The Cincinnati Reds (1-2) are not off to the start to the season they were hoping for and most expected. The Reds bullpen let them down in a big way the last two days. The Reds will have no time to lick their wounds as they kick off a four game series against the Chicago Cubs (2-1) tonight at 6:40 PM at Great American Ballpark.

The Cubs kicked off 2020 by winning 2 of 3 against the Brewers at Wrigley. They outscored the Brewers 15-9 over the 3 games. Ian Happ and Anthony Rizzo both already have 2 home runs for the Cubs.

Starting Pitchers

Wade Miley will make his Reds debut tonight. Miley has a career 3.92 ERA in 10 starts against the Cubs. He has been even better in recent memory, posting a 2.50 ERA in 3 starts against the Cubs over the last two seasons.

This could be the final year for Jon Lester in Chicago. He is in the final guarantee year of his contract with the Cubs (he has a $25 million team option with a $10 million buyout in 2021). The last couple seasons have been mixed results for Lester. He has a 3.90 ERA in 19 career starts against the Reds. It was about the same in 2019 as Lester had a 4.02 ERA in 3 starts against the Reds.

Starting Lineups

Cubs Reds
1. Kris Bryant (LF)
2. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
3. Javier Baez (SS)
4. Kyle Schwarber (DH)
5. Willson Contreras (C)
6. Steven Souza Jr. (RF)
7. David Bote (3B)
8. Nico Hoerner (2B)
9. Albert Almora Jr. (CF)
1. Phillip Ervin (CF)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Nick Castellanos (RF)
5. Aristides Aquino (LF)
6. Christian Colon (DH)
7. Kyle Farmer (2B)
8. Freddy Galvis (SS)
9. Curt Casali (C)

COVID update

Doug did a good job earlier today breaking down the scary news with the Marlins that resulted in two games being postponed tonight, with likely more coming tomorrow.


The first series was obviously not what we were looking for. You are banking on winning a series against a 114 loss team the previous season. Crazy things happen in baseball though. The Dodgers split a four game series against the Giants, a team projected to lose more than the Tigers this season.

The news about the Marlins today is very concerning. I don’t want to tell you how to be a Reds fan, but I would suggest to try to sit back and enjoy every second of Reds baseball that you can, because we have no idea how long we will be able to. The trio of Suarez, Castellanos and Galvis have 11 (!) career home runs off Lester. Go Reds!

168 Responses

  1. Jack

    A day off for Shogo? The man must have no stamina whatsoever. Seriously, if this is how they are going to use them then they shouldn’t have paid that much money for him. 3 million on some other platoon player would have made more sense.

    • Jack

      I have a feeling it will be a long time before another Japanese player signs with this club.

      • Ernie Howerton

        Get Shoguns bat into the lineup,my goodness these are professionals.Paying that kind of money for a platoon player smh

    • Gr8pnt

      Must be analytics say he has never had a hit against Lester. : – )

      • Mike Adams

        Great Point, Gr8pnt. Oh, I see what you did there…….

    • JB

      Some of these guys(Shogo) need to pull a Castellanos and tell Bell I didnt sign here to sit the bench. Colon? Seriously would bat anybody over him. But I wish him and the Reds well tonight. We need a win.

      • Old-school

        Shogo has sat the bench behind 2 journeyman AAAA players. Davidson and Colon. That’s where Bell loses credibility. It’s one thing if Senzel is in CF , Castellanos in a corner spot , Aquino in a corner spot and Ervin at Dh.

        The matchups and defense add up.

        But Bell inserts literally ANY right handed hitter in an OF spot. Jose Peraza playing LF was awful. Literally the worst hitter in baseball playing a position he never played that demands an elite power bat.

        But, time will tell. Small sample size and I hope Colon and Farmer rake and Ervin steals 4 bases on Lester.

        Bell is accountable. He gets to be judged by his record. He’s now 76- 89 as a manager. It’s time to win.
        Go Reds.

