The Houston Astros are reportedly considering moving superstar shortstop Carlos Correa according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. Why the Astros, who cut payroll and raked in profits for years, then have sold billions of tickets, won a World Series, and gone to Game 7 in another one, are trying to cut payroll is a wild idea to wrap your head around – but here we are. And since it’s apparently happening, the Cincinnati Reds need to be pounding on the Houston Astros’ suite door tomorrow morning at 9AM at The Winter Meetings.

The Cincinnati Reds were reportedly one of the final teams being considered by Didi Gregorius before he signed with the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday afternoon according to C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic. While Cincinnati still has Freddy Galvis to man shortstop if needed, they were looking to upgrade this offseason. And while Didi Gregorius was likely to be a real upgrade, moving on to a player like Carlos Correa would be a next level kind of upgrade.

As the Reds roster is currently constructed, they don’t have a star player. There are guys who have been that for a season, or most of a decade – but no one that looks like that kind of player for 2020. What the Reds do have is a lot of solid to above-average players. Carlos Correa would be someone who is a different kind of expectation. The now 25-year-old hit .279/.358/.568 last season and posted 3.2 WAR in half of a season. He only played in 75 games after missing all of June, most of July, and most of September.

When he’s been on the field he’s been an MVP caliber player in three of the last four seasons. The one issue is that he’s played in 109, 110, and 75 games in each of the last three years. He’s struggled to stay on the field. That, however, is about the only negative you can come up with to hold against Carlos Correa.

Contract wise, the shortstop has two years remaining before he would reach free agency. MLB Trade Rumors projects him to get $7,400,000 in arbitration for the 2020 season. That’s not much money at all, much less for a player the caliber of Carlos Correa. The Astros need to shed payroll, which again is confusing, but that’s what their owner has said. To acquire Correa, the team may need to also take on another contract.

Even if that is needed, the Cincinnati Reds needs to call the Houston Astros, go beat down their door at the Winter Meetings, follow them back to Houston – whatever it takes, and get a deal done. Offer them the entire farm system. Carlos Correa in the Reds lineup in 2020 and 2021 changes everything. With the Chicago Cubs talking about shedding payroll and trading their own superstar in Kris Bryant, the Brewers losing Yasmani Grandal, Mike Moustakas, and talking about trading Josh Hader – the division is there for the taking for Cincinnati if they choose to go for it. The price paid would be steep, but it’s hard to see how the price wouldn’t be worth it.

Photo of Carlos Correa by Keith Allison and was edited. The license can be found here.

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  1. Ed

    I absolutely think the injuries or a red flag but maybe splitting time with Galvis would help… but yikes. He misses so many games. I’ve also seen the rumor floating around that the Astros are looking for Castillo, which would be a big loss. I’ve also seen Reddick packaged with Correa, and I’m not big on him whatsoever. Curious to see what happens!

    • Jeff Gangloff

      That Castillo rumor is too dumb to believe.

      If that somehow actually does come to fruition though, I will disown the Reds until Castillo retires. Would be a horrible move by the Reds.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        The Reds are not trading Castillo unless Mike Trout is in the deal.

      • Ed

        I just can’t see how 2 years of Correa could possibly come close to equalling Castillo. The rumor has gotta be total BS, I hope.

      • Ghettotrout1

        I’m with Jeff here. Trading Castillo who is a legit possible Cy Young potential pitcher with 4 years of control is completely bananas. The difficulty of finding a pitcher like that is much more difficult than finding a serviceable SS.

    • Colorado Red

      The Rumor is started by an astros fan or reporter.
      Not happening.
      Rumors that the Reds are him for a bag of balls, have been started by every reporter on every team.

    • citizen54

      Yup. There is no way the Astros are thinking about shedding a 25 year old superstar SS just to save 7.5 million dollars, which is pretty much nothing these days. Some thing has to be up with his back.

  2. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I have to say, with some of these scenarios like this, I could see us definitely doing it. I would be fully on board with it “if”, as part of the trade, we can lock Carlos up for a couple of more years. For, 2 years for an oft-injured SS I have to hold back some on.

