Back in early October we wrote about Corey Seager and whether or not the Cincinnati Reds should go after the Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop. Jon Morosi of MLB Network and Fox Sports noted at the time that the Dodgers may not know exactly what to expect from Seager given what Morosi called “a lot of injuries” and questioned whether he would fulfill the projection we’ve seen in him to get better. This came off as speculation on Morosi’s part rather than something he had been hearing from within the Los Angeles organization.

As the offseason progressed there were rumors that Corey Seager could possibly be had in trade, though it has felt as if there was more speculation than actual truth to his being available. The Dodgers have Gavin Lux ready to come up to the Majors, which in theory could mean that Seager could be moved. But there hasn’t really been much talk about that happening beyond speculation that it could happen, not the Dodgers actually discussing it as a possibility.

Since the beginning of the offseason the Reds have been rumored to be talking with the Cleveland Indians about Francisco Lindor. Several weeks ago there were rumors that Cleveland had asked teams to submit their “best offer”. All that we’ve heard since that point in time is that Cleveland expects Lindor to be their shortstop in 2020. Perhaps they are playing hard ball in all negotiations, but it’s been two weeks plus since the reported “best offer” ultimatum was asked for and he hasn’t been traded. That certainly suggests he’s not going anywhere unless someone is willing to up their “best offer”.

This morning, though, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic noted that the Cincinnati Reds have been interested in Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager all offseason. That makes sense. Of course the Reds should be interested in Corey Seager – as should nearly every team in baseball. He’s an All-Star caliber shortstop who has the bat to slide to any other position on the field and play just fine. But the Reds have clearly been in the market to try and make a substantial upgrade, too. They had gone after Yasmani Grandal, though they came up short on that one. Cincinnati came up shy while going after Zack Wheeler, too. They went out and picked up Mike Moustakas and all of the power in his bat for second base. And of course, if the rumors are to be believed, they also have been chasing Francisco Lindor all offseason.

As the team is currently constructed, Freddy Galvis would be the shortstop for the majority of the 2020 season. There’s nothing wrong there – Galvis has been roughly a league average player over the last two seasons. He’s a below-average hitter, but as noted on Wednesday – he’s one of the best defenders in the game.

Corey Seager, on the other hand, is an All-Star caliber player with an MVP kind of upside. For his career, the 25-year-old has hit .294/.362/.491 – good for an OPS+ of 126. He’s already had three different seasons in which had had at least 4 WAR. Galvis’ best season was in 2018 when he had 2.3 WAR. Seager would be a significant upgrade to Cincinnati’s roster. And he’d be more than a rental, too – his contract runs through the 2021 season before he’d reach free agency.

Much like discussions around acquiring Francisco Lindor – it’s not going to come cheap. While Corey Seager isn’t quite as good as Lindor is, he’s close. And when it comes to salary, he’ll make less – by a lot – than Lindor. MLB Trade Rumors projects Seager to get $7.1M in arbitration in 2020. That’s less than half of what Lindor is projected to land. And short of something crazy happening for both players in 2020, Seager will make a lot less in 2021, too. Perhaps saving $15-20M in cash over the next two seasons would bring the trade value of the two players to an equal level.

The Dodgers and Reds have a recent history of being able to figure out any and every possible trade on the planet, so maybe they can figure something out once again that satisfies both clubs. But if a deal gets done, expect the price to be high.

Photo Credit: Arturo Pardavila III. Photo was slightly altered. Licensing can be found here.

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  1. Colorado Red

    I would rather not start with Senzel for Corey, unless we get more back.
    I would also like to look at Story, if the Rockies trade Nolan.

    • David

      Senzel and mahle for Cory seagar get it done we will have extremely good team for 4 years.

      • FreeHouse

        If I were the Reds I would only give up Senzel for Lindor not for Seager.

      • Tom

        4 years? Seager’s contract has two more years. Depending on what is given up, it could result in a very weak team after 2021.

      • Colorado Red

        I agree with FreeHouse.
        I would not give up Senzel for Seagar.
        Also, with 2 years of Seager, how are we good for 4 years.

    • JayTheRed

      What about a quality relief pitcher and Seager. Then what would you package together?

  2. FreeHouse

    I mean Seager has to come cheaper than Lindor right? But I wouldn’t offer the farm for Seager.

