This morning I was browsing twitter, trying to catch up on the morning baseball news and saw this tweet from Redleg Nation’s own Nick Kirby:

When I saw it my ears perked up in a big way. Corey Seager is a heck of a player. He missed most of the 2018 season with an injury. But the two years before that he was a borderline MVP candidate, and this year he was roughly an All-Star caliber shortstop. Toss in that he’ll be 26-years-old next year and you’ve got a highly valuable player who should be still improving and getting better. That’s exactly the kind of player every team should be looking at.

But because that’s the kind of player every team should be looking at, I found the idea that the Dodgers losing faith in him to be a bit strange. So off to The MLB Morning Lineup Podcast we go! Around the 23-minute mark Jon Morosi begins to talk about Corey Seager, with this:

I know he’s dealt with a lot of injuries, but I think the next year is going to tell us a lot about Seager. Seager was incredibly celebrated as a young player. Great guy, great family. We all know that. He’s a phenomenal young man. But in game 5, 0-4 with 3 strikeouts. If he’s going to fulfill the projection we’ve seen in him, that has to get better.

He’s dealt with a lot of injuries, but the point I’m making is we will know a lot about him in the next year. He’s now getting a little bit later in the arbitration clock. Who is he? I think that for the offseason they have to find some pitching answers. But I’ve got to know how many games I getting from my shortstop? And is he a perennial All-Star or is he not?

It’s certainly interesting that the whole injury thing was brought up and emphasized so much there. He did miss most of 2018. But he played 157 games in 2016. He played in 145 games in 2017. And he played in 134 games in 2019. That’s not exactly someone that comes off as “injury prone”, but maybe that’s just me.

Getting back to the topic at hand, though, I’m not sure that Morosi’s implication was that the Dodgers themselves were losing faith in Corey Seager. It feels like that’s just Morosi talking out loud about what he thinks. But what Nick Kirby’s tweet does bring up with Gavin Lux does have plenty of intrigue to it.

Gavin Lux is one of the top prospects in all of baseball. He’s already reached the Major Leagues – playing in 23 games this season with the Dodgers. He’s just 21-years-old. This season he hit .313/.375/.521 in Double-A in the first half. When he moved up to Triple-A he went off for Oklahoma City, hitting .392/.478/.719 in 49 games. Lux is a shortstop, though he did play some second base this year – and all of his games with the big league club did come at second base.

The Dodgers certainly could keep both Gavin Lux and Corey Seager. Enrique Hernandez got a majority of the playing time at second base – starting in 63 games there, and playing in a total of 85 games at the position. But they also played Max Muncy there a lot, too. He played just 79 fewer innings there than Hernandez did. While Hernandez was a below-average hitter, Max Muncy most certainly was not. Outside of Cody Bellinger, Muncy was probably their best hitter. And he’s under contract for several more years – he’s not even to arbitration yet.

That gives the Dodgers some flexibility when it comes to how they could shape their lineup. And if Jon Morosi is right, and Los Angeles does indeed need some pitching answers, perhaps this could lead to a trade of Corey Seager. The Dodgers could insert Gavin Lux at shortstop, and explore options with Max Muncy at first or second, and figure out who plays the other spot when he’s not there.

It would seem to take a lot to acquire a guy like Corey Seager. And it should. He’s a very good player. For the Reds it would be an enormous upgrade at a position of absolute need.For his career he’s hit .294/.362/.491. This season he posted a .272/.335/.483 line with a league best 44 doubles. He also hit 19 home runs, walked 44 times, and had 98 strikeouts in 541 plate appearances.

Perhaps they start with Raisel Iglesias to try and give the Dodgers bullpen some help and then see if adding in prospects could get the deal done. And it would probably take a top end prospect, too – not just some borderline Top 10 guy(s).

The Reds offense was quite bad in 2019. It must improve in order for them to get where they need to be. Adding a guy like Corey Seager would undoubtedly be a step in the right direction. But as with everything, the question that needs answering is does the cost of acquisition make sense? The price would be very high, and it would only be for two seasons of control.

But 2020 is a huge year for the Reds, who have said that the goal is to make the playoffs, not just take another step forward. Trevor Bauer is gone after 2020. Joey Votto’s going to be another year into “the decline phase“. The time is now to go for it. And if you can actually get things done it’s going to lead to more opportunities to go for it again. Corey Seager may not be the exact deal that makes sense depending on the price. But he’s exactly the type that the team needs to go for.