    • B-town fan

      There is also the rumor out there, I’ve seen it a couple different places, that Correa has a chronic back issue. And no you don’t trade the whole farm for 2yrs of him even if he’s healthy, that’s how you send your self right back into another 5yr or longer rebuild, with no guarantees of a championship. The goal is to get into the tournament as frequently as possible, because once your in you have a chance of winning the whole thing, just as the Nationals proved this past season. The Nationals have been in the tournament most but not all of the last many years. So the key is to build a sustainable organization like the Nats or the Cards which is a smaller market, that will get you into the tournament as frequently as possible, and that means building a strong player development farm system, and preferably making free agent acquisitions and if you have to over pay then so be it, and making very prudent trades that don’t cannibalize the goal of making the tournament as frequently as possible.

  3. Ed

    Just to address the rumor (which could be totally baseless!) – Does anyone at all think it would make sense to trade Castillo for Correa? Even with Reddick added?

    • Datdudejs

      No, the reds would be insane to trade Castillo straight up for Correa. Did you guys see how much money Strasburg and coke just got? That says it all

      Come on now, watch the language.

      • Datdudejs

        I can’t say the “h” word? What is this kindergarten?

      • Doug Gray

        No, you can’t. Not here, anyways.

    • CP

      Just saw this rumor. Castillo for Correa is tough! We would be stealing from our greatest strength to hopefully create a strength in the offense. I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that. Plus we have control of Castillo longer, plus the likelihood of Castillo signing an extension with the Reds is probably higher than it is with Correa. If they Reds do this, they have to go get another SP in FA. I personally feel Castillo is more valuable in general and especially to the Reds he is.

      I think I would only go after Correa for mostly minor league guys, and I’m not sure that’s what Houston is looking for. But some package of Lodolo, India, Hinds, and another throw in. Maybe thats too much, maybe its too little. I’m not sure.

      • Colt Holt

        I don’t hate this idea, but at the same time, I would love to see what the new best in class pitching development team can do in a couple years with Lodolo.

    • BK

      No; it’s a ridiculous rumor as in one that should be ridiculed greatly.

  4. Dean Ferguson

    Get Correa, for maybe a couple of pitchers in farm system. Just think about that infield!
    Go Reds!

    • TR

      A couple of pitchers in the Red’s farm system who didn’t make it to the top during the rebuild?

  5. Old-school

    A trade of the overall #39 prospect #75 and #87 prospects in MLB would get it done.

    Trade Taylor Trammell, Josiah Gray and Jeter Downs for 2 years of Correa.

    Or trade Trammell for a 1 year rental of Bauer and give away Gray and Downs for a 4 month rental of Puig , 3 weeks of Matt Kemp a 1 year rental of an injured Wood and a partridge in a pear tree.

    • Colin Kline

      Trammell was traded in JULY! LOL

    • The Other JB

      Great Great comment old school. The reds management got played by the dodgers and Indians .

      • Old-school

        The point is don’t trade top talent for old rentals that are gone a year later. At least Matt Latos was controlled for years and helped the Reds win for a sustained period. The Dodgers trade wasnt about baseball. It was half marketing and half lottery ticket to sell tickets in 2019. The Reds won 76 games and finished in 4 th and have nothing to show for it. Draft and develop is still the way forward.

      • WhiskeyCityRed

        Don’t forget that a major part of that trade was getting rid of a terrible contract in Homer Bailey. Agreed that it didn’t turn out very well for us as far as what we got in the trade (with the exception of Farmer), but we freed up a ton of salary by getting rid of Homer.

      • Hanawi

        The Reds did not free up a ton of salary. They freed like $7 million bc they took Kemp back.

      • WhiskeyCityRed

        It was 7 mil last year…this year it’s the full value of his contract (have no idea what that was)

      • WhiskeyCityRed

        I stand corrected. Contract was up last year, so there wouldn’t be savings this year. Either way, the salary dump was still a part of the trade that we need to take into account. That’s all I was trying to say.

