds (1-5) 3 13 1 […]