    • Mike

      I’ll bet Shogo is second guessing his decision to come to the Reds. No way he is not better than Colon, Ervin, or AA. I said it last year that Bell is among the five worst managers I can remember and I have been a fan since 1961. He has to be the center of attention. If handedness was the only factor, then the games could be played on paper. This is why Castellanos will be gone at the end of the year. After watching Bell’s managing style, no free agent will want to come here. Ask yourself if you would want to sign here if you were a quality free agent if you were going to be benched for a AAA player.

      • Hoosier Red

        Careful, Nicholas Kirby loves him some David Bell.

  2. Jack

    Colon as DH, not what I envisioned for this year.

    • Sean Keely

      Yeah I don’t understand why they didn’t put Aquino in the dh spot and shogo in left. That being said they might now more about shogo hitting lefties than we do. But I would have liked to see if he could do it against mlb pitching but I guess we will have to wait.

      • Jack

        If they knew all that about him they shouldn’t have signed him

  3. Chris

    This is the problem with expanded rosters. You have managers that for some reason think every darn player on the team must play once or twice a week. Colon will be gone in a few days, so why in the world does Bell think it’s a must for him to get into a game? Colon will probably have a great game, but that still does not make this decision an astute one at all!

    • Melvin

      Yeah. Everybody doesn’t have to play. Just the ones who help you win THAT DAY….. 60 games….that’s all….down to 56 already….. 1-3 (2.7-8.1) record to start at home no less. SMH…..we’ve seen Davidson, Jankowski, and Colon. If these were crucial games in the playoffs would we be playing these guys? That’s what David Bell HAS to ask himself because that’s the way we need to approach each and every game. These guys in there don’t concern me near as much as the mindset. The three just mentioned are not the only reason we’ve been losing my any means. I just don’t believe Bell has the proper definition of urgency. I hope our manager is not over his head and not able to handle this very short season. Honesty, he acts like it I’m afraid. We cannot afford to wait even one game to get going. I’m not anti David Bell. He does some good things. I am anti losing though. Six season of being at or near last place. Spending millions and millions of dollars in the off season. Like it or not, fair or not, David Bell is under the microscope maybe more than any other manager. That’s the nature of the beast. There is only one cure for all of this…..WIN.

  4. Indy Red Man

    This lineup needs some Colon cleanser. Seriously Colon (lifetime 640 ops) >Shogo? Ervin is a terrible CF’er. I very rarely ever pile on Bell or Thom B., no need since everyone else does it, but this is ridiculous? Especially since Shogo can run and steal Lester blind if he got on base.

  5. T Bone

    Please tell me that Bell did not start Colon because of his 2.000 lifetime OPS against Lester. smh

  6. DocProc

    I wonder what ownership thinks about springing $21 mil for a platoon player. Makes no sense whatsoever. Shogo hit lefties just fine in Japan.

    • Sean Keely

      I’m thinking there’s something we don’t know about. He didn’t play opening day either and the fact that he needs a day off according to bell makes me think he might have a minor injury he’s trying to play through. But who knows

      • Doug Gray

        I read it as “a lefty is starting”. Fair or unfair, he’s not getting at-bats against lefties when the other options are Phillip Ervin, Nick Castellanos, and right now at least, Aristides Aquino.

      • Chris

        Doug, you left out Colon. Call a spade a spade. This isn’t a fair or not fair issue. This is pure stupidity on Bell’s part.

  7. Bred

    I don’t get Bell’s lineups. Ervin in CF. No Shogo? Miley better throw a no no.

    • Wayne Nabors

      These are the same unorthodox lineup’s as last year,nothing has or will ever change with him

  8. IndyRedsFan


    C Trent has some quotes from Bell on Shogo on his twitter feed….

    To summarize and paraphrase….

    1) we don’t see him as a platoon player
    2) we want him to have early success
    3) we have other people whose strength is hitting lefthanders

    • Sliotar

      Bell’s approach does not “match up” (pun intended) with free agents signings.

      For the most part, difference-making FA’s expect playing every day as a given.

      And … it stymies finding out the true ceiling of prospects the Reds have developed themselves (see Jesse Winker not getting at-bats vs. LHP …hardly ever).

      Not saying all the platooning isn’t the right strategy for the 2020 Reds offense … it probably is … the jury is still out on how good the offense can be … but doing it does create costs in other ways.