Photo Credit: Arturo Pardavila III. Photo was slightly altered. Licensing can be found here.

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  1. Justin

    I have recently become of the mindset that 2-3 years is a lot of time. So much changes in an organization. Whenever I go to your top 25 prospect lists on, it always reminds me just how excited I was about certain prospects and how now I’m ok moving on from them if they are even still in the organization.

    For that reason, I think we should be open to 2 years of control guys like Seager and Lindor. It even lets me consider 1 year guys like Betts.

  2. Jeff Carr

    But when you have a guy like Freddy Galvis in-house, why pay for Seaver…

    Ok, I kid. I’m all in on this. Seaver is a massive upgrade over anything the Reds have put in the shortstop position since Barry Larkin. Yes, that includes Cozart.

      • earmbrister

        I had a baseball autographed by Seaver. In a pinch, I used it to play ball one day. It turned green immediately, nice to know you Tom.

  3. Sliotar

    Good post and good speculation by Nick.

    IMO, there is 2020 and maybe 2021 as “go for it”…. followed, likely, by a period of “re-tooling” or whatever the MLB hot term is for taking a step back for a year or two. Under those conditions, it makes a lot of sense to go after Seager.

    Also, because the Reds and Dodgers front offices have already completed multiple trades.

    Gregorius and any other top free agents still have to be sold on coming to the Reds, even if the club would match on other suitors’ offers.

    To me, for a variety of reasons, I am not sure Reds can plug their roster holes well via free agency.

  4. Pete

    Trading with the Dodgers? No thanks. They steal our lunch money every time. Can we work out a deal with Miami, Detroit or Baltimore?

    • NODH

      I’m a Dodgers fan and you’re right. I’m amazed the reds made that last trade with us we gave you a back up catcher and injury prone pitcher and Puig for a top prospect SS

  5. CI3J

    As long as we’re in la-la land thinking about guys the Reds could get, they absolutely should go all out and get Mookie Betts for CF along with Seager for SS. Will it decimate the farm? Yes, most likely, but the Reds would instantly become a contender with those 2 bats in their lineup. Put Senzel at 2B, and roll with this lineup:

    2B Senzel
    1B Votto
    CF Betts
    3B Suarez
    SS Seager
    LF Winker
    RF Aquino
    C Barnhart

    That is almost a Murderer’s Row caliber lineup, and would certainly put up a ton of runs. It means the Reds would probably have to part with a few of Greene, Lodolo, India, Santillan, Stephenson, and Siri as well as probably R. Iglesias and possible Lorenzen and/or Garrett. But if they can get those two players, they would absolutely compete in 2020, and depending on how much cash they were willing to splash, maybe longer.

    I doubt the Reds are that bold. But wow, would that generate some excitement and interest in the Reds like what the Cleveland Browns did this past offseason.

    • James H.

      Sign Grandal, and I’m onboard this Reds playoff train…

      • CI3J

        Oh, yeah, that too. Grandal makes that lineup insanely scary, provided Senzel, Winker, and Aquino actually live up to their potential.

        Then think about the bench:

        Van Meter
        O’Grady/FA signing/whoever the next best bat is

        That is a very strong team with lots of rotation options to keep guys fresh during the year. Again, I don’t really expect the Reds to be bold enough to get Betts/Seager/Grandal, but if they did….. Wow.

      • James H.

        CJ37, no doubt that bench would rival any other team in the NL. And you are right; if they play up to their potential, they’d have a GREAT shot.

        Then for the future, they also have established veterans to move for re-tooling the talent pool. Key is to always keep moving towards constant improvement and not maintenance, aka. Tanking.

      • Grant

        I have a better chance of winning the lottery twice than all of these things happening…but nice to dream.

    • Indy Red Man

      Mookie? Its only legal if you live in Colorado sir.

    • Broseph

      Hahaha. Go from a offense inept team to a pitching inept team.

      Baseball is a fine line. You need to play both sides of the ball. Maybe not equally well, but teams that are overall well round do the best. Cardinals are doing it with pitching. Washington is well rounded.

      While the Yankees are an offensive juggernaut, their pitching is above average to good.

      Selling out all of this teams pitching to improve offense is not the way to go.