    • Jbrat22

      As Doug says in the article, Seager won’t be as expensive as Lindor, so the trade values (and therefore the cost in prospects) are about equal

      • Michael Van Dreason

        Seager is a bit scary with hip and back surgeries. Just saying , seems like that would lower asking price quite a bit.

      • Doug Gray

        Maybe I’m just incapable of finding it, but nothing I’ve searched for has turned up that Seager had back surgery. He had hip surgery, and Tommy John surgery in 2018. And he’s come back just fine from both.

  3. AirborneJayJay

    Interesting. Rosenthal isn’t one to throw speculation out there as fact. Interest is pretty vague in his context. But how far does Cincinnati’s interest go?
    The Reds have room still to absorb some extra salary from a second player included with Seager. If that is the Dodgers are looking to drop some salary in one area to add salary in another area. They seem to be floating under the luxury tax threshold. If their desire us to add a significant rotation starter and their salary, and remain under the threshold, they may need or want to offset that by trading a veteran where they have depth.

    • vegastypo

      Not sure what pricey veterans the Dodgers have to jettison. AJ Pollock? He would like nice spending half the season on the Reds’ injured list. Joe Kelly? He’s getting something like $8 million for each of the next two seasons. Pretty steep for a bullpen piece.

    • Earl Feldner

      Senzel. Robert Stephenson Josh van meter and a mid level minor leaguer for joc Peterson and Corey seager

      • Colorado Red

        Joc, cannot hit lefties, NO WAY .

  4. Jason

    I think the Reds can get Seager starting with a package headlined India& Greene. That way the Reds can keep Senzel anf Lodolo. Losing India and Greene would definitely hurt. But I’d rather keep Lodolo and Senzel. Like others have suggested, maybe the Reds take back an undesired contract like Pollock. Thoughts?

    • JayTheRed

      I feel like that would be pretty realistic. Not sure how much their players are costing them these days. A quality relief pitcher with Seager sure would make a nice deal.

  5. Mike

    What could the dodgers be interested in? They have a ton of depth at every position, especially of.

    • Justin

      Salary cap relief and a left handed reliever that can get out righties (because it seems that will be a hot item to have this year).

      • Curt

        They don’t need salary cap relief, they’re 30mil under last I checked.

  6. Doc

    What constitutes a rental? Apparently two years is not a rental if it were Seager, but is a rental if it were Lindor. When does a rental become something other than a rental?

  7. Justin

    Seager and Pederson coming to the Reds for Winker, India, and Santillan.

    I made this up,BUT DIDN’T IT GET YOU EXCITED?!?

    • Jbrat22

      Been thinking for a while that the Reds might take on AJ Pollock in order to reduce the cost in prospects to get Seager. Something like:

      Reds get: Pollock and Seager
      Dodgers get: Winker, India, Mahle/Iglesias

      • Colt Holt

        Pollock has pretty significant negative value. For both, that return to the dodgers seems awfully heavy

      • Colorado Red

        A bit high there
        If they want us to take Pollock,
        I would think Winker would do it.

      • JayTheRed

        Reds Get Pollock and Seager
        Dodgers get Winker, India, Mahle

        Or switch out Iggy for Mahle

      • Justin

        Winker, India and Garrett too much for Pollack and Seager?

        With the 26 man roster, this could be the year they gamble on paying what might be an expensive 5th outfielder in Pollack.

      • Curt

        Dodgers don’t need Winker or India. They’ve got better versions of both already. Mahle and Iglesias might perk an ear though.

  8. Sabr Chris

    I think the center piece in a Seagers trade would be Rasial Iglesias. Dodgers biggest weakness is the bullpen and they lost faith in Jansen during the playoffs. We’d probably have to add a prospect and maybe take some salary back like Joe Kelly

    • Jason

      I’d be okay dealing Igleasias. We could replace him in the closer’s role with Garrett, Lorenzen or someone else. Our bullpen isn’t in that bad if shape. Reds need to get a veteran bullpen arm or two in free agency though.

    • Colt Holt

      I think Iglesias for Seager is an interesting starting point. And I don’t think the values are that far off. Would need to do something about the bull pen then. Maybe call up the Mets to take a flyer on Diaz?

  9. doofus

    Dodgers would be seeking Senzel in a deal for Seager, because Lux would move to SS and Senzel would play 2B. The Dodgers are looking for RH bats.

    Given, that the Reds should also seek Keibert Ruiz.

  10. Ron Payne

    What about a 3-team trade between Reds, Dodgers and Royals?

