The Cincinnati Reds are reportedly checking in with free agent outfielder Corey Dickerson according to Jon Heyman of MLB Network.

The Reds have made some improvements this offseason already. They picked up second baseman Mike Moustakas in the largest free agent deal ever signed by the Cincinnati Reds. Last night they reportedly agreed to a 2-year deal with left-handed starter Wade Miley, including an option year.

But they aren’t done trying to improve. Outfield is one of the areas they have been focused on since the offseason began. While they have Nick Senzel, Jesse Winker, Phillip Ervin, Aristides Aquino, and Mark Payton to work with, they aren’t satisfied. They’ve been linked to Marcell Ozuna, Nicholas Castellanos, Kole Calhoun, and now Corey Dickerson.

It’s been a strong 3-run stretch for Corey Dickerson. Since the start of the 2017 season he’s hit .293/.330/.499 for Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. That’s good for a 121 OPS+, which for context, is better than any single season produced by Mike Moustakas in his career (his best is 119). He’s been an above-average bat for his career, and pretty consistent, too. He has missed some time along the way, including in 2019 when he only played in 78 games. But from 2016-2018 he racked up at least 533 plate appearances in each season.

Corey Dickerson has a career .286 average, which is important because he doesn’t walk much at all. His on-base percentage is highly tied to his ability to hit for an average. In the last two seasons his strikeout rate has dropped off from the previous four seasons, to a slightly better than average rate. Power is where he sticks out, with a career .218 isolated power (SLG-AVG). It’s not so much that he hits tons of home runs, but the combination of all of his extra-base hits that gives him above-average pop to work with.

Dating back to 2016 he’s only played a total of 13.2 innings somewhere other than left field. He’s pretty much a left fielder only at this point. And if you believe the defensive statistics, he’s not exactly a good one, either.

The Projections

There are two projection systems out there right now that are publicly available for free. Here’s how they see Corey Dickerson performing in 2020:

Marcel 393 26 3 15 .285 .327 .496 .822
Steamer 557 35 4 21 .276 .320 .482 .802

Both systems seem to think he’s going to be an above-average hitter, with Marcels liking him a little bit more. Sort of. Steamer believes that he will be on the field more than Marcel does.

The Contract

MLB Trade Rumors predicted that it would only take a 2-year deal worth $15M to bring Corey Dickerson into the fold this offseason. Fangraphs didn’t list Dickerson among the 50 top free agents on the market, so they didn’t weigh in on a prediction for his contract. That probably tells you a little bit about the price he should be expecting to get.

Compared to at least Marcell Ozuna and Nicholas Castellanos, Corey Dickerson appears to be a significantly cheaper option. It would also seemingly require a shorter commitment, too. That isn’t to say it makes more sense, or that he’s the better player or even option among the three, just that it provides a different kind of option for Cincinnati and allows them to possibly do different things.


Photo of Corey Dickerson by Ian D’Andrea. Photo has been modified. License can be found here.

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  1. AWA85

    Interesting that Puig is never mentioned in relation to the Reds rumors? I guess same could be said about Miley and Moustakas as well.

  2. Votto4President

    I’m not sure how much interest the Reds have shown in Dickerson but I’d love signing him over both Ozuna and Castellanos. He’s an above average consistent hitter with a good glove to go with it and a much more well rounded player than say Castellanos who is a terrible defender.

    • Rootinreds

      I couldn’t agree with you more Corey is two of the three free agents I wanted to the Reds to sign from the get go Grandal, Moose, and Dickerson. So I guess two out of three ain’t bad. Go Reds!!!!!

  3. Chris Holbert

    If defense is basically the same, and production for the three (Castellanos, Ozuna, and Dickerson), seems to be basically the same. Maybe Dickerson is the better option. He is left-handed, and it also seems it may take less in both years and dollars, that would leave more for the BP and perhaps SS(?). A LH hitter in GABP should play well. Would signing Dickerson put the Reds in the playoffs, who knows, but they are better with the signing, and are not committed to a 4 year $60 million or so contract?

    • Gonzo Reds

      Dickerson hits the cover off the ball in Great American so I’d be excited to see what he can do in a full season.

      Also, getting a lefty helps with alternating lefty/righty in our lineup which will be very effective in the mid to late innings with the new RP must finish the inning rule. If the opponent brings in a RP for righty righty matchup having a lefty in the next spot gives us the advantage.