      • Martino

        You nailed that one. The Reds just back in 2018 had a pretty darn good lineup, but the pitching? Lordy, lordy, lordy to put it mildly. They flipped in in 19 with good pitching and horrible hitting without changing a lot in the lineup initially.. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Wait, did the Reds hire Charles Dickens to write for them?

    • Steven Ross

      Please don’t bat Votto 2nd. His best numbers are hitting 3rd. Would you really bat Votto ahead of Betts? I want some speed near the top of the order and Joey has none. I have doubts Barnhart will be our Cather next season.

      • Rod Andrews

        Votto should have always batted third, but the computer runs this team and probably always will. I would actually like to see a manager that actually manages with his head again.

  6. Big Ed

    The Reds fo not have a good record recently with Dodger retreads. It would depend on what they would demand in return, but I am sold on Jose Garcia as the Reds’ future SS.

    I wonder whether the Red Sox would want to dump David Price’s salary ($31 million for 3 more years), packaged with Andrew Benintendi. The Sox have to (or will want to) dump salary to pay for a Mookie Betts extension, plus they have to pay Rafael Devers soon, too. They have soured on Price, and this would reunite him with DJ. Benintendi was a hair disappointing this year, and the Reds could play him in CF. The Sox need bullpen arms and prospects, in addition to payroll space.

    The Red Sox may non-tender Jackie Bradley, Jr. JBJ is very streaky, making Jay Bruce seem as consistent as Jif peanut butter, but he would fit well for a year or two with Cincinnati. He plays an excellent defensive CF, with a plus-plus arm.

    • doofus

      Interesting. Ninety-six million over the next 3 years for a 34 year old pitcher whose best days seem to be behind him may be a little too rich. Although I do like Benintendi.

    • Scott in Texas

      I like this train of thought Big Ed! Would love to see Price in a Reds uniform, and it would be buying low on Benintendi…all the while helping the Red Sox accomplish their goal of trimming payroll.

    • Michael E

      …and Price reunited with former Commodore coach. Maybe he can get him fixed up a bit to be above average LHSP. Add in Benintindi and I am VERY intrigued.

      This is really the first time in a while I am actually hoping the Reds FO goes big. The possibility of a Seager, or Betts or Price/Benintendi (or maybe just Price and they send us a top prospect and we flip it and one other top 4 prospect to Dodgers for Seager)?

      I am growing less fond of waiting for prospects to pan out. I like the idea of hoarding prospects, but the Reds just can’t seem to get many to the bigs with potential intact.

      Might be okay to see them do well with another team if it brings us back a top CF or SS and an SP or a couple of awesome bullpen arms.

      • doofus

        Boston does not have what you could consider a Top prospect.

      • doofus

        I wonder if we can also get Lionel Ritchie from the Sox in the deal?

  7. SultanofSwaff

    I would think the Dodgers will be anxious to show their fan base they’re in it to win it. That could lead to a knee-jerk trade such as this. Justin Turner is well past 30, so it would make sense to offer up India to be the heir apparent. Obviously they’d want some bullpen help…..Lorenzen would make a feel-good story returning to his Cali roots…..or Iglesias, doesn’t matter. Probably a third sweetener to complete the deal—Ervin or Mahle, etc.

    OR, do you go big and offer Geno or Seager straight up? Both are 4+ win players. Anyone else fear Geno had a career year and that the huge strikeout totals are a big red flag and we should sell high?
    Senzel plays 3b in Cincy, Geno plays 1b/3b for LA.

    • Colorado Red

      Do not like the Geno idea.
      Geno is just as good, and cost controlled for a long time.
      Other seem good.

    • Sabr Chris

      That’s a horizontal move at best, especially considering Geno has been better than Seagers. If we trade Geno, it’s a rebuilding move to collect multiple high ceiling pre arbitration talents.

      • doofus

        Or, you get major league or major league ready talent for Suarez.

  8. Ken Crews

    Trade Iglesias, India, & Bauer. Fill Bauer’s spot with a guy like Keuchel or another one year rental from free agency. If they would bite on that trade, it is a no-brainer.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Bauer is not going anywhere. IMO, there is going to be an all-out press to entice him to stay long-term with the presence of Derek Johnson and Bauer’s pals from Driveline.

