Bill Lack and I got together to discuss a shockingly active first week of the off-season for the Cincinnati Reds. From changes to the coaching staff to surprise hires to front office claims that they are going to increase the payroll…we break it all down for you. Plus: could you ever drop the Reds for another team?

It’s the off-season edition of the World’s Most Dangerous Podcast!

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8 Responses

  1. Steve Schoenbaechler

    The thing to remember or consider about any and all of this, though, is this.

    Just because we make changes, that doesn’t mean the players “will” perform better, that doesn’t mean they “should” perform better, simply because coaching changes were made.

    Remember, we went out to go get Turner Ward. And, look what happened to our offense. A miserable disaster.

    The players still have to perform.

    • TR

      I doubt that Turner Ward would have been the hitting coach if Puig had not come to Cincy.


      Lol this is true. We’d be better off not making all the moves they did last year. Losing 4 top 10 prospects wasn’t worth picking up 7 wins in a season that we weren’t in contention for 1 day. Not 1 day.

      • Pete

        Looking back at the Dodger trade, it seems in hindsight LA offload parts they no longer wanted and the Reds gave up two decent prospects and offloaded Bailey’s contract. Would they make the trade if given a second opportunity. I doubt it. Unfortunately, it will probably be the case of the more moves made, the greater damage to the franchise.

        I predict they sign Grandal to a 3-5 year contract at ~$20M per. It will be a disaster of historic proportions. If things really go sideways, a similar deal will be worked out with Gregorious. But we will always have Sonny to look back on fondly. Most folks here will be very happy for 6 to 8 months. After that, not so much as a great part of the future will be mortgaged. What comes after is the thing that peaks my interest. Does Bob C. dig the whole deeper or get so frustrated he brings in outsiders and let them run the operation?

  2. Seat101

    Please call the glue factory. The dead horse small market lamentation is boring.

    Judge them on action (no significant FA signing EVER). Then move on. Please

    Otherwise one of your best podcasts all year (so far)

  3. Colorado Red

    One year of Betts for the farm is stupid.
    Singing Yasmani Grandal is my first choice . Big upgrade a catcher.
    Then if you think Didi’s performance was hinder by TJ surgery, sign him.
    Then look for a OF type of guy.
    The 3 big upgrades would help, and probably afford.
    Regardless of the value of the team, payroll is based on cache flow.

    • Seat101

      Grande all comes with a BET history from a team and town that celebrates people with a PED history.
      I don’t know how well he would fit in in Cincinnati

  4. RedsFaninNC

    Make the following free agency signings/trades and extensions this offseason:

    Sign Desclafani to 2 yr contract
    Sign Gregorious to 3 yr contract
    Trade Winker to Braves for Inciarte
    Trade India and Peraza to Tigers for Matt Boyd (LHP)
    Trade R. Iglesias to Dodgers for J. Pederson
    Sign 1 of Will Smith/Dellin Betances for bullpen