4 thoughts on “25-man Roster

  1. Badenhop has to get his ball to sink it’d not sinking because its not sinking he will be a human batting tee its not rocket science but if u want to win u better not use him much

  2. I do not understand Reds not starting Lorenzen.He is a starter not bull pen.The reds used him last year to help bull pen.Ok,its 2017,start him! Read book by former GM ,John Schuerholz,Built To Win.He talks about telling Maddox,Glavin,Smoltz,etc.they are his starters..Maddox says they got “beat up” for two years then..history.My point is Reds have to settle on who starts and stick with it.This revolving door with minors is counter productive to success.

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