      • Tommac65

        Baurer is a dream for the Reds, he said he will only sign one year deals, so you won’t have to pay him for years…

  9. AirborneJayJay

    Well, with the Dodgers getting eliminated from the playoffs early after 106 wins, there will definitely be some player changes in LA.
    With Gavin Lux ready, they could move Seager.
    Raisel Iglesias is a good starting point for the Reds. Iggy has 2 years left. Seager has 2 years left.
    This off-season Seager might be the JT Realmuto of last off-season. One the Reds are interested in, but fail big time in landing. And a position the Reds will fill with a below average-ish player, just like last year. Galvis at SS anyone?
    Iglesias is one carrot to dangle. Trevor Bauer would be another carrot the Reds could dangle. A top trade package could be put together with one of these 2 headlining the package.
    Will the Dodgers re-sign Ryu? He is a NL Cy Young Award finalist. If they lose him and Rich Hill, and with Kershaw’s playoff history, Bauer could become a very attractive pitcher for them I would suppose.

    • Michael E

      Oh man, if Iggy and one top 5 prospect (and other filler pieces both sides) could get Seager (and I think it might), I’d be completely on board.

  10. Bill J

    The R.Iggy for Seager deal I would be ok with, but if you put Bauer in I want either Gray or Downs back. As for Betts I don’t think so. I would trade Greene before Lodolo.

    • Michael E

      I would definitely keep Lodolo barring a trade offer we can’t refuse. He and C Stephenson I’d like to keep, but Lodolo, a LHSP and close to bigs, I’d rather keep becuase we’ll be looking for a pitcher just like him in a year or two and wish we had him. That said, if a great offer comes Reds way and Lodolo is a part of it, pull the trigger.

    • burtgummer

      Of the 2 I’d prefer to trade Greene before Lodolo as well.Greene appears to be injury prone.They’re both several years away from the majors anyway
      The Reds traded away some good minor leaguers last year for basically nothing(That Dodgers trade was so awful)
      If they want to improve do it thru FA but I wont hold my breath that they do anything substantial

  11. Kyle

    Player A in 2019 (age 25):

    Played shortstop
    4.0 WAR
    2 years until free agency
    Will cost a lot in terms of trade assets

    Player B in 2019 (age 28):

    Played shortstop and second
    4.0 WAR
    1 year until free agency
    Will cost very little in terms of trade assets

    Who are they? I would be okay with either one honestly

    • Fish

      Player B is Villar, I’m guessing player A is Seager or Lindor?

      Villar probably shouldn’t be playing SS, apparently he generated like -11 Defensive WAR for the brewers in 2016.

      Good train of thought though.

  12. Optimist

    Would they take any 2 relievers? I’d do that in an instant. If more, then start adding and demanding something in return – perhaps get Josiah back? Always trade relievers, correct?

  13. TR

    Corey Seager, at age 26, would look awfully good at shortstop for the Reds. But the FO should proceed con mucho cuidado in any trade with the LAD.

  14. Roger Garrett

    Got to trade value to get it so I agree offering Iggy is a good start.Throw in anybody else we already know about and lets do it.A team that doesn’t trust their pen to get 9 outs to advance in the playoffs after winning 105 games in the regular season needs help.Closers or pen guys should not mean anything to us right now.Lets get some bats and we will figure out how to cover the last couple of innings each game.Just throw in Bob Steve or Garrett and watch them win 15 games as a starter.Heck you could then can Peraza,Galvis and Iggy and take that money and get another bat.Seager fills a big time need that opens up other possibilities.Make the call right now.

  15. Brian Green

    I’m sure if he is on the market the Reds will be the first call they make seeing how they pilfered the Reds in the last trade.

    • Doug Gray

      I’m as big of a Wander Franco stan as there is. He’s not going to be in the big leagues in the first half of 2020, if at all (service time manipulation for the second half if they keep him down). So I’d imagine that Tampa Bay is keeping Adames around for at least the 2020 season.

  16. scottya

    I’m leaning to this:

    Keep our prospects and
    1. Sign Didi Gregorius – 2 year deal 22 million with mutual 3rd year
    2. Sign Yasmani Grandal – 2 year deal 40 million with mutual 3rd year
    3. Sign Jose Iglesias – 1 year 4 million deal
    4. Trade Barnhart for bullpen help, dfa peraza, gausman, & drop Galvis.
    5. Sign Mike Moustakes – 1 year deal 11 million with mutual 2nd year
    6. Sign Alex Wood – 1 year deal 7 million with mutual 2nd year
    7. Sign Zack Wheeler – 3 year deal 39 million deal.