      • BK

        They saved the $5M buyout from this year … the Dodger trade is making more resources available this year.

    • Ed

      Oh man! You went there, pulling no punches! Let’s not forget the horrific Bauer we got for 2019, and the whole team falling apart post-trade deadline

      • VaRedsFan

        Horrible Bauer will still provide more value than Trammell ever will.

      • Earmbrister

        I second that emotion VA. I haven’t soured on Bauer. The NYY soured too quickly on Sonny Gray, much to the Reds’ benefit.

      • Ed

        More value than if he’d been kept and dealt bundled with Gray and Downs? Gray and Downs both had their value go up over the last year. Trammell, Downs, and Gray would have led to a serious blockbuster of a trade right now. Instead, one year of Bauer? Even if he bounces back, it’s lame.

      • VaRedsFan

        Your assuming that the Reds could have developed Downs and Gray like the Dodgers have, which has never been the case.

      • Earmbrister

        So, the Reds are the only ones scouting the Minors? If they were becoming uncertain about Trammell’s future, wouldn’t it stand to reason that many of her teams might also have their doubts?

        As for Bauer, I’m not convinced that he won’t be at least a #2 type starter going forward. The man seems committed to his craft and we have the coach of the year as our pitching coach. I’m also old enough to remember just how bad the Reds’ pitching has been over the last two decades, with one small interlude of better pitching in the interim.

        Gray is the only prospect that I even give a second thought to. And he’s still only a prospect.

    • Amarillo

      Prospects are not more valuable than established Major Leaguers. Sounds like you need to rethink your mindset on team building.

      I still think the Dodgers trade was correct, but I also expected either Wood or Puig to be a qualifying offer candidate and there was no way to predict the 2 prospects would have such incredible seasons. That trade was an everything that could possibly go wrong did.

      • Old-school

        Trading high caliber prospects for controlled established MLB players is a way to build a winning roster for a team that is 1-2 players away. See Mat Latos.

        The Reds were not 1-2 players away last year and they traded for rental players past their prime or in the case of Kemp , at the end of his career.

        They have no players to build a team from in 2021 in that trade and only Bauer as a rental for 2020.

      • Amarillo

        Don’t worry, we are in complete agreement. I guess I messed up by adding a “I thought the Dodgers trade was correct at the time” to go along with my sarcasm. My bad aha

    • James H.

      No doubt! Throw O’Grady for good measure, to get the deal done…

    • streamer88

      The timing of Old-School’s criticism is perfecto: far enough away from the trade to know that Wood got hurt and Puig didn’t stick around, but also too close to the trade to know if Taylor, Josiah and Jeter will amount to anything.

      You’re in the upside-down where everything posited is either 100% true or 100% meaningless! Well done!

      • Ed

        It kinda seems like you’re missing the point of his post. It has nothing to do with performance of the prospects- that doesn’t matter at all, because they’re still prospects. It has everything to do with what we got for them! We traded that prospect capital away to land 2020 year of Trevor Bauer, and various bits and pieces… Wood made a couple starts, Puig brought some energy, Bauer sucked royally. But all those prospects landed us Bauer’s 2020, and utility infielder Kyle Farmer. If you go to the MLB trade simulator and punch in Downs, Gray, Trammell- the fact is they have the value to bring in a killer player. Their trade value over at Baseball Trade Values adds up to about 65. Trevor Bauer’s value comes in at just 30. Trade value of 65 is equivalent to Sonny Gray and Amir Garrett, for example, who both have much longer contracts than just 1 year of Bauer. Gray and Lodolo is just 60 points, so you know- we hypothetically could’ve gotten a top rated prospect and a top of the rotation starter. Javy Baez is 55, A’s shortstop Semien is just 38 points. So come on- Bauer is easily replaceable as a number 3/4 starter through free agency. Wheeler, Bumgarner, etc- so holding on to those prospects could’ve filled the obvious holes in the lineup that are very tough to fill in free agency.