      With no real SS available on the market I think we should go ahead and offer Iglesias again. (Galvis can backup multiple spots.) He was pretty good early with ducks on the pond and played great defense. Thoughts on this Doug or anyone?

      • Old-school

        Agree. Get Dickerson, Iglesias, and a good lefty bullpen arm to add to Miley and Moose.

        DB has proven he uses all 25/26 guys including Lorenzen. The Reds get another year to see if Winker and Senzel can stay healthy and another year to evaluate Aquino as the future RF and Tyler Stephenson as the next catcher. They also have flexibility at the trade deadline for both scenarios as well as pivot room next off-season. No huge contracts!

      • doofus

        Remember Cody Reed should be the 2nd LH in the pen in 2020.

  4. Scott C

    I like Dickerson much better than Ozuna or Calhoun but I like Castellanos better than either plus I think he is younger.

  5. AirborneJayJay

    I hope Castellanos is plan-A. But Dickerson as plan-B isn’t a bad idea.
    Dickerson not exactly a good LF? He only won the 2018 NL Gold Glove for LF beating out Adam Duvall. Reds fans were thrilled with Duvall’s defense. I wouldn’t be too worried about LF defense if Dickerson or Castellanos is out there.
    A little birdie told me to keep an eye out with Seattle, that the Reds have asked about OF Mitch Haniger. Good OF bat, good OF arm, and can play all 3 OF positions well. He missed a lot of 2019 with an injury. But not necessarily a performance related injury like a shoulder or knee. He should bounce back in a big way in 2020 and could be a comeback player of the year nominee in Cincinnati. He had solid seasons in 2017 and 2018.

    • Doug Gray

      The defensive metrics had Dickerson a good defender in 2018. In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019, they have him as a very bad defender.

      I always say, defensive metrics kind of stink, but usually when they almost always tell the same exact story, there’s something there. His best season was as a -5.8 defender since 2014, with the exception of 2018, when he was +3.0. Odds are the outlier season was an outlier and he’s not a good defender. But teams certainly have more, and better defensive metrics than the ones that are publicly available. With what we, the public, have – he’s been pretty bad for the entirety of his career sans one year.

      • Chris

        I understand outlier years when it comes to offense, but I can’t quite grasp them, in respect to defense. How can one attribute his 2018 defense as being so superior to his other years? Was he somehow faster, and could see the ball better in 2018? I’m not trying to be argumentative either; it’s a genuine question. I just don’t understand that. I could see if he was really good earlier in his career, and then slowed down in later years, but in this case, he was at his best in his last year; I say last year, because 2019 was shortened to a huge degree due to injury, so it’s tough to judge last season. Your thoughts.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Chris, I’m sure ball parks have some influence on that, but it isn’t the sole influencer. Dickerson first played LF in Coors Field. I am not sure what it would be like to play LF in Coors with most fly balls sailing over the outfielders’ heads. It probably is a bit treacherous. Dickerson played second in Tampa’s dark, dank Tropicana Dome. Playing OF there is an adventure to be sure, LF in particular. Then he gets to beautiful PNC park and wins a gold glove. I think his defense is better than it gets credit for, but honestly he isn’t a perennial GG winner by any stretch. Somewhere in the middle. And that should be good enough.

      • RichS

        Seems to me that Dickerson is an ideal leadoff hitter which is desperately needed in this lineup.

      • greenmtred

        Suarez stands as a shining example. He had one year, several years ago, when he was great defensively. And that was that. I have no idea why.

    • Dawson

      I’d be thrilled if we got Hanniger.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I’d like the idea of Haniger. The Reds would be buying low on him considering he’s coming off a bit of a down year. A few weeks back someone on RML had brought up trying to get Narvaez and Haniger in a package from the M’s (before Narvaez was traded). I liked the idea at the time, and wouldn’t mind still targeting Haniger.

      But yeah, I like Dickerson as a plan B to Castellanos.

      • TomT

        I am a lifetime Mariners fan (proud to say that!) and yes , I can explain years and years of no playoffs and generally a sucky team. Now that being said, the direction they are going now makes sense. But…..Haniger is and will not be cheep. His injury was not baseball related, busted testicle and then when his back tightened up from time off, they were being cautious and shut him down. This man could be a cornerstone for years to come. Not sure if we can contend till 21 or 2022 so he could be available, but certainly will not be “buy low/cheaply” 3 years of AllStar caliber outfielder, good luck with that!