    Reds get: SS Corey Seager (LA) and LHR Tim Hill and another bullpen piece (KC).
    Dodgers get: 2B Whit Merrifield (KC) and Raisel Iglesias and Tyler Mahle (CIN).
    Royals get: OF Alex Verdugo (LA) and Jonathan India and Jose Siri (CIN).

    • Ed

      If we are just making stuff up can we get Jorge Soler too, and Pederson could go to the Royals

  11. MBS

    I get Seagar is legit, but I don’t want to give up what it would take to get him. With DJ and Bodie in-house, I don’t want to give up Greene or Lodolo. I say stand pat on SS if Lindor isn’t an option.

  12. My Beloved Reds

    Honestly guys, every suggested trade in this segment is grand larceny. Much too quick to give up multiple players and prospects for Seager, who has had recent injury issues, and Pederson, a career .199 hitter vs LHP. Pederson has 2 career HRs, with an OPS of .538 vs LHP. He’s a platoon player!

    Seager is a FA after next season. How does giving up as much as some of you suggested help our team? Is Seagar better than Galvis? Yes, absolutely. But, he appeared in 26 games in 2018 and was limited to 134 games in 2019. We are rebuilding in a small market. Do you want to be competitive for more than two years? We are gonna need these prospects in two years. Bauer and Disco are FAs after this year. Perhaps Lodolo is ready next year, but Greene won’t be and it’s a push to think Lodolo will be ready for a full season in 2021. Need to sign Disco to an extension.

    When a team trades, it is intended to improve the team as a whole. One of the most effective ways to do so is to trade a strength for a weakness. We have an abundance of outfielders and are in need of bullpen depth and it would be great to improve at shortstop. Trading Iglesias for a reliever doesn’t fix the lack of bullpen depth. Granted, if he isn’t better than he was last season or used better than he was last year by Bell, then an argument can be made of addition by subtraction, but we still need depth in the pen.

    We need to find a way to trade from our strength, the outfield. If Seager is the target, it’s gonna require a third team. Dodgers don’t need help in the OF.

    • Mike

      Would you trade Trevor Bauer for Seager?

      • My Beloved Reds

        I think I’d have to consider that, don’t you? I don’t see him being re-signed by the Reds and his contract is up at the end of this year. That would make the Disco extension a must. Mahle moves into the 5 spot. Not too sure the Dodgers would do that. Aren’t they fairly heavy on SPs right now? I preached trade a strength for a weakness. So, yes. I’d think LA would want a good prospect to boot. Who’d be reasonable?

      • Ed

        The bummer of it all is that the Reds have a surplus of young, unproven outfielders, and not much else. I don’t really see how this roster translates to any big name scores this off-season, without dealing valued, known commodities… to a certain extent, that just means Senzel and then Winker. I agree that trading Iglesias is a mistake- especially after a down year- but I think we’ve amassed a really weird collection of middling outfield talent, and it will take a lot to score an elite short stop. I don’t think Story or Pederson are worth it, but obviously Lindor, followed by Semien, Seager, and maybe even Ahmed, are each worth trying hard to land

    • Justin

      Everyone acts like the Reds should be fleecing other teams. When you’re trying to get someone that another teams wants to unload, maybe. But when you’re trying to convince a team to give you one of the best SS in baseball. No. They fleece you, and you know it. Because they have to bet on a prospect to replace him. But if he pushes you over the top, even if for only a couple years, you wince and do it. As much as everyone loves to threaten to cut their allegiance to the Reds, few have and few will. We have proven to them that if they give us a little to root for a couple years in a row, that we will still hang around and be fans. We are a sick bunch and we need help. All of us. None of us are ok.

  13. RedsFan11

    Trade for seager without giving up Senzel. Spend rest of money to buy two bullpen arms. Team is set for next two years

    • AllTheHype

      Which available bullpen arms do you want to give an unequivocal, guaranteed MLB roster spot to until at least July, regardless of how they perform?

  14. Ed

    I’d love to see Tyler Mahle, in his mid-20s, really develop this year, and step into the rotation. With unknown variables like Bauer and Wade, plus Disco’s free agency next year- we should probably hold on to him. He can pitch, shut out the Dodgers last May… and after seeing the Nats win a world series by leaning on their starters, we could actually have a pretty strong group if we can add a shortstop or outfield bat

  15. Sliotar


    Good post.

    To contend, the Reds are banking on a lot of older guys doing well, Senzel bouncing back from injury, Aquino not being a one month sensation and Iglesias overcoming his HR-allowed problem.