  6. Brennan

    I don’t think Lodolo should be included in a deal for Correa. If Correa was able to play 150 games a year, maybe, but he sits out way too many games year over year for me to want to give up someone as valuable as Lodolo.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Include Lodolo. No guarantees with him or any low level pitching project. Remember Hunter Greene? If we’re serious about winning now we’ll include him to get the deal done.

      • Earmbrister

        No on trading Lodolo. Way too valuable to give up him, or Castillo, for a chronically injured star SS.

      • Brennan

        I hear you on Hunter, but I respectfully disagree with the point you are making. It’s more common than ever before for a pitcher to undergo TJ and come back just as strong if not stronger than ever. Quite frankly, TJ could have been a blessing in disguise for Greene. It gives his body more time to mature and develop strength as opposed to being overused and underdeveloped. Win now mode is great, but so is winning next year, the year after that, and the year after that. If we play our cards right we can get some win-now pieces without letting go of tomorrow.

      • Tom

        I’m not trading Hunter Green unless I’m getting a haul in return. Here’s why – if it turns out he can’t effectively pitch after TJ (which I believe is possible but unlikely), he still has a bright future as a position player. Remember, he was being drafted for both his pitching, hitting, and defensive capabilities.

      • Michael E

        Lodolo is NOT low level. He could very easily be starting in MLB by mid/late 2020. he was a college pitcher and is far ahead of Greene in tracking to MLB service time.

        Greene is no earlier than 2022 at this point. Lodolo is almost a lock for 2021 and I suspect 2020 starts are forthcoming. He is a lefty that doesn’t walk hitters and has good stuff. Too much to like to trade him for anything less than a 3+ year controlled, well above average younger player.

  7. CFD3000

    I like Correa, but not for Castillo. Send DeSclafani and Santillan, or Iglesias or any prospect not named Lodolo, Stephenson or Greene. Correa would be great, but not worth mortgaging the future for.

    • Colorado Red

      Might have to include 1 of the top prospects. I would still accept that.

      • Matt WI

        I’d do it for Iglesias and Greene. But there’d be no point in getting offense if they take away someone like Castillo. It would be absurd.

        The Brewers consistently try to get away with bats over pitching… you can get close, but it’s not likely and sustainable. Ask the Twins how setting the HR total record worked out? How ’bout the “savage Yankees?”… who just plopped a GINORMOUS contract on Cole to help them.

    • DHud

      You’re not getting a 25 yr old MVP caliber player for a bag of peanuts

      At least one of those prospects would go

    • John Amell

      I think, before the reds think about trading for Correa, They ask for a physical. If he is healthy I trade anyone, other than Castillo. He is that good.

  8. Tom Mitsoff

    Let’s just say for a moment that the report of Castillo to Houston for Correa and Reddick has some factual basis behind it. Houston needs an ace to replace Cole, and they reportedly need to cut some payroll. The Reds are looking for impact bats, and Correa has two seasons already in which he has been a 6+ WAR player. I can see the basis for some actual talks there. Not sure I would settle for just Correa and Reddick, since Castillo is rapidly becoming one of the very top tier of starting pitchers and Correa has an injury history. I’d say to Houston, forget about Reddick and let’s talk about a starting pitcher who can replace Castillo in our rotation. Six years of Jose Urquidy, perhaps?

    • Wes

      How bout a hard line for Alvarez and Correa for Castillo ? They can have Siri and Aquino in that deal.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Reddick is owed $13 million in 2020, which is why his name is in this — as a salary dump for Houston. If this is to have any legs at all, it has to be more than Correa and Reddick for Castillo.

      • doofus

        Forest Whitley and Kyle Tucker need to be included with Correa. Stros can keep Reddick. The Reds will also throw in 1/2 dozen Rubbermaid (sound proof) trash cans.

        Or, Alex Bregman and Forest Whitley for Castillo and India.

  9. Doc

    The original article says the only negative for Correa is whether he can stay on the field. Call me dense, but isn’t that a rather big negative? How much WAR does a player produce spending half or more of the season on the IL in the training room? And people would consider giving up a star pitcher for that gamble? No thanks no way.