      • Doug Gray

        Look at how much money Shogo Akiyama is being paid.

        Now look at how much money Mike Moustakas and Nick Castellanos are being paid. Two are being paid like starters. One is not.

      • Sliotar

        “Come to Cincinnati … you will sit vs. left-handed pitching most nights and we juggle the outfield a lot.”

        “Come to Atl/SD/Other City … we will get you 500 at-bats and promote you as a key part of the offense.”

        Why Shogo chose Cincinnati is his business … but thinking that younger FAs with options would choose this set-up … feels far-fetched.

        (Unless the Reds overpay by 2 years, like they did with Moustakas).

      • earmbrister

        Thank you Doug. No, Akiyama is NOT paid like a FA starter.

        The bellyaching is at a fever pitch. Take a pill.

      • Chris

        Doug, in your attempt to continue to make excuses for Bell, you are diminishing your normal great takes on Reds baseball. By your logic, I guess Suarez isn’t a starter, nor Galvis, right? Don’t be ridiculous!

      • Doug Gray

        Suarez is still not yet to “free agent money” in his contract. Despite that fact, though, his contract was worth more than three times that of Shogo Akiyama.

        Freddy Galvis was cut from his team less than a year ago. The baseline for a “Starter” is 2.0 WAR in a season. Galvis has has exactly zero seasons of 2.0 WAR in his career. Last year was the closest when he was at 1.9.

  9. Preach

    A day off???? We are in game 4 and he didn’t start all of those.

    • RedAlert

      Exactly – game 4 . TinkerBell at it already . Ridiculous.

  10. JB

    Any idea when or if the game will start?

    • Don

      GABP Accuweather app forecast is rain until 8:30 to 8:45

  11. ClevelandRedsFan


    I wish David Bell was my boss.

    Boss to me: Robert, by every measure possible, you are below average at your job. In fact, if people weren’t sick you wouldn’t even have a job here.

    Me: But, I’m right handed.

    Boss: Say no more. You’re now on the most important project.

  12. Eric the Red

    I wasn’t able to watch yesterday’s disappointment live, so if this was covered in the game thread please forgive me:

    THOM!’s complete inability to judge the trajectory and distance of a fly ball is a) getting worse, b) becoming a bigger problem since there’s no crowd reaction to help tell the true story; c) a basic pre-requisite for a baseball announcer. He’s really bad at just about every aspect of his job, and the trend line is not heading in the right direction.

    • Preach

      Yeah, I’ve never heard anyone get so excited over warning track fly balls. And the insistence to turn every double play into some highlight reel material causes me to shake my head on the regular. And every anecdote will end up in Arizona if you give it time.

  13. Melvin

    You guys are funny. Seriously I don’t know why Aki isn’t batting leadoff and I sure don’t know why he isn’t playing. We were supposed to have a million good hitting outfielders and the DH was supposed to help with that. SMH 🙂

    IMO Tonight
    Ervin DH
    Castellanos RF
    Aquino LF
    Akiyama CF

  14. earmbrister

    As JB asked, any idea when the game will start?

    • Don

      GABP Accuweather app forecast is rain until 8:30 to 8:45, then an hour to get the field ready to go usually

  15. Sean Keely

    At what point does a suspension of the game become necessary? i am obviosouly hoping we play but im just wondering how long we have before they have to call it just because of timing.

  16. CP

    Hi all, I haven’t posted for a while but I just wanted to say that the segment they just aired with Kyle Boddy and Sam LeCure touring the Driveline facility and going over the process they used was fantastic. Hopefully they show it again so that more fans can see it and get comfortable with it.

    • Preach

      agreed. I really enjoyed that. it was the first time I saw it.

      It was also nice to see LeCure able to throw some pitches without tearing something.

  17. Doug Gray

    8:25pm ET first pitch, assuming things go as planned.

  18. Optimist

    A 1/2 serious question. Considering the expanded rosters, no crowd revenue to worry about, the short travel to away games, and a desire to play as many games as possible, why aren’t they playing any doubleheaders, or even Sunday tripleheaders?

