Over the past 15 months, no pitcher has started more games for the Reds than Tim Adleman. While that sentence alone tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the ongoing state of the rebuild, this is not an attempt to question the decision-makers who sent a 29-year-old who’s rarely mentioned as a […]

It’s a fun question to ponder, but settling on an answer was harder than I expected. I’ve never witnessed a no-hitter or perfect game, never seen someone homer four times or collect hit #4,192, and never experienced division-clinching walk-off heroics. After mentally rewinding through three decades of fandom (and taking a quick glance through some […]

Being described as adequate doesn’t sound very sexy, but in yet another year where the Reds have gone through pitchers like tissue, Tim Adleman’s adequacy has been a breath – or at least a modest gasp – of fresh air. Much like last year, when he filled in and acquitted himself admirably during a season […]

I was happy to see Steve recently reference Norm Charlton’s contributions as a starter during Cincinnati’s 1990 World Championship season. Twenty-seven years later, most Reds fans remember Charlton as a Nasty Boy, a hard-throwing setup man (and occasional Mike Scioscia bulldozer) who set the stage commendably for his fellow Nasties Rob Dibble and Randy Myers. […]

I’ll begin with a confession: I probably watch fewer baseball games than anyone reading this. Don’t get me wrong – during my three decades of fandom, despite never living within four hours of Cincinnati, I’ve attended dozens of Reds games across five different states, plus the District of Columbia. In addition, I’ve visited spring training […]

I’ll have more to say about the Reds’ annual visit to Southern California in a few days, but for now, a few words about last night’s walkoff loss. (As I got home after 11 p.m. and will leave for today’s game at 11 a.m., please excuse any first-draft typos, mixed metaphors or general illogic.) In […]

As Buster Posey stepped in to face Raisel Iglesias in the bottom of the ninth on Thursday night with a man on first and the Reds clinging to a one-run lead, a funny thing happened: I got nervous. I didn’t notice it right away, but with every pitch – and there ended up being an […]

For the first decade of the 21st Century, the Cincinnati Reds were not a successful baseball team. They played no postseason games; they won zero division titles; and they finished above .500 only once. In half of those years, however, they began the season in a manner similar to the 2017 Reds, winning more games […]

Last week, I had the chance to visit Great American Ball Park for the first time since 2013. (I realize that’s nothing unusual for most of you, but for yours truly, the commute from Los Angeles is a real pain.) Prior to that year, when I caught two of the Reds’ season-ending losses en route […]

In 2017, the Reds will probably lose more games than they’ll win. I’m OK with that. Even though I hope to experience another Red October sooner rather than later, the past three years have reminded me that there’s still great joy to be had from losing seasons — I’d rather have bad baseball than no baseball […]

Every spring, even the most cynical fans allow for fleeting moments of optimism. After all, projections are based on past performance, and there’s always the possibility of multiple players having breakout seasons and carrying their teams to unexpected postseason glory. It happens nearly every year – prior to last season, for example, Baseball Prospectus guesstimated […]

Editor’s Note: I hope you will join me in welcoming Clay Marshall to the Redleg Nation family. Clay is an exceptionally talented writer, and I’m really excited that he’ll be giving us his thoughts from the west coast this season. Please make Clay feel welcome! — Chad Dotson “You say yes, I say no You […]