    The idea, that in January, they would not overpay for Lindor, Seager…any all-star caliber offensive player… to give themselves a margin of safety in case some of the above doesn’t work out … feels silly, IMO.

    The Reds are the 2014 and 2015 Royals … going for it, empty the farm system, if necessary … for a 2-year run.

  16. Sliotar

    By Position – Per FanGraphs (minimum 300 PAs, since platooning is now common)

    Among all 1B – Votto … 24th in wRC+, 24th in WAR
    Among all SS – Galvis … 26th in wRC+, 29th in WAR
    Among all C – Barnhart … 22nd in wRC+, 23rd in WAR
    Among all CF – Senzel … 22nd in wRC+, 30th in WAR

    Suarez being 8th in wRC+ and 10th in WAR among 3B covered up a lot of warts.

    • Still a Red

      Hmmm…yes Galvis rates pretty high +17 and interestingly according to the article Gregorious rates pretty low -13.

    • Jefferson Green

      Interesting article and info. Thanks, frank!

  17. Hotto4Votto

    India, Mahle, and Siani is fair value according to the trade simulator. Swap out Mahle, add Winker and we take on Pederson’s salary and use him for a year to replace Winker. That should also be acceptable. Add on any other mid-prospect from the Reds if you must, or even a comp pick. There’s something that can be worked out as fair and beneficial for both teams.

    • Scott C

      The issue is that we are dealing from a position of need, if we want to contend in the NL Central. (Who believes the Cardinals are standing pat?) The Dodgers don’t have to trade Seager. They are dealing from an area of strength. Just like for Lindor, you are going to have to overpay. I don’t think I would give as much as I would for Lindor, particularly considering Seager’s injury history but I think you are going to have to have to offer more than equal value.
      The caveat here is how much do the Dodgers want to reduce payroll. I don’t see them wanting another MLB outfielder so I am not sure Winker works even including Pederson in the deal.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Whatever the deal it need not include Senzel. I’d prefer to keep Stephenson and Lodolo as well. Otherwise you use whatever pieces st your disposal to work out a solid deal. If it’s some combination Winker, Mahle, Iglesias, India, Santillan, or Greene with other pieces to supplement, then so be it. But the Reds got to figure out an avenue to keep improving.

  18. Satchmo

    Interesting thought:

    I see a bunch of Reds fans willing to give up Senzel for two years of an Lindor/Seager under the assertion that 2 years of proven production trumps 6 years potential production. Fair enough.

    However, if this general principle is true, then why aren’t the Dodgers trading Lux instead of Seager? Lux is for sure a top prospect (much like Senzel a year ago), but Seager has been an All-Star and has actually put up numbers in the bigs. Seems to me, when I look around the league, even the large market teams understand that young, controllable talent is the name of the game and that giving up the farm for two years of anyone is fool’s gold.

    • Curt

      “ even the large market teams understand that young, controllable talent is the name of the game and that giving up the farm for two years of anyone is fool’s gold.”

      thank you.

      That’s why the Dodgers hired Friedman from Tampa Bay and now Bloom in Boston. Sure you can still buy a trip to the playoffs but why spend all that dough if you don’t have too, when there’s a cheaper and more sustainable way. The Dodgers aren’t in any hurry to ship off their young talent, a young core is what they build around. That’s the plan. Youth is the priority. And it’s working. If they really wanted Lindor, they’d already have him. They don’t need him. They don’t really need to do anything at all except tidy up the bullpen and they most likely win the division again with as good a chance as any to go all the way. It’s the national media that’s hyping the expectation that they will do something big!

      Winker, Mahle, India, Iglesias, the farm system, the Dodgers don’t want any of these guys. If the Reds want Seager it’s gonna take one of their starting pitchers (not named Miley or Mahle) and Lodolo at least or since the Dodgers are beginning to consider life without Justin Turner at 3b and the Reds happen to have three, count them, three 3b’s! then maybe you start there. Otherwise, forget about it, they don’t “need“ to trade Corey Seager.

  19. Tom

    I don’t mind a trade for 5 seasons of Willy Adames or one of the Rays other SS prospects. I think trading prospect and cost controlled mlb talent for two years Seager is a mistake unless the Reds rob the Dodgers on the deal. I believe the Reds best case scenero is to build a strong roster of developed talent and add to it via free agency and prospects for prospect types of trades. Meaning, give up someone like India (and I’m sure another prospect or two or even Senzel) for 5 years of Adames is better move than giving up a haul talent for 2 years.