    • Doug Gray

      You definitely won’t ever see a triple-header. Rosters aren’t THAT big. It would increase the chances of injury too much.

      But, if you want to believe what MLB says, they want players congregated together less – it’s why they have the extra-innings runner – so double headers are only happening out of necessity.

      • Preach

        I suppose. But to me it would seem less risky to run a DH than to play, leave, and congregate again. But I don’t even play a doctor on TV, so……

  19. IndyRedsFan


    I noticed no one was DFA’d when they picked up Garcia off waivers. Are they treating the “Covid DL” as they would have treated the 60 day DL in the past?

    ie: do players on the Covid DL not count against the 40 man roster?

  20. Sliotar

    Thankfully … the bullpen is hitting on all cylinders right now, can easily pick Miley up.

    Rough start.

  21. earmbrister

    Huh, since when do I have MLB Extra Innings? Goodbye for now Gameday.

    Of course, the Cubs are just scoring 2 more to make it 3-0. Careful what you wish for.

  22. Preach

    Is all that “crowd noise” coming from the Cub dugout? Sounds just like their obnoxious fans. I hate those guys.

  23. ClevelandRedsFan

    Ouch. It’s hard to be disappointed in the Reds knowing this year will probably be shut down.

  24. Eric the Red

    If that pitch to Bryant hit anything, it was the pad hanging off his arm. I don’t think that should count as a HBP.

  25. Preach

    I know we’ve talked about it already, but I don’t like this lineup at all

  26. Preach

    Lester has made 30 starts for 12 straight seasons? That’s impressive

  27. earmbrister

    Votto continues to make solid contact. He’s not having his typical anemic start.

  28. VaRedsFan

    How many innings make the game official these days? Is it 1? I was thinking about doing a rain dance

  29. Roger Garrett

    Just tuned in to say good night because this game is over.Lester laughing already.Here it is guys,hit it and of course we can’t and won’t.

    • earmbrister

      Good night Roger. Lester might be laughing, but his 2019 was pretty mediocre. Get your baseball while you can – it might be an endangered species.

  30. Chris Holbert

    I would think, regardless, of being LH, that Shogo should be in the OF and Ervin should be the DH. I would think Shogo against Lester, would have as good a chance at being successful, as Colon, despite him being RH….I really do wonder about the logic.

    • Sliotar

      Calling Lucas Sims … report to bullpen to warm up.

      No way Miley should be exposed to the top of the Cubs lineup for a third time … not the way he is struggling tonight.

      Got to give the Reds offense a chance to get them back into it.

      • earmbrister

        Agree, but how about Antone. He’s used to starter innnings.

  31. Eric the Red

    Why would you ever throw Castellanos a strike?

  32. Eric the Red

    Seriously…that pad was sticking out six inches when Bryant went into his stance.

  33. Old-school

    Cubs have 5 all stars hitting 1-5 and 3 MVP candidates. Reds have a smorgasboard of a lineup of AAAA guys who will outmatch David Ross because of Bell’s creative genius .

    Bring in Lucas Sims.

    • Sliotar


      Nailed it, Old-School. No third time through lineup … please.

  34. centerfield

    Ok, we start off 1-8 and then the season gets cancelled. The Reds realize David Bell is either snake bitten or in over his head, and he gets let go over the winter. Sit back and try to enjoy baseball for another week or two.

  35. Jon

    Miley doesn’t have it tonight. Manage like it’s a playoff game, David Bell, and get him out of the game!

  36. Preach

    If I was Bell, I’d be wearing a mask too.

    • Sliotar


      We are thinking the same way.

  37. Indy Red Man

    8 game losing streak? The Reds spent some money and have some talent, but you have to win games. I had a bad feeling when they became almost everyones favorite dark horse and had like the 8th-9th lowest odds to win the WS. 8 teams do make the playoffs, but you don’t want to start 4-10 and dig a big hole for yourself

  38. BigRedMike

    Miley not looking very good

    Depth is being tested right away

  39. Sliotar

    Reds Motto for the 2020 Season –

    “Bauer, Castillo, Gray …. and Pray (for rain)”

    A play off the old Braves slogan

    • Indy Red Man

      Luis, Sonny, and Bauer….then the #&$% gets sour

    • BigRedMike

      Reds starting pitching is solid no doubt

      Not going to win many games with the lineup tonight and bad pitching

  40. Preach

    Well, that just changed the rotation’s ERA, didn’t it?

