The offseason seemed to be going well for the Cincinnati Reds this year, and even earlier today it felt that way as the team officially introduced Nick Castellanos to the city at a press conference. But just before 6PM the Reds announced that third baseman Eugenio Suarez has surgery today on his right shoulder to remove loose cartilage after suffering an injury while swimming. It was also noted that his activity will be limited at the start of spring training, but it’s anticipated that he will be ready to play near the beginning of the regular season on March 26th.

Shoulder injury is never the words you want to hear with an athlete. This injury, however, doesn’t sound serious or Eugenio Suarez wouldn’t be working on a timetable of being ready to play, at least potentially, by March 26th. Bobby Nightengale of The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that the Reds are sorting through their options of who could possibly play third base if Suarez isn’t ready to begin the season, but that one of the options isn’t likely to be Nick Senzel. He is also coming back from shoulder surgery, and his injury and surgery was a little more serious than the one that Suarez suffered.

While he doesn’t get any deeper than that with the information within the tweet, we can try to figure it out on our own, too. Depending on the timeline could change the answer. One answer could be to slide Mike Moustakas over to third base until Suarez came back, and play someone else at second. Moustakas has tons of experience at third base, but he has been somewhat limited at second, where he will be playing for the Reds for the next four years. Perhaps they won’t want to mess with that.

If that’s not going to happen, then the team could look at Kyle Farmer, Josh VanMeter, or Alex Blandino among the players that are on the 40-man roster. All three players have spent plenty of time at third base in their minor league careers at third base. Those three players would also seem to be the options to play second base if the team were to go ahead and slide Mike Moustakas to third base in the mean time. The other option could be to slide Nick Senzel back to second base to fill in, and let some of the outfield depth play itself out on the field until Suarez returns.


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  1. JB

    You never have enough depth. Thanks sort themselves out.

  2. Mike Bittenbender

    This might motivate them to pursue Brock Holt if finances aren’t tight now
    I can’t imagine he would be too expensive and I think he would be better offensively than Blandino or Farmer, and would let you leave Moose at 2b if desired

    • jon

      I agree. Please stop the Blandino at any position talk.Has he done anything to warrant a roster spot?

      • RojoBenjy

        Then again—has he really gotten a legitimate opportunity to prove himself?

        I don’t think he’s the answer, but I still don’t see how he’s been given a real chance to show what he is.

    • Hotto4Votto

      If a trade isn’t going to materialize for a SS, they may want to sign Holt regardless. At this point it’s obvious he could help keep cover for any time Suárez missed.

  3. DrunkenViking

    The curse of Marge Schott continues….

    • MK

      Marge had a World Championship. I’ll take that curse.

      • RedNat

        Yes and we never really honored her properly. I say build a statue of her and Schotzie then the curse will be lifted and we can get back to the world series again.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Let Eric Davis take the statue to the local hospital emergency room and leave it there for a week on its own.

      • greenmtred

        With the championship, the curse brings you the material her Saint Bernard used to deposit on the field.

      • doofus

        My daughter’s St Bernard is laying 10 feet from me as I write this. Maddy is my “Furry Buddy.” She along with her younger “brother,” Lambeau, my daughter’s Golden Retriever, provide constant comic relief.

        There is my off-topic comment for the day.

      • greenmtred

        Dogs are always on topic. I’m presently going to take Holly for a nice walk. She needs to get in shape if she’s going to play center field for the Reds.

      • Jefferson Green

        Airborn, I laughed out loud at your unexpected comment. Thanks! And thanks to the rest of you for a fun little blog string to lighten up the mid-day. Now I’m off to go St. Bernard shopping…

      • greenmtred

        Just don’t let your new St. Bernard loose on the field at GABP. Wrigley would be okay.

    • OldLefthander

      I’d rather be cursed by Marge than cursed by a goat.

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    The problem I see is how this injury could affect his performance in a persistent way, at least during 2020 season

    • doofus

      Maybe it will improve his throws, that is maybe he will stop with his lackadaisical throws to 1st?