  20. Ed

    Big worry with Galvis is that he slumps and goes on insane cold streaks. Even when he’s hot, he’s still just lukewarm. In 2018 with the Padres he had 13 hits in 89 at-bats in May. 4 for 48 last Fall.

    • Tom

      Galvis is a super sub on this team ideally. It’s not the end of the world If he starts because of his elite defense. But, a smart upgrade would help.

  21. Tom Mitsoff

    Just my two cents: For the Dodgers to trade Seager, they will have to get something that will shore up a weakness. Such a deal probably has to start with Raisel Iglesias, because bullpen is where the Dodgers have a need.

    LA does not need to trade a former all-star shortstop for prospects. They have plenty of prospects already.

    Both Seager and Iglesias have been a bit down performance wise of late, which makes it a reasonable swap for both teams. The Dodgers, of course, have Lux who they can plug in at short. The Reds would then need to sign more relief help and then decide how they will handle the closing role.

    • Colorado Red

      Think the Reds would need to add a lot more then Iggy.
      Looking at Baseballtradevalues dot com. Iggy does not have a lot of value.
      But I do that he could be a start.
      Also, teams do not look at trade values site before making a trade.

      • TR

        R. Iglesias included in a trade for Seager makes sense to me. I think Iggy’s time with the Reds has pretty much run it’s course. And the Reds have a number of pitchers who were originally targeted as starters who could hold down the closer role.

      • AllTheHype

        Bottom line if Iglesias is the centerpiece, Dodgers will not be trading Seager. He might be a supplemental piece.

  22. Don

    if the Dodgers will take 1 or 2 Minor league players (not Lodolo or Stephenson) and 1 or 2 OF on the MLB 40 man roster not named (Senzel, Winker, Aquino or Shogo) for Seager make the deal now.

    His 2019 WAR was 0.7 below Lindor.

    Seager is an upgrade offensively for Reds SS and would fit in with the team. His salary is lower due to the Elbow, Tommy John injury in 2018 impact on arbitration. If Reds can make the deal for less than Lindor make the trade.

  23. Linkster

    I’ve predicted this from the start, though I thought it would be three-way trade with the Indians (Lindor to LA, Senzel to Cleveland, Seager to Cincy). I’m concerened with the past injuries of Seager but, definitely worth the risk.
    I would trade Iglesias for Seager in a heart beat. However, this would mean that Cincy has to find some quality RP from their stack or go get them. At least one RP has to be a LP. They only have one on the roster.
    Seager doesn’t cost you Senzel, lower price point than Lindor, better chance to sign long-term.

    • CP

      Boy LA makes out like bandits in that trade scenario. They trade away Seager and get Lindor? If the Reds are going to be in a 3-way trade and get Seager instead of Lindor, they should NOT trade away Senzel. I like the idea of a 3-way trade between these teams, but only if it means a lower cost of acquisition for the Reds.

      Dodgers get- Lindor
      Reds get- Seager
      Indians get- Jeter Downs, Josiah Gray, Tony Santillian, Freddy Galvis, Johnathan India

      Indians get 3 top 100 prospects and a 4th fringe 100 prospect in Santillian who could hit the MLB as early as this year. They also get a major league ready SS who can fill the void left by Lindor, but obviously there’s a drop off. Reds get their upgrade at SS without giving up Lodolo, T. Stephenson or Hunter Greene. Dodgers get their prized Lindor without giving up Lux or May.

  24. doofus

    The Reds could have drafted Seager back in 2012, but they selected one of the “Nick” pitchers Howard or Travieso instead. Seager went to Dodgers a selection or two later.

    Ya gotta love that jocketty run front office. They selected some real top-notch first round talent.

    • Doug Gray

      The same guy that ran that draft also drafted:
      Drew Stubbs
      Justin Turner
      Chris Heisey
      Todd Frazier
      Zack Cozart
      Devin Mesoraco
      Yonder Alonso
      Mike Leake
      Billy Hamilton
      Tucker Barnhart
      Brad Boxberger
      Yasmani Grandal
      Tony Cingrani
      Robert Stephenson
      Amir Garrett
      Jesse Winker
      Michael Lorenzen
      Phillip Ervin
      Nick Senzel
      (and plenty of prospects still on the farm from the 2015-2018 drafts)

      The Reds drafting under Chris Buckley was fine. They picked up a lot of future big leaguers. Where they failed, at least to this point, has been in finding that true superstar. I honestly wonder how the Reds drafting “woes” would be viewed had Yasmani Grandal not been traded and instead did all that he’s done as a Red. Or if Justin Turner hadn’t been traded and broke out as a Red. Or if Devin Mesoraco’s hips didn’t fall apart and he turned into the guy that he had become – but consistently.