  6. BK

    Dickerson or Akiyama are my preferred additions to the outfield. Our outfield needs risk reduction more than a major overhaul. I see both as good value signings that allow Aquino a chance to thrive if he is up to it in 2020.

    • Tv

      And gives them money left to address the bullpen and the bench or make a trade. Although I hope they dont blow also their prospects and cash yet. They may need to make a deal mid season to address holes or injuries.

  7. centerfield

    Dickerson won a gold glove as a LF in 2018. He rated first in range. I’m not sure what kind of arm he has, but as long as he can hit the cutoff man, he can probably play RF (remember we had Van Meter and Peraza getting time in the OF last year – covering my eyes at the memories). He also spent the winter of 2017-18 working to improve his defense, so that tells me something about him. He does need to walk more, but maybe some Votto will rub off on him. This is the guy the Reds should sign. Bell can switch his corner OF’ers all day for matchups. I think Ozuna or Castellanos would force Aquino back to AAA, because they are going to expect to play full time. I didn’t see Castellanos play much but I have this vivid memory of Ozuna taking a flyball off his head…..

  8. AirborneJayJay

    The interesting thing is that Dickerson has a career line in Great American Ballpark of .373/.413/.813/1.226 with 6 2B, 9 HR, and 19 RBI in 80 PA’s.
    The fascinating thing is Dickerson also rakes at the other NL Central venues for his career.
    At Busch, .362/.403/.500/.903 in 62 PA’s.
    At Wrigley, .323/.391/.468/.859 in 69 PA’s.
    At PNC, .309/.352/.472/.824 in 344 PA’s.
    At Miller, .250/.311/.485/.79 in 74 PA’s..
    Dickerson was born to hit in NL Central parks. In no other park does he have the HR/PA ratio that he has in Cincinnati.

    • Big Ed

      Jay, the good GABP stats are in large part because he was teeing off on Reds’ pitching, at least until last year. He hit .241 at GABP last year, but with 3 HRs in 29 ABs.

      It’s kind of like running for 400 yards against Louisville’s defense. It ain’t that hard.

      My general beef with Dickerson is that he is a Jesse Winker + 4 years. Dickerson has a career OPS+ of 121; Winker’s is 120. Winker walks a lot more, and is younger (still 26 now) and figures to be just now hitting his prime; Dickerson turns 31 in May.

      They are both left fielders, so Dickerson will take away at bats from Winker, unless they play Winker in center or right some. Dickerson hits lefties better. Why pay $7.5 million for Dickerson, when you can pay Winker one-tenth that amount for almost the same production? I get the injury concerns with Winker, but he had 105 more PAs last year than Dickerson, who also only played 65 games in his age 26 season.

      I actually like Dickerson, but I think Winker has the bigger upside, and I am not sure why people have soured on him. He was marginal for the first month or so as he recovered from shoulder surgery last year, but had about a .880 OPS in his last 60-something games.

      I kind of like a 4-man outfield rotation of 2 lefties and 2 righties, with Aquino, Senzel and Winker already aboard, but to make it work better, I would want the new lefty to be able to play CF.

      It wouldn’t be a bad signing at 2/$15mm total, I suppose. It would provide some much-needed depth. The Reds don’t have any outfielders in the high minors who have earned a call-up yet, but Fairchild, Friedl and even Siri could surprise.

      I believe that Bell is going to rest Votto, Senzel and Suarez a lot more this year, and if he does, there may be enough ABs to go around and keep everybody fresh. (I kind of sold myself on this as I wrote.)

      • AirborneJayJay

        I understand what you are saying. But I don’t think he will take any AB’s away from Winker. I like Winker and want to see him with more than 500 AB’s. Many have stated a preference to trade Winker, not me at all. He is part of what they build around. They actually need another LH bat in the OF other than Winker. Dickerson could be that. Dickerson in LF and Winker in RF. I am not looking for the Rule 5 pick to stick after spring training.
        Dickerson will be affordable, but I don’t think 2/$15MM signs him. I think it will be closer to 2/$18MM to 2/$20MM.

    • Ryan

      I’m on west coast so get to watch a handful of games with MLB package and listen via AtBat app and I just remember last year cringing everytime Dickerson was up when we played the Pirates b/c it seemed like he doubled or hit a HR every at bat and would love to see half his games at GAB and see what he does. Can we assume that the Reds may be also looking ahead to next year’s FA class instead of spending a ton of money on guys they weren’t targeting?