    • Ed

      Hot take- WAR is such a joke. Bauer pitched 10 starts for the Reds, ran an ERA well above 8 into his final two starts and was pulled by the 4th or 5th in 5 of his starts. His second to last game, he managed to go deep into a game against the Diamondbacks and dropped his ERA a bit, but then managed to allow 5 runs in just a couple innings against the Mets for his final start of the year. 56 innings pitched, 10 starts, 7 games blown. All this earns him a WAR of -.5? Maybe if his replacement was Jose Peraza.

      • Amarillo

        That’s how WAR works. A 0.0 War for a whole team wins 58? Games I think? So you are saying that Bauer’s -.5 WAR means that Sal Romano (or insert other replacement level player) would be .5 games better. Replacement level is supposed to be an average triple A replacement not an average major league replacement.

      • Ed

        Really? That’s interesting. So getting shelled 8 games is only .5 worse than a minor league replacement? And Gray’s 5.6 WAR would be 5 more wins than an average minor leaguer? Yikes. Sorry- peeking things back, this stat just confuses the heck out of me.

      • Amarillo

        Yes, its pretty confusing. The idea is comparing how much a player would add to a team as opposed to using a player that would not cost anything to acquire. Fangraphs had Eugenio at 4.5 WAR and Josh Van Meter at .2 WAR, in theory if we had Van Meter at 3rd instead of Suarez we would have finished with a 71-91 record instead of a 75-87 record. It’s also a counting stat, so you can really only compare 2 players who played a similar number of games. It’s also not really predictive so if you actually tried to replace a player with a no-name minor leaguer the no name minor leaguer might perform even worse.

      • Doc

        Then I guess you’re saying that it would be better to have had hime sitting in the trainer’s room. At least his WAR would have been zero!

  10. Ed

    I think the Castillo rumor was actually started by a troll page run by a Twitter account called PFTCommenter, that pretends to be a dog. Sometimes it posts accurate things maybe!, but this one is too dumb to believe.

    In Astros-related FA news, I’d like to sign Will Harris to our bullpen.

  11. Wes

    Reds need to stay away from Correa. Pitching wins in baseball and however it would go down- it would take pitching either from Castillo or lodolo or Greene.

    Only consideration would be a Bauer deal- which Astro’s shouldn’t be completely against but at the same time- they will most likely pass on that.

    Another reason to stay far away from astros is they fleeced the pirates for Cole ! They had a slew of top prospects and kept em all in the Cole deal ! And that’s how they roll so it would most likely a one sided and trade we won’t be happy about and then really upset about a year from now

    • Westfester

      That Cole trade was more of an indictment of the Pirates Front Office, especially when you pair it with the Archer trade

  12. Wes

    Kudos to gausman ! Got him a great deal in a ballpark that should help him rebound his career

  13. Jim t

    The time to compete is now!! The Cubs and Brewers are retooling, the Pirates are the worst team in division and the Cards have done little to improve. The future is now. We have a chance to win the division this year.

  14. AirborneJayJay

    Helping the Astros cut payroll should not cost the Reds any of their top 3 prospects in Greene, Lodolo and Stephenson. Even for Correa. But I like the idea of going strong after him though.
    If we really want to help out the Astros on their project, lets take in all the salary that is due to Justin Verlander and Mrs. Verlander.
    The Reds over the last 2 off-seasons have now lost out to the Phillies on Realmuto, Wheeler, and now Gregorius. That stings a lot. The Reds tried to get Girardi as manager last year but failed and settled for mediocrity in Bell. The Phillies hire Girardi as manager this year. The Reds front office just cannot bring their deals to the finish line. The Reds need a GM/POBO that can sell ice to the Eskimos. The Reds front office just cannot run with the big dogs and are often left on the porch barking. It just amazes me that the Reds front office cannot sell GABP as a hitter’s paradise to attract some of the top bats available. Being aggressive is just not in the Reds front office DNA. The Reds front office always wants to sit back and “let the market come to them.” Well guess what? The market has already come and gone leaving them in the dust. The Reds are living up to their team mantra again, “Missed Opportunities”.
    Freddy Galvis as the starting SS. Woo-hoo!
    A starting OF of Winker/Senzel/Aquino. Double Woo-hoo!