    This all can be done for right at 150 million.

    I’d be fine with:
    Trade for Seager (WRC+ 137 vs RHP) – Iggy, Barnhart & ??
    & do the rest + sign a closer (this may be the best route).


    1. Castillo
    2. Gray
    3. Bauer
    4. Wheeler
    5. Wood

    1. Signing
    2. Lorenzen
    3. Garrett
    4. Mahle
    5. Stephenson
    6. Bowman
    7. FA signing
    8. Reed, Kuhnel, etc.

    VS RHP

    1. Jesse Winker – LF (WRC+ 138 vs RHP)
    2. Mike Moustakas – 2B (WRC+ 113 vs RHP)
    3. Joey Votto – 1B (WRC + 110 vs RHP in 19′)
    4. Yasmani Grandal – C (WRC + 119 vs RHP)
    5. Eugenio Suarez – 3B (WRC+ 107 vs RHP)
    6. Didi Gregorius – SS (WRC + 103 vs RHP)
    7. Josh VanMeter or Aquino – RF or sign corey dickerson (WRC+ 125 vs RHP)
    8. Nick Senzel – CF

    • Colorado Red

      Doubt the offers get it done.
      Grandal, would is probably 3/55. OR at least the 3rd year a player option.
      Didi is probably thinking at least 15 per year.
      Also, think the others are close, but may be a bit low, but I do like the idea.

  17. Curt

    Ha, sure it would be fantastic if Corey Seager played SS for the Reds and I realize the need for conversation but folks, there’s zero chance of this happening.

    I have no idea who Jon Morosi is but he’s not here in L.A covering the Dodgers seriously, It’s pure conjecture on his part and nothing more. Seager isn’t going anywhere. Why? Because he had a bad game in the NLDS? If the Dodgers were even to entertain the idea, it would be for pitching and the offer would have to be huge. And it wouldn’t be for prospects. You’d have to start the conversation with one of Castillo or Gray and then move into the bullpen. It just doesn’t make any sense. And I can’t think of a single position player on the Reds that LA would want or need. Lux isn’t blocked, he can play 2nd just fine, Muncy 1st, Corey SS, Turner 3rd. Belli and Verdugo in OF, Will Smith will take over behind the plate. With the exception of Turner, all these guys are 25 or younger!

    That said, Pederson should be available, Taylor…but the Reds have those guys.

    If you’re looking for a more realistic trade with L.A. that might make sense here’s one.
    With Verdugo proving himself and Matt Beaty as well. You might be able to put together a reasonable package for an underperforming A.J. Pollock to play CF if the Reds would agree to pick up the salary. Might not even have to give up that much. Pollock is getting drowned by the youth options they have and a change of scenery could be just the thing. And the Reds need a centerfielder.

    Another thing the Reds could do with a Dodger now that more money will supposedly be available is to make a run at free agent pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu but they’d have to outbid the Dodgers so that ain’t happenin’ …

    Lastly, there’s Dodgers Pres. of Baseball Ops Andrew Friedman, his contract is up and return uncertain. Now that would be a move!!

    Sorry if I popped anyone’s Seager fantasy bubble but felt I had to say something.
    -Curt in L.A.

    • BK

      First of all, I agree projecting offseason trades, particularly for another teams core player is a bit fantastic. After reading the LA Times article:

      Dodgers get R. Iglesias, Casali and a Top 10-20 prospect

      Reds get: Pollock and Seager

      Pollock has negative trade value. Reds get a SS, a potential CF (if he can stay healthy). Dodgers fortify their bullpen, add a quality backup backstop and a prospect. Value is comparable for both sides.

      • Michael E

        That would only work if Reds take on all salary, the prospect would need to be top 6 or so and I’d also fathom the Dodgers wanting one of Garret or Lorenzen or Rob Steph for extra bullpen ammunition.

        I am not sure Pollack has negative trade value, but if the Dodgers want another team to take on all the salary, yeah, they’ll get a fringy low A ball type back. Seager though would take Iggy and a great prospect or Iggy, a good (top 8 or better) prospect and either another prospect or another good RP.

      • greenmtred

        It probably shows how little I know, but would the Dodgers (or any team) really consider trading a young, talented shortstop for an inconsistent closer?

      • JB

        greenmtred- exactly. Just more reds fans overvaluing their garbage. During the season we couldn’t wait to get iggy out of here. Now he is some amazing talent that’s going to get us Seager.