      • doofus

        Doug, nice feedback. I am sure that you will agree that if the average WAR (per season) of each Red’s 1st Round draft choice noted above was calculated we would find that it is sub-optimal, especially for a club that MUST depend on drafting well.

        I do not think the Reds need to draft a true superstar. They need to draft a quality ball player with their 1st choice every year. They cannot afford to miss. Finding a super-star like Mookie Betts in the 5th round is phenomenal. The Reds have not been phenomenal in a long time, maybe not since they got a guy named Bench in the 2nd round. When was that 1967?

        Drafting Travieso, Ervin and Howard #1 from 2012, ’13 and ’14 was a waste of first round draft choices and REALLY hurts the present roster. This was down under Walt Jocketty’s reign or has you aptly stated Chris Buckley.

        Apparently, the “fine” drafts under Chris Buckley have not been enough to help the big club achieve a winning record in awhile. If a fan is satisfied with a sub-optimal record for their ball club, then yes, Chris Buckley’s drafts have been fine.

        It is evident to me and other fans that the Reds drafts under Walt Jocketty have been sub-optimal.

      • Doug Gray

        Except that they haven’t been sub-optimal. And I’d suggest that if you actually believe that, you go and study the history of the draft. The average TOP 10 overall pick doesn’t even turn into an every day position player or average starting pitcher. That’s 2 WAR per season. And that’s the average of the group that includes superstars. It gets even uglier after that in the draft. By the time you have reached the middle of the first round the average pick winds up with roughly 5 WAR for their entire career.

        You may think something is evident, but it’s not. You’re simply misinformed on the actual expected value of a pick.

      • doofus

        Results. That is what the Reds need from their first round draft choices.

        How many competitive seasons have the Reds had where a 1st round draft choice that was selected when Walt Jocketty was at the helm contributed to the team? I count one player and 3 seasons where Mike Leake contributed: 2010, 2012 and 2013.

        Nice insight, but all your info is tangential to my original statement.

        First Rounders Selected under WJ:
        Leake- Good Contributor
        Grandal- 2 time All-Star, but for other teams
        R Stephenson- Inconsistent, but may blossom
        Travieso- Dud (Selected a few spots ahead of Corey Seager)
        Ervin- Sub-optimal
        Howard- Dud
        T Stephenson- TBD

        The Reds selection of first round talent under Walt Jocketty has not been the best or most favorable. The Reds need their 1st round selections to contribute to the success of the team.

      • Doug Gray

        It hasn’t been the best. I never said it was. But it hasn’t been bad. The fact that Grandal had his outstanding performance for someone else doesn’t chance anything about the Reds drafting him and being a good player.

        And frankly, we all need to stop with the General Manager draft pick stuff – the GM isn’t making the draft picks. The scouting director is.

      • Jefferson Green

        doofus, you are correct in saying that the Reds’ performance on the field has been sub-optimal, but that is not necessarily a direct correlation to drafting sub-optimally. My sense is that the Reds’ biggest weakness in acquiring talent has been in the international market, and this nearly-black-hole area of acquisition has put the team behind almost every other team in MLB. Many other teams have contributors from Japan or Korea or the DR, and our Redlegs have been getting near zero from these places. That’s a much bigger talent gap than anything generated from the first round of the draft. BTW – DW made big moves to begin remedying this gap a couple of years ago, and we may be about to begin to see the moves start to pay dividends.

  25. doofus

    What stood out to me was that Rosenthal said the Reds have been after Seager all offseason.

  26. Colorado Red

    They may seek, but not find this time.
    Senzel is Way Way Way too much Seager.

    • Colorado Red

      Note, tried to respond to a comment about Senzel above, and goofed up.

  27. Ed

    Raisel’s low value pegs him as a good arm to move at the deadline next year. There was supposedly some interest last year- but might be good to hang on to him and cut ‘em loose.
    Bauer could be another candidate to deal- Hence, hanging on to Mahle, etc, to replace him

  28. Michael Van Dreason

    Your correct, my fault. It was shoulder surgery.