      • Ryan

        specifically George Springer would look really good in OF at the ballpark

  9. Wes

    sign him to play right if u think he can handle it. Start him in cincy and aquino in Louisville. If aquino can reproduce last years power and consistently- you aren’t overly committed to a player like u will be w Castellanos or Ozuna and can bring aquino back up as every day right fielder.

    Speaking of Ozuna- bet he signs for 1 year 10 million since there is a pick attached to him. Never works out for the above average player who declines a QO.

    • David

      Aquino is out of options. If he is sent back to AAA, he will be exposed to a waiver claim, and somebody will take him.

      I don’t understand why everyone is so negative on Aquino. And Winker is injury prone. We have yet to see a full season of Winker playing. He will get hurt again.

      Lastly, I think Moustakas will play a lot of 1st base. Votto’s regression will continue.

      I think the world of Joey, but he is 36 years old, and his fast twitch muscle reflexes are going. He has always been a grinder and took care of himself off season (which Winker apparently has not done), so it’s not a conditioning thing with Votto. He has just gotten old Baseball-wise. I wish it weren’t so, but I think it is.

      • BK

        According to Roster Resource, Aquino has one option remaining. He was outrighted off the 40-man roster after 2018, resigned to a minor league contract for 2019 and had that contract purchased mid-year. So, although he spent a lot of time at AAA, he didn’t burn an option last year.

      • greenmtred

        I don’t think we’re down on Aquino so much as questioning who he is. He was great in August and terrible in September, and hadn’t previously, in the minors, shown the sort of other-worldly hitting that we saw briefly last year.

    • MBS

      Not starting Aquino is crazy in my opinion. There is not 1 FA outfielder who has the potential of Aquino. There may be many that outproduce him, but that won’t be know until the season is well underway.

      Someone else said above what I believe to be the best scenario, and that is to sign (1)Shogo or (2)Dickerson. These guys fit in nicely with what we have already.

      Standard OF Winker, Senzel, Aquino
      Lefty OF Winker, Shogo, Jankowski
      Righty OF Lorenzen, Senzel, Aquino

      If you spend one of these 2 you will not feel obligated to play them everyday if Winker, Senzel, and Aquino are mashing it. You will also have a very good quality 4th option.

  10. Bdh

    As long as Winker stays a red I’ll be happy with any of the players they may sign.

  11. Justin

    Though it’s fun to talk about, so far Mr. MLB Insider hasn’t gotten a sniff of who we’ve actually been on. At this point, if he says it I assume it’s not true.

  12. Old-school

    Dickerson is affordable and fits David Bell’s managerial style of matchups and flexibility. He mashes against right handed pitching with a career split of .290/.333/.533/.866 and wRC+ 125.
    Everyone outfield needs 4 capable starters. There’s depth for the inevitable injury and there’s still money left over for bullpen and utility depth and the 2022/23 payroll isn’t compromised.

    • Big Ed

      I agree on the “four good outfielders” theory.

      Winker, for what it’s worth, has a career slashes against RHP of .307/.396/.511/.907.

  13. Old-school

    The NL central goes through St Louis and then Chicago. The Reds need to beat these 2 teams to win.

    St Louis will have 5 right handed SP.
    The Cubs will be 3 R, 2 L.

    The reds opening series against the cards will need some lefty thumpers against Flaherty, Mikolas, and Wainwright or Hudson or Martinez.

    Winker/ Moose/ Votto/ Dickerson fit that mold. Throw in Senzel and Geno and that’s a favorable top 6. The Reds may play 18 games against the Cards and never face a lefty starter.

  14. SteveO

    Rather than Castellanos or Ozuna, Dickerson and solidify the bullpen by going after Hudson for less money. Trade or DFA 2 from OF glut of Jankowski, Martini and Schebler. 26 man set with SPs Castillo, Gray, Bauer, Miley and Disco. RPs Iglesias, Lorenzen, Hudson, Garrett, Stephenson, Sims, Reed and Romano. Cs Barnhart and Casali, IFs JV, Moose, Galvis, Suarez, Farmer and VanMeter, OFs Winker, Senzel, Dickerson, Ervin and Aquino. Try to swing trade for Payton if he can clear waivers and Aquino platooning with Winker.
    Louisville looks good with Mahle, Antone, Santillan, Gutierrez and Naughton as SPs. RPs Kuhnel, Bowman, Shafer, Hendrix, Smith, Alaniz, Jay,DeLeon, Lopez and Reyes all vying for spots solid too.