  41. Eric the Red

    Any chance of more rain? We should change pitchers every three batters, challenge correct calls…whatever it takes to slow things down and pray for rain.

  42. earmbrister

    Well at least I got to see the start of the Tejay Antone era …

    Nice start (small sample size) to his MLB career.

  43. Old-school

    Aquino,Colon,Farmethats the best you got Bell?

    Cubs are laughing.

    Royals put 12 runs up on the juggernaut Tigers …thru 5 innings.

  44. Preach

    I never realized how dependent I’ve become on the sound of the ball hitting the bat to anticipate the action on the field until now. Didn’t realize how greatly the bodies in the stands affected it.

    • magi210

      I’ve noticed that too. Everything sounds good off the bat now.

  45. BigRedMike

    A player with a career 640 OPS and 1 HR is the DH

    The Reds spent a lot of money on a Free Agent from Japan if I remember correctly

    • earmbrister

      They spent a modest amount of money on a FA from Japan.

      Don’t have any problem with Bell playing most of his roster. He needs to keep their heads in the game, and if starters start going down with C19, we’re gonna need to count on some of these guys.

      • BigRedMike

        Not really, they are paid to keep their head in the game

        Most teams play their best players instead of a garbage player like Colon at DH

      • VaRedsFan

        They can get their work in at the alternate fields. This guy wasn’t even on the roster until opening day….Now he gets a start in game 4. If he is the next guy up because of virus, then the season is over anyway.

  46. ClevelandRedsFan

    Real talk: do the reds players never get into a rhythm because they only play half the games and everyone except Votto, Suárez, and Castellanos are platoon players?

    • Old-school

      100% correct. Every year it’s small sample size…wait till 150 at bats and the big 162. This is the little 60.

      Everyone gets 1-2 at bats Evey 2-3 games and half are pinch hitting roles…1 at bat in 3 hours or DH at bats…you play 6 minutes that day.

      The Reds and Cubs could play this game with these lineups 10x and the Cubs win 9.

  47. VaRedsFan

    One thing Thom said which is true, even before they scored…..the Cubs were on the rail, into every pitch of every AB.

  48. Gonzo Reds

    Going back to our pre-real-season Stratomatic exercise, thanks Tom and Doug for allowing us to do that. Strato had broken player stat cards for Castillo and Gray with ERAs about 5. Miley was decent at ERA 3-4. I think it’s pretty clear, granted only one start, that Strato had absolutely no clue in how to program a SP card.

    With that being said, in real life, looks like we’re going to drop to 1-3. A 3 loss streak being equivalent to 9-10 games in a full season. Wait did I just wake up from a dream/nightmare back into 2019? Didn’t we start 1-9?


    • earmbrister

      It’s the bottom of the third, and the Cubs aren’t exactly known for their pitching

    • Melvin

      Yep. Each game counts as 2.7 compared to a regular season. Now an 8.1 game losing streak.

  49. Preach

    Let’s get a couple of those runs back here

  50. Old-school

    Freddy Galvis can’t throw. Iglesias was a wizard.

    • VaRedsFan

      Cool it with the soft toss lobs…most SS’s like to show off their gun. Turn it loose Freddie.

  51. Sliotar

    That’s 2 bad throws to first in 2 days for Galvis.

    Votto bailed him out yesterday.

    • Melvin

      I think there is a good chance he’s having arm problems. He acts like it.

  52. Wonderboy

    Our offense looks anemic. Can’t blame all that on Bell, but his over-thinking of matchups and not starting Shogo in 2 of 4 games is ridiculous. Just really disappointing since Friday.

  53. VaRedsFan

    Note to players: pull inside pitches, hit outside pitches the other way

  54. Preach

    Good hustle by Suarez getting down the line

  55. Jack

    Kind of rooting for a no hitter. If you are going to lose might as well make it exciting

    • Sliotar

      Jake Arrieta no-hit the Reds in Cincinnati just a few years ago, when he was with the Cubs.