  5. VaRedsFan

    I wonder if that means ready to start baseball activities, or ready to play real games?
    Please no Blandino.
    Moose needs to get his work in at 2nd, but I would give him the Lions share of 3rd base starts. Farmer gets a few. JVM and Farmer fill in at 2nd.
    Just get well soon Geno!

  6. B-town fan

    Yes lets hope this isn’t a lingering injury that affects this season. The story by Sheldon says that it happened at his own swimming pool in Florida. I know you can’t treat these players like china dolls but I hope this wasn’t a result of horse play or surely he doesn’t have a diving board. A lot of these players feel invincible, but they need to, not take a lot of unnecessary risks, a lot of other people depend on them. A lot of Formula 1 drivers that make 20, 30, 40 million a year have clauses in there contracts to limit risky behavior, because there Teams have several hundred million dollar budgets and many hundreds of employees that depend on them because the drivers at that level are hard to replace. Hopefully Suarez wasn’t careless here, he probably just slipped, and this only ends up being a minor thing like his thumb last year when he was hit by a pitch.

    • Doug Gray

      All athletes have things in their contracts about activities that they can and can’t participate in.

  7. MBS

    Seems simple enough, Mouse to 3B, Senzel to 2B.

    • IndyRedsFan

      I don’t think it’s this simple. If you’ve signed Moustakas to be your 2nd basemen for the next 4 years……and given the limited amount of time he has at 2nd…I think you want him getting all the innings he can at 2nd in the spring.

      If Suarez appears to be out for a month, yes, then maybe you plan to move Moustakas to 3rd. If it’s a week or two…go with Van Meter, Farmer, Blandino (whoever) at 3rd. In either case, Moustakas plays the majority of his innings at 2nd in the spring.

    • Jrad4reds

      I agree. Senzel should be second base / outfield this year even without the scare of Suarez. Trading him would be dumb. He played well last year until “they” decided to tweak his batting stance. I hope David Bell is wise with getting him at bats.

  8. RedNat

    Suarez seems to heal quicker than the average mortal. I bet hewill be ready come opening day. But, lets sign Scooter just in case. He can play second and Mouse at 3rd until He is back

  9. Indy Red Man

    Get my boy JVM back in the mix for a while!! I think the kid is going to be a player!

  10. RojoBenjy

    The smart money is to not count on Suárez for the beginning of the season.

  11. John Kennedy

    When I hear the Reds say….”The team anticipates him to be ready to play toward the beginning of the regular season”……I read “late June” into that statement. Or is that just with pitchers recently…..I sure hope this isn’t serious. I can think of other 3B who were never the same after shoulder injuries.

    • Kyle Farmer

      That was exactly my thought as well. Probably my nature as a pessimist regarding the Redlegs, or it could be the track record of medical mishaps that seem to plague this team.

    • JayTheRed

      Probably late June is a little off, but I could see late May for sure. I really hope its late April though.

      Also Moose should play over there if its anything later than a month into the season cause I am not thrilled about having Blandino everyday for march, april, and maybe may as our Starting 3b.

  12. Bdh

    Senzel ain’t going anywhere now. If Suarez misses any time of the regular season then Senzel becomes the 2nd best right handed bat on the team.

  13. AirborneJayJay

    This guy is injury prone. Third year in a row he is hurt before April 30. Stamp “Fragile” on him and wrap him in bubble wrap before he takes the field again. Have to trade him if he is this fragile. (Sarcasm).

    • RojoBenjy

      This gets me thinking—I bet Clint Hurdle has something to do with this!

      That bum!

    • jon

      He is so cheap right now it doesn’t matter.I’m afraid he will sit out one of these years to get a fair contract.He is vastly under paid.

  14. Kevin Patrick

    An accident to Suarez is never good. At the same time, this injury opens up a lot of Spring Training innings for other players to not only play at third, but also to play in other positions vacated by the players who end up playing Suarez’s innings. If Moose spends significant time at third this spring, Senzel can get some easy throws from second. Guys like VanMeter can still get plenty of at bats vs the major league pitching in the earlier innings if Suarez isn’t using those at bats. The Reds need as many excuses as possible to not make cuts this spring…until they can deal excess for weakness…and perhaps have a chance to prove assests like Schebler or Senzel have immediate value to someone.