    • SteveO

      Ervin can platoon with Dickerson and Lorenzen gets 20 starts in CF filling in for Senzel on days off, to qualify for 2-way status in 2021.

  15. RedNat

    Doug do projection systems include RBI’S?

    • BK

      They do. Steamer projects 74; Marcels projects 51. I’d take those with a grain of salt since the projections have no idea what team he’ll be on and if his teammates will get on base.

    • Doug Gray

      They do, but as was noted above, it doesn’t matter because where the manager decides to bat you has a lot more to do with how many RBI you will get than any skillset that you have as a hitter.

  16. Klugo

    I’ve been hoping for this guy since August. I’d love to get him in a Reds uniform.

  17. earmbrister

    Just say no on Dickerson. I love the player (cause he seems to beat up on the Reds), but he has NO WHERE to play on the Reds. Winker is, and should be, our starting LFr. Dickerson (or Winker for that matter) does not belong in CF or RF. At the risk of “kicking a dead horse”, lol, IMO there are only two good fits for the Reds in regards to OFrs available in free agency. Kole Calhoun, my fav, and Puig. Calhoun is a Gold Glover who is an average hitter with some pop. At age 32 he might be open to sharing or competing for playing time with Aquino. Aquino may the answer going forward, or he might be the answer to some obscure trivia question in ten years.

  18. Kevin Patrick

    I know it shows risk. I know we are “going for it” this year. I know we have question marks in the outfield. I want to see what we have with good health in Winker, Aquino, Schebler, Jankowski, Ervin, and Senzel. Heck… if the Rule 5 guy shows up ready to impress in spring, I want to see what he has too. I want the Reds to overpay for Lindor. Get me a first rate shortstop with backup in Galvis and I’ll take my chances in infield depth outweighing any liabilities those outfield options present. If you look at our current outfielders, every stinking one of them is hungry and has a chip on their shoulder with something to prove… every one of them.

  19. Mark

    I would sign Dickerson and Calhoun. Winker can be used with India and Santillan for a player like Correa or Seager to strengthen SS. 5 man outfield rotation of Dickerson Calhoun Senzel Aquino and Ervin. Kuhnel will be one of our 6th 7th inning guys in bullpen with Mahle.

  20. TR

    I’m confused about the Red’s current outfield situation. Dickerson looks interesting and he’s hit very well at GABP but he’s another leftfielder. Winker and Dickerson are both lefthanded hitters and Winker is a number of years younger. If Winker is healthy, the Reds should give him a real chance to hold down leftfield since he’s a natural hitter, certainly against righthanders. With no room in the infield, it seems Senzel will be in center. Then there are many, I’m not one of them, who doubt Aquino is the real thing in right field, and want Puig brought back. A lot of question marks and 2020 is not far off.

    • Doug Gray

      I think it’s a ten-fold answer. But let’s start off with the fact that Nick Senzel and Jesse Winker both haven’t been able to play a full season for three years running now. But also the fact that Aristides Aquino has played two months in the Major Leagues in his life, and one was great and one was terrible. Winker prefers right field to left field.

      So even if everyone stays and there are no trades, the team probably wants another outfielder because who knows what Aquino is going to bring, and the other two guys – fairly or not – haven’t been able to stay on the field for several years running. The team is trying to cover their bases a little bit.

  21. IndyRedsFan

    While I haven’t seen his name mentioned in these comments….I’m still interested in Shogo Akiyama…..especially at the rumored 2 years at $5million per year.

    I like is OBP and also the ability to back up Senzel in center.

    He’s also insurance for RF in case the real Aquino is the one we saw in September.

  22. Doug Gray

    The last thing the Reds need to do is sign an abusive sociopath.

    • Indy Red Man

      Well Simon killed someone and the Reds signed him…..twice!

  23. Steve D

    Let’s sign Castellanos, trade prospects for either Lindor or Correa whichever requires the least amount of prospects. And then if we have enough prospects left try to get Hader. I say sign an OF and literally sell the farm to get an elite SS and top reliever.

  24. Tom

    Agree about Castellanos but before trading for Lindor or Correa, the Reds need to know if either of them is willing to sign a contract extension. Otherwise. they are rentals and not building blocks. If they won’t extend, it would be better to re-sign Iglesias and wait for a free agent shortstop who will stick around for 4-5 years or a trade for a young shortstop who can hit and will stay with the Reds.