      I think there was like 500 more people in the stands that night, compared to tonight.


  56. Jack

    One thing is for sure, no comparison between stuff of Miley and Antone

  57. VaRedsFan

    Antone has a good mix of pitches, and changes speeds nicely. And throws strikes!

  58. Preach

    THOM!: “I don’t know if durability is a consideration for HOF…..”

    STOP! Really?

  59. Preach

    4 baserunners: walk, HBP, 2 errors.

  60. Preach

    Some impressive movement on his pitches.

  61. Sliotar

    Rizzo renewing his dues as a member of the Reds Killer Club.

    If he played all home games at GABP, he would hit like 40 HRs out to right field.

  62. earmbrister

    As soon as the Chicago play by play guy said “no matter what happens from this point forward, Antone has earned his turn”, I knew WITHOUT A DOUBT that Rizzo was going deep.

  63. Jack

    8 more walks in a row and Reds will tie this one

  64. Jack

    Castellanos spoils that thought with a horrible at bat

  65. Old-school

    There’s 100 comments + and the Reds are being no- hit in this David Bell cartoonist line up in the 6 th inning.

    • Sliotar

      The thirst for success is real.

      If this team is ever back in the playoffs … this site will be prone to crashes.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        You’re right. We all want to believe in this team so badly.

  66. Old-school

    Jesse Winker apparently only guy that knew that

    • Sliotar

      I, for one … am really, really glad that the Reds chose as their DH tonight an over-30 guy who has 0.7 WAR … for his career.

      Keeping that Winker kid on the bench.

      Keep earning those dues, biding his time, Knowing his place.

      • Preach

        Well, if the Reds would have been aggressive in the FA market, or signing players from the Asian market, maybe they wouldn’t be in this position…….

      • Old-school

        Kyle Farmer has that 385 foot fly ball out down. Maybe why the Dodgers let him go. Last remnant of the mega trade that wasn’t …at least for the Reds.

      • Sliotar

        That’s exactly right … “Preach” it.

      • Old-school

        Sliotar…stop over- reacting .
        Stop living in reality. The reds have only lost 87 games 6 years in a row. Their only 1-3 in a 60 game season with the best top 3 starring pitchers since…. Since…. Well…maybe never

  67. Preach

    Jesse comes through. This Cubs bullpen has always had it’s issues

  68. Sean Keely

    So aquino is 1-4 with a double. Is that small and sort of unimpressive stat line enough to get him sent down or prevent him from getting anymore at bats or will we see him get at least one or two more shots wether through pinch hitting or another start against a lefty?

    • Melvin

      I’ve said it more than once. IMO Aquino has more potential to help us in the long term than Winker OR Senzel.

      • TR

        I agree. Aquino is probably not a consistent hitter, but he is a slugger type and a real threat in the lineup with good defensive skills. It appears he doesn’t have the needed support in the organization to be given a real chance.

      • Sean Keely

        The fact that they pulled him for Winker yesterday says a lot about what the organization thinks about him. I would rather have a guy with huge plus power that could give u three runs than Winker who has some power but ended up slapping a single.

      • Melvin

        I actually think he could end up being a .280+ hitter making him a five tool player.

      • Sean Keely

        Yeah Melvin I agree. It feels so weird tho right now watching him lay off the type of offspeeds he wasn’t at the end of last year but driving dead red fastballs into the dirt. Like it seemed like he made some adjustment where he needed to but just hasn’t connected yet.

  69. Jon

    Is Cincinnati ever going to have a winning Reds team again? 2020 looks almost exactly like 2019…with even better starting pitching, but awful hitting and a mediocre bullpen.

  70. Jon

    Braves DFA-ed their longtime starting pitcher today after his terrible start. Wonder how long Miley lasts, especially considering his terrible September numbers last year?

    • Doug Gray

      Folty has lost 6-7 MPH on his fastball in the last two years. It was down 4-5 this year compared to last year. The Reds aren’t cutting Miley.

