Crosley Field was cramped, crumbling, and trapped in a disintegrating neighborhood, and both the Reds team and their fans were scrambling to enter the shiny round multipurpose stadium on the river. Great cheers arose when Pete Rose, Jr. swung a wrecking ball to bring the old girl down. In the rush to clear out, the […]

The MLB trade deadline was twenty-four hours off and rumors were thick like Fiona’s skin; this required responsible and serious sports columnists to carefully and constantly monitor unfolding player movements, analyzing cross-league action and quickly researching new personnel. Therefore, I wandered around a giant cave all day. Although practically raised in National Parks, I have […]

Josh The Pilot took me to the first place we lived after we were married a few months ago. It’s a Virginia suburb of DC. I liked living there, but we were so desperately new-married in such an expensive county that the first place we lived together was hung with fear, doubt, and two people […]

A trade deadline slam-bang on the tail of the All-Star Game is cruel. Baseball in July forces us to sift through the current best while simultaneously looking to what a team might look like in the next two, five, ten seasons. These are all-organization, all-fan tasks. This July finds me deep-purging my to-be-scrapbooked folders. It’s […]

I bring tidings of great joy to those of you who thought this Reds season had become a long and bitter struggle to strand less than the population of Cincinnati on base: Our fair city has returned to Family Feud. Those of you old enough to share glorious memories of the Apex Age of Western […]

When you leave a place for a decade, you can’t just slide back into it. There are teeth missing and maybe an appendix, and even if the adult molars are grown back in and the appendix wasn’t necessary to begin with, nothing is the same. I grew up here, and when I left Cincinnati, the […]

It’s fair to say that, as a married woman looking to move, that my life has now become a battle against crap.  Although the veteran of at least two dozen moves, this happened to me once before, when I was a bachelorette resident of Daytona Beach, Home of the Shell Yeah Angry Minor League Turtles, […]

Well. Now that we have settled the question of what to do with Cleveland, we now turn to grudges at large, a difficult subject, as evidenced by the stunned face of Devin Mesoraco watching his teammates of 90 minutes ago from the visitor’s dugout. Devin Mesoraco in a #Mets uniform — Joe Danneman (@FOX19Joe) […]

Let us discuss giving up, but not in the way you’d like to give up right now. My biggest issue with the current state of the Reds rather spectacular slow-motion collapse is the obnoxious way it cuts in on my ability to mock Cleveland, a city I hate because I have been strictly told to […]

Recently we discussed the many ways in which Joey Votto is in fact perfect. I adopted him when he was an anxious rookie, then he earned his way into my tee shirt drawer by being awesome. I am a girl who’s hard to get except when I’m flinging myself at people (fictional characters, animated beings, total […]

As previously explored in this space, we have all learned that the worst thing anyone can do while remodeling a home is include walls, and if there is a wall, you had better hire someone to backsplash the crap out of it. Now that the Reds are in the midst of their own remodelling, I, […]

I knew my husband, Josh the Pilot, put in a good flight when he called me with a suggestion to enlarge our family. “I just flew with this interesting captain,” he said, “and he says we need to get a parrot.” Normally the suggestion of acquisition of pets is my department; it is my job in the marriage […]