    • Satchmo

      The Phillies are in sheer panic mode. They experimented with analytics based decision making in Kapler and gave up before even giving it a chance. Then then went out and hired “old school” Girardi (who can only win with the Yankee’s war chest). Now they’re trying to buy a championship by overpaying 30-something guys even though the rest of the market knows that paying prime money to anyone past 30 is a risky gambit. They’ll never get their money’s worth out of the contracts of Harper, Didi, or Wheeler. By May we’ll see the Nationals and Braves ahead of Philly, the most overpriced team in baseball.

      • Colorado Red

        Didi is just a 1 year contract,
        And the others may or may not pay off.
        At the end, surly not. But the same can be said of Votto.
        At least they are trying, not blowing smoke like the Reds FO.

    • Mike

      Wondering what Corey Dickerson would cost? Always liked him and he has killed it at GABP. More in the Reds price range.

    • Chris

      I agree totally. The Reds are now in a position where they aren’t willing to spend the money to sign a free agent that will help the team this year and don’t have the prospects to compete for the top trade targets. Kole Calhoun? Really? He’s a nice player but not someone who can change the balance of power in the division. Neither is Moustakas for that matter. We traded away our top prospects for a #3 starter and a utility bench player and now we are gun shy on the free agent market. Maybe the Brewers will be bad enough that we can pull of a third place finish this year!

  15. JoZo

    Give them Lodolo, India, Greene, and any other minor Leaguers they want and GTFO of there. Go pound some Coors light and hug on your wife

      • Datdudejs

        No he’s not, he just realizes how much better Correa makes this team. It’s extremely unlikely anyone in our weak farm system puts up the same amount of WAR he would as a red. He will probably put up more then them combined honestly. You guys are way overvaluing our prospects

      • JoZo

        Nope, just think it’s crazy that people (apparently you included) would rather sit and HOPE that these prospects turn out to be legit, than grab an all-star quality player. Our prospects haven’t done anything in forever. Get real players, don’t hold on to imaginary ones

  16. DocRed

    A Correa for Castillo would make sense if they were controlled for the same amount of years but they aren’t. You have to make up for those 2 extra years of control Castillo has with say Kyle Tucker and Forrest Whitley. That would be interesting IMO.

    • Colorado Red

      Still would not make sense to me.
      What did the nats and Astros have last year,
      2 of the best pitching staffs in baseball.

  17. CI3J

    The bottom line is, since the Reds missed out on their top 2 free agent targets (Grandal and Didi, who ironically were both originally traded away from the Reds), the only real way the Reds can improve significantly from here is via trade. And the reality is to get something, they have to give up something. It’s not a good place for the Reds to be in, as they don’t have a lot of depth to trade from, and no one is going to trade an impact bat for Disco or Mahle.

    It’s really hard to see how the Reds go forward from here. Maybe they should just work on shoring up the bullpen and roll with what they have. I don’t really see the appeal of signing Ozuna, but I guess the Reds are almost scraping the bottom of the barrel now since they have failed to land anyone outside of Moose.

    No Grandal. No Wheeler. No Didi. 3 strikes, and the Reds are out.

    • Wes

      They missed out on DIdi ?

      Didi is the only player to make less than projected- reds have well over 25 million in payroll flexibility. If Didi wanted 1 year deal to rebound than reds could have offered him 15 or 16 or even a 2 year deal w an increasing salary and a buyout.

      Why would didi pick to play in a more difficult ballpark against better divisional pitching staff if he’s trying to build value on a 1 year contract ? Answer is reds didn’t offer him a contract. You can knock reds for that- but they only missed out by choice and that’s cool w me bc didi has some red flags attached no doubt.

  18. Big Ed

    Correa played 109, 110 and 75 games in his age 22-24 seasons, and apparently has back issues.