      • Pete

        Iggy is above average as a” closer”. 85% of the time he was successful in save situations. Not in the exceptional category, +90% but close. Bell didn’t use him properly. Yes, he should be able to pitch well in non-save situations but he doesn’t – it’s reality. His value is probably underestimated by most Reds fans as a strict “closer”. Bell will not use him properly so they should trade but will probably get burnt if they do.

        Can Lorenzen or Garrett be successful 85% of the time or better? Who knows but it’s a high bar. He will not fetch Seager straight up.

    • Pete

      Curt: Great post, I mean really great with local insight. But Verdugo would be the guy to target, forget injury-prone Pollock. I don’t trust the Reds trading but with Verdugo I might be tempted. There is one guy the Dodgers would covet: Nick Lodolo. No way you trade Lodolo for Seagar or Verdugo and if the Dodgers are willing to do so, Lodolo is of Cy Young quality.

      The Dodgers should move heaven and earth to bring in Bruce Bochy. Realistically the team can’t get much more talented and deep. The Dodgers are #2 in all of MLB is both pitching and hitting WAR. There is just nowhere to go but BB knows how to win WS Championships. Dave Roberts is a very good manager but apparently not good enough. Bochy has proven 3 times he is.

      If Andrew Friedman could/would pull this off I would offer him anything he wants to come to Cincinnati. More than anything else, a guy like him is what the Reds need, IMO.

      • TR

        Tampa & LA. Cincinnati should be his next spot. Friedman as pres. of baseball operations and Williams and Krall a step down to GM and Deputy GM.

      • greenmtred

        Pete: Iggy’s above-averageness notwithstanding, if the roles were reversed, would you trade a good young shortstop for him?

      • Curt

        Pete, forgot to say thanks for the comment. Yeah, it all starts at the top eh? Friedman or someone like him would be amazing. Unfortunately, looks like he’s staying put.
        Red Sox we’re hoping as well.

        Sadly, my optimism for the Reds at this point is not very high. Wish it wasn’t so.
        I’d like to see them win again before I die..ha! cheers

  18. Pete

    I doubt Friedman would come unless he has complete control including those directly under him and I would want it that way. I don’t know if it is within MLB rules but the Reds might even have to give AF some small percentage of ownership in the team as part of a package. I’d do that in a NY minute.

    Given the Reds recent past, he won’t come cheap nor accept anything but complete control of baseball operations. Guys at his level typically will distance themselves from family-run organizations unless free from their meddling. Chuck Knoll versus the Rooney family as an example. Fortunately for Pittsburgh the Steelers choose Knoll and the rest is history.
    What do the Reds have to lose?

    • Pete

      Noll & chose…… corrections. This is in response to TR’s post.

    • TR

      Your description of the Reds as a family run organization is a good one. I’m sure there are non-locals who have a minority financial stake in the team, but the principal ownership will always be Cincinnati money.

  19. Ed

    If I were the Reds I’d be on the phone with the White Sox. Those guys have some serious bats and a seriously losing record. Seager would be a great addition too.

    • Optimist

      Agreed, most of the AL Central makes sense as trade partners – they’re all moving in different directions and liable to be looking. The Sox do have bats and would certainly want MLB relievers or AA/AAA starters. Don’t know if the Reds quality would move them, but there is quantity available.

  20. doofus

    Mahle for Byron Buxton? Move Senzel to the dirt.

  21. doofus

    McKay, Honeywell, Brujan and Ronaldo Hernandez for Suarez.

    Senzel to 3B, Brujan to 2B. Reds have 2 RHPs and 2 LHPs in respective Top 10 of positional prospects (aka REAL pitching depth).

    • Curt

      I have no idea who any of those guys are but I believe you’re thinking is in the right direction. Except Reds don’t need a 2B, VanMeter will do just just fine there if they stop screwing around and just give him the position. Stop blocking our kids with waiver claims or the next Dietrich du jour. Quit being afraid to play them in their best positions under the pretense of needing to Zobrist them. The team desperately needs on field leadership. It ain’t comin’ from Votto. Put these two best friends and smart young men where they belong so they can focus on hitting and they could easily become those leaders for years to come. It’s really not complicated.

  22. Old-school

    Mlb traderumors has a piece up on the Rockies. They suggest Trevor story could be a player available.