  25. Jim

    Yes the Reds need to sign Dickerson, or Calhoun or Puig. Not sure why very few are asking about Puig. While a Red, he was solid both on and off the field. He still has some years left in him. A fan favorite and can supply us with some power and speed. Would love to hear Redleg Nation’s thoughts. Go Reds.

  26. CP

    I’m ok with going after Dickerson if it is because they want to invest more into the bullpen than they would have been able to if they had gone after Castellanos. The difference between Castellanos & Dickerson might not be that much the next couple years, though it could be, but the difference between one good addition to the bullpen versus two good additions, could have some measurable impact.

  27. Cbus

    Corner outfield market for ~.800 OPS guys seems very cheap right now. Kind of like the 2b market was last year. Guys like Dickerson, Duvall, Garcia, etc all fit this mold and don’t seem in high demand. Does it make sense to splurge on an Ozuna or Castellanos for a lot more dollars and years when they might only be slightly better than this .800 group?

    I’d love Castellanos, but am starting to think the marginal upgrade over a Dickerson would not be worth the difference in dollars.

    • David

      That is probably a very true analysis of the situation. The marginal improvement from Dickerson to Castellanos might not merit the difference in money involved.

      Castellanos right now is one of the “hot chicks” because he played well for the Cubs last season… in a pennant race. Whatever.

  28. Tom Mitsoff

    Nearly 41 percent of Nicholas Castellanos’ hits over a seven-year major league career are for extra bases (doubles, triples, homers). He blew his career numbers out of the water in his brief stint with the Cubs, which is probably inflating his asking price. The Reds should be targeting the best hitters they can find, and on the list of remaining free agents, Castellanos appears to be second only to Josh Donaldson, a third baseman (something the Reds don’t currently need). Go get Castellanos, play Senzel in center, and platoon Winker and Aquino in the other corner outfield spot. Your outfield is good to go.

    • Old-school

      His extra base hit totals are amazing. But, he destroys left handed pitching.

      Career splits against righties are pedestrian.

      .268/.313/.455/.768 wRC+ 104.

      Aquino and Dickerson would give better numbers without 4 years and 80 million.( Or more). He’s also considered a DH in most circles because his defense is so bad. Aquino is good defensively and Dickerson won a GG. Reds need 2 lefty OF and 2 righty OF as a starting point.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Hmmm. Perhaps a good reason not to go too many years on a deal with him.

      • Old-school

        Reds gotta prepare to be beat Cards. Their entire rotation is righties- Flaherty, Mikolas, Wainwright, Martinez, Hudson. Need some lefty thumpers on Opening Day. Moose is great in that #4 hole. Need another.

      • Bill J

        I like your idea of the trade with Atlanta the other day. No risk, no reward.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Hold on now for one rootin’-tootin’ moment on Castellanos vs. RHP. That career line includes his first couple of seasons when it was very meh. But lets peel back a few layers and drill down just a bit on Castellanos’s splits vs RHP.
        2019 = .272/.318/.485/.803
        2018 = .273/.329/.478/.807
        2017 = .266/.316/.459/.775
        2016 = .315/.365/.529/.894
        As you say, he crushes LHP, so having an .800+ OPS vs. RHP in 3 out of the last 4 seasons is really good. He is hitting his prime years and it shows in the stats.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Just for fun Castellanos vs. LHP.
        2019 = .370/.425/.713/1.138
        2018 = .381/.432/.571/1.004
        2017 = .292/.336/.599/.934
        2016 = .207/.242/.414/.656

        It looks like 2016 was an odd year for him. He killed RHP and was woeful vs. LHP. But the last 2 seasons have been very consistent for Castellanos vs. lefties and righties..

      • Old-school

        Good info AJJ. How much though would give him? 4/80? Where do you draw the budget line. He clearly can hit for power but is more of a DH beat suited for the AL. Where is the contractual sweet spot?

      • AirborneJayJay

        I like 4/80 for LF.
        I like Dickerson too. But mostly as a plan 1A or plan B. Either would be great though.

    • Scott C

      I would be good with that plan. Get er Done!

  29. Mountaineer Redleg

    Dickerson does nothing but rake and plays respectable D plus we won’t have to play against him anymore may have to miss a game here and there by but name a reds that doesn’t