    To paraphrase Michael Corleone, if anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you cannot trust the Houston Astros. I think the Astros “gotta cut payroll” is a ruse to dump an injured Correa on an unsuspecting team. And don’t tell me that the Astros are innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and it makes me very angry.

    If Dick Williams gives up Castillo or even Lodolo by trusting the Astros, he will regret it. Maybe not today; maybe not tomorrow; but soon and for the rest of his life.

    • Colorado red

      Need a major Physical fist. I would not also give up the guys you mentioned.
      Might be worth a risk for a mid level prospect.

    • David

      Well. Sounds ominous.

      For the rest of his life. 🙂

  19. Steve D

    I’m all for trading Correa. Give them any prospects they want. But if we give them one of the top 5 starting pitchers in baseball with 4 years of team control for two years of Correa I will flip out. That is a horrible deal for the Reds. You do not trade your Ace for Correa. There are other ways to get him. If Houston says Castillo or no trade you walk

    • Colorado Red

      No, not any of the top 3 prospects.
      BACK ISSUES can be a major issue.
      I would give a other prospect,but not the top 4 or so.

  20. Old-school

    I don’t think there is any credibility to Castillo/ Correa. But, Correa may be available. Ken Rosenthal was interviewed on MLB Network at the winter meetings and indicated the Astros are in trouble with payroll and still need a SP, a reliever and a catcher at the MLB level. Bregman can shift to SS. Rosenthal said the Astros want to extend George Springer over Correa but it’s more teams asking about Correa and the Astros listening.

    Garrett / Disco / and India might be a starting point . Garrett gives them a cheap good bullpen arm. Disco gives then a reasonable back end rotation SP and India gives them a good prospect.

    • doofus

      Suarez is a selfish hitter.

      Last season it was a given that with two strikes he did not shorten his swing to just make contact to move runners. Instead he corkscrewed himself into the ground to the tune of 189 strikeouts (33% more than LY with only 9% more PA’s).

      Suarez was just focused on his personal stats, not helping the team.

  21. Ed

    OK- Rockies are open to moving Arenado, Blackmon, which means maybe a Trevor Story is available. What do we do to get Trevor Story? I’d absolutely take Story over Correa

      • doofus

        Uh, it is not unusual for Rockie hitters to have disparate home/road splits.

  22. Reds in NY

    Hi Tom, I have a 3 team trade proposal for you. Cle. Atl and Cin.
    Cin. trades Suarez to Atl. send Greene, India and Santillan to Cle.
    Atl. sends Pache to Cin, Wilson and another young Pitcher to Cle.
    Cle. sends Lindor to Cin.

    Atl. fills hole at 3B. Cle gets 3 top 100 prospects and a couple good prospects. Reds fill CF and SS holes.

    Reds move Moustakas to 3B, Senzel to 2B. Pache plays CF. Still have money to add either a SP or corner OF (Castellanos or Ozuna). I know Greene is a ? coming off TJ surgery. Throw in any other prospect not named Lodolo or Stephenson. Any takers? What do you think?

    • Reds in NY

      Do you think this is not enough for Cle. to trade Lindor?

    • Jg

      Reds give up their best offensive player on a crazy good contract and 3 of their best prospects for 2 years of an expensive Lindor and Pache? Looks like the Reds are the ones not getting enough. Suárez is worth more than Lindor straight up. So it’s a 3 for 1 swap on prospects.

    • BK

      I like the concept, but I think this undervalues Suarez by a good bit. Last year, his 4.5 bWAR ranked just outside the top 30 for all hitters in MLB. So he’s not elite, but well above average as a hitter. He’s under contract for the next 6 years and tops out at $15M/year in year 6 which is actually a team option. He’s 28 years old will be for most of next season. Think contract situation is nearly as good as a rookie, but he has well above average performance track record at the ML level. The real problem, is that I don’t think the Indians are willing to trade Lindor as it probably turns them from playoff contender to rebuilding team.