  71. Jon

    Tyler Stephenson in the starting lineup Tuesday?

  72. Indy Red Man

    Somehow the mighty Tigers turned a 5-1 lead into a 14-6 beatdown. KC scored more off them in 1 game then we scored in the series. Thats sad.

    I do think I’d atleast be an average baseball GM. I expected Jorge Soler to be a hitter so I’m not surprised by him at all. He homered again tonite. Hitting .344 over 2 playoff runs with a 1.269 ops means you can hit premium pitching. His issues were in his head and not talent. I’m glad the Cubs gave him up and its too bad the Reds didn’t steal him from KC when he started slow over there.

  73. Old-school

    Easy Stephenson. You keep hitting home runs you will a dh every 7 th day .

  74. Jack

    Votto swings already starting to look worse. He looked so confident the first 2 games but I think he is a guy that puts a lot of pressure on himself when the team is going bad.

    • Melvin

      Even the greatest players get tired of losing. It wears on ya. It gets harder and harder to stay motivated. I think that was his biggest problem the past two years. He started out fired up this season. Hope he doesn’t lose that.

  75. Old-school

    Game got interesting when Bell played real MLB players and prospects.

    • Sliotar

      Stop bringing so much truth, Old-School.

      You read what happened to me earlier, up the thread.

      There is a “Bell Can Do No Wrong” contingent here at RLN … I don’t understand where they are coming from.

      Colon over Winker/Shogo makes no sense to me … platoon advantage or not.

      To use a hockey reference … “your best players have to be your best players to win the Stanley Cup.”

      • Old-school

        David Bell top 3 fastest to 90 losses in reds managerial history. Sorry, Bryan price better.. Jerry Narron better.

        It’s a handful of guys in Reds history. Bob Boone. Dusty. Dave Miley. That’s about it and say what you want about Dusty…he’s 10x more accomplished than Bell.

        Bell is better than Boone and Miley. I’ll give him that.

    • Doug Gray

      His real MLB starter gave up 6 runs and didn’t get out of the 2nd inning….

    • Indy Red Man

      Colon batting 6th was insane. Even Lorenzen made more sense at DH. He’s atleast a guy you have to be careful with.

  76. Indy Red Man

    Bell isn’t at the plate. They scored 3 runs in 21 innings off of Detroit (14 allowed tonite) and Jon 89 mph Lester and thats with a DH. Thats pathetic

  77. Mark

    Looks like time to play the “kids” Stephenson and Garcia at SS as Galvis looks clueless.

  78. Jack

    Stephenson’s homer is all I choose to remember tonight

  79. Jon

    Kimbrel is giving Cubs fans nightmares.

    • Sliotar

      Took one batter to get “Kimbrel” trending nationally on Twitter.

      If Stephenson delivers here, Twitter may break.

  80. Broseph

    Nice to see some patience at the plate. Stephenson giving some very professional ABs and not swinging at everything in his first game. Refreshing sight to see.

    • Broseph

      Ervin never was, is, or will be a lead off hitter

      • Aaron B.

        This was a Dusty Baker move… the CF always bats lead off. Sometimes it feels like a mediocre AI is managing our ball club. At the same time, I can understand saving speed on the bench for potential PR situation in a close game. Billy would have been perfect for that role, but I guess it was start or bust for him in Cincinnati. Frustrating few losses, but remember 16 teams make the playoffs its very early to start worrying yet the idea of winning the division seems more challenging than I would have thought based on this early showing. I really thought this team was a lock to win the division. Still might play out that way, stranger things have happened.

  81. Sliotar


    Cubs sure tried to give this one away.

  82. Indy Red Man

    Ervin? I like the guy, but maybe you don’t give your 13th best hitter the most at-bats? Call me crazy.

    • RedAlert

      Agree – has no business leading off period . But then again , Bell can’t seem to put his obvious leadoff hitter in the appropriate place in the order ( if and when he decides to even play him )- just mind- boggling . Just seems nothing has changed since last year. Unreal

  83. Erik the Red

    Another late inning rally that comes up short. Most of the runs were given to us by the Cubs bullpen.