  15. TR

    Things happen. The return date from injury is usually sooner than what actually occurs.

  16. Matt T

    Perhaps Moose can play 3B for a bit and have Senzel play 2B? Akiyama can play CF, Winker/Ervin platoon LF, Castellanos in RF. If the Reds don’t want to move Senzel out of CF, Farmer and Blandino could work out at 2B. With the depth that the Reds have, I don’t think any of us should be too worried about how they will be covering for Suarez until he returns.

    • TR

      Yes, now that Senzel is probably not on the trading block.

  17. Scooter

    Reds biggest bat and he’s on the shelf for spring training. This leads me to think it will be mid to late May before he’s even available. Play himself into shape by sometime in June and hopefully is a factor for this team by July. If not, where do Reds replace his production? It certainly not on this roster now, is it?

    With this organizations “luck” in recent years, my fear is it lingers, he plays 50-60 games games, hits .192 with 3 HR’s and placed on injured list by midseason. Nobody wants that!!!!! Hopefully it’s short term and the depth we hope to have is there to cover him while he heals!!!

  18. per14

    I just can’t be as optimistic as this. There is so much wishiwashiness in this statement: “The team anticipates him to be ready to play toward the beginning of the regular season…”
    – it states “the team” – not Suarez himself
    – “anticipates” is basically “we hope”
    – “be ready to play” is not synonymous with he’ll be playing
    – “toward the beginning of the regular season” – means nothing; both “toward” and “the beginning of” are vague; this could be read as anything from late March to end of May

    • RojoBenjy

      Agreed. I’m not holding my breath. The only cartilage that could need to be cleaned out of a shoulder is bits of labrum.

      This ain’t over yet.

  19. B-town fan

    We as fans are going to have to face the fact, we aren’t going to really know anything more definitive about his injury until spring training starts, and the team gives us more info and the reporters can talk to him personally. But from what we know right now, the over under on Suarez being in the opening day lineup aren’t very good. Hopefully that changes as we move through spring training.

  20. Ed

    I hate to say it, and frankly, it’s the opposite of what people seem to be saying- but I actually think now IS absolutely the time to deal Senzel, more than ever with Suarez our, if Oakland, LA or Cleveland are listening. As it stands, there is no key part of this offense that will magically step up and post the numbers we expect from Eugenio. That’s a huge, huge hit. If the plan is to platoon Senzel in the OF with the rest of the horde, and NOT use him at 3rd, but instead run a bench player like Farmer or JVM out to play 3rd… there’s no way to improve from within to make up for losing Suarez’s production. now is the time to deal for a SS with a bat, and use Galvis as a utility infielder. Perhaps use a platoon of Galvis, Farmer, JVM at 3rd. Between the three of them, there’s an Ok mix of on-base ability and pop. If we plan to find a good shortstop- now is the time, or the start of the season could really look rough.

  21. CP

    This is the exact reason you do NOT trade Senzel. He has the flexibility to allow you to move good pieces around and absorb the loss of a quality player to injury for a bit. Senzel to 2nd (shorter throws for his own recovery), Moose to 3B, and OF is now freed up. Castellanos- LF, Shogo- CF, Winker/Aquino/Ervin- RF (unless Aquino is optioned).

    Senzel’s ability to play quality D in the grass as well as the dirt is so valuable to getting through an entire season with depth. Plus with the decent, if not strong, possibility of Castellanos opting out after 1 or 2 years, you need to keep Senzel to not shoot yourself in the leg.

  22. Still a Red

    Ouch! What happened? If he dislocated his shoulder (say slipping and falling around pool) then he might not even start throwing or swinging for 3 months…Feb, Mar, Apr…then strengthening, timing, etc. Could be looking at June.

  23. lost11found

    If it’s truly a short term rehab, then shogo in CF, Senzel at 3B, keeping Moustakas at 2B as was the plan.

    If it’s longer term, or there is a set back then Moustakas to 3B, Senzel to 2B. Van Meter the back up to both in either scenario. Blandino can be the utility guy to cover 2B/SS/3B as the third string.