      Check out the site. It’s not perfect, but it will give you the rough idea on underlying values of many of the players you mentioned.

  23. AirborneJayJay

    Dodgers will be licking their butts for a couple of weeks to get the taste out of their mouths on losing out on Cole. To soothe the Dodgers pain and make the Reds stronger.
    RHP Trevor Bauer, RHP Raisel Iglesias, and OF Phillip Ervin to LAD for SS Corey Seager, OF Joc Pederson, and RHP Tony Gonsolin.
    The Reds then send OF Joc Pederson + 1 (Romano or Sims) to the NY Mets for OF Michael Conforto.

    • Jg

      I’d send Joc somewhere for a left handed arm out of the pen. Money saved then goes to Betances 2-16, pitcher 4-80, and Castellanos

      • doofus

        Cody Reed is 2nd LH out of pen in 2020.

      • Jg

        I can get behind that. Drop joc out all together then.

  24. JoZo

    I just want to say that reading the silly trade proposals from you guys has made me lol. Thanks for that. Just a free tip for everyone; if you don’t want Jonathon India, Iglesias, Disco, or Mahle, neither does the team that you’re getting a top five SS from.

    • Jg

      It’s all about need. LA needs pitching. They have a surplus at shortstop. You deal from areas of surplus to fix an area of need. That’s why trading Suárez doesn’t makes sense. India is still a highly rated prospect by just about everyone. He just doesn’t have a clear way to the reds. Doesn’t make him less valuable to another team because he’s less valuable to the reds.

      • JoZo

        The thing is, he would have value to the reds if he was producing at all. They wouldn’t have signed moose. My guess is he’s just as valuable to the reds as he is to everyone else, which is not a ton. Stop acting like every team doesn’t see him just like you do, expendable.

    • doofus

      Correa has turned into an underperforming SS with back problems. If he is not, why do the Stros want to move him?

      • Big Ed

        That is a correct opinion, Doofus. The Astros do not have a good reason to move Correa, except because they don’t trust his health.

        They prefer Springer over Correa??? As Lee Elia would say, “My _______ ___.” Springer just turned 30, or 5 years older than Correa at 25.

        Why would anybody trust the Houston Astros’ front office?

  25. doofus

    Uh, Reds have interest in Kole Calhoun?

  26. Redleg75

    No thanks. He’s got a bad back. Those linger year-to-year and are never truly fixed. That the Astros are offering is reason enough to say no, I don’t trust that organization. There’s a reason he’s the one being offered up- they wouldn’t mind not having him around.

  27. Michael E

    Correa’s best year was his rookie year. He hasn’t been nearly as good as those early returns had us believe. Is he a good SS, top 10 in MLB, sure, but he is far from one of the best and isn’t really an all-star at this point. I know this because he is sliding in our fantasy drafts each year and this year, he won’t be taken in the first three rounds, whereas he was the #5 overall pick a couple of years ago.

    Given his above average, but not great production and injuries, I would need more than Correa if Castillo is involved. If they add Reddick, forcing more salary on us (he is a good OF though), then I’d want a top 5 prospect back on top of Correa and Reddick and we would send back similar to what others are stating.

    If someone asked me if I’d trade Castillo straight up for Correa, no way. I’d say in a trade, we’d need one of their pitching prospects back as that obviously would severely dent our starting rotation for the next few years, making it merely average with likely suspect SP4 and SP5 getting blown up every third start.

  28. Old-school

    Reds tried on Grandal… Got beat.
    Reds tried on Didi… Got beat.
    Didn’t get a catcher or a shortstop.
    It’s now reported they wanted Tanner Roarck …lost out to the blue Jays.

    This is a 76 win team. They are now a 78 win team. They’ve got a long way to go to win the NL central.

  29. GR8PNT

    Speaking of SS, what is the word on Iglesius? I don’t see any comments.

  30. BK

    The key player the Reds could move to bring in another big-time player is Suarez. He and his contract would fit nicely with the Astros and should bring back Correa plus more.

  31. Daytonian

    Dream on.
    Correa. Houston ain’t giving him away.