Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (73-87)
5 7 2
Pittsburgh Pirates (69-91)
6 10 1
W: Rios, Y (1-0) L: Iglesias (3-12)
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Raisel Iglesias hadn’t allowed a run in the month of September until the Cincinnati Reds rolled in to PNC Park. He promptly allowed a walk-off two-run homer to Kevin Newman, giving the Pittsburgh Pirates their fourth-straight win.

The last two times he’s pitched in PNC Park, Iglesias has allowed the Pirates to win the game in the final frame.

Doing something they’ve done all year, the Reds got the scoring started early. Jose Peraza stole third (after hitting a leadoff double) and the throw went into left field which allowed Peraza to score. Jose Iglesias then added an RBI-ground out to make it 2-0 after one.

Phil Ervin then extended the lead to four with a two-RBI single in the fifth. At that point it felt like the Reds would end the losing skid. If only that feeling proved true.

The bottom of the fifth began worryingly with back-to-back hits from the Pirates 8 and 9-hole hitters. Newman then delivered his first homer of the day, cutting the lead to one. The score would get knotted up in the sixth when Peraza attempted to double-up the runner on first after catching a soft line drive. His throw bounced into foul territory and allowed the runner on third to coast home.

Marty Brennaman Memorial Game Ball

Would the game have ended the right way, Michael Lorenzen was the MVP. Dude started in center field and bounced back after striking out in his first three at-bats to hit the go-ahead RBI-single in the eighth. Cool part was, he moved from centerfield to the mound in the seventh, which put him in line for the win. He tossed two perfect innings before handing things off to Iglesias and…we already covered that part.

Random Notes

  • Jose Iglesias walked in the ninth inning for just the 18th time all year. He has two more doubles (20) than walks.
  • The Reds drew eight walks and collected seven hits.
  • Anthony DeSclafani will finish the year with a 3.89 ERA in 166.2 innings pitched.
  • The Reds have lost 33 one-run games
  • If the Reds lose one more game to the Pirates it will be the most losses to an opponent in 2019.

Saturday’s game, the second-to-last of 2019, will feature a bullpen day for the Redlegs and (James) Marvel pitching for the Pirates. First pitch is set for 7:05 p.m.

33 Responses

  1. Sliotar

    11th straight loss in Pittsburgh. Yikes.

    • RojoBenjy

      Have the Reds had a mentally tough club since Greg Vaughan left the team?

  2. Jeremiah Grissom

    Reds hope for next year…Winker and Senzel stay healthy and become the good young hitters they were projected to be. To me things aren’t looking as promising going forward as entering the season unfortunately. Mahle should be a good starting pitcher. All the injuries? Maybe next year is the year they at least hit .500 but the Reds as an organization can’t seem to quite get it together.

    Also, will Turner Ward be back as hitting coach?

    • Mike

      Please. NO on Ward coming back. Get back to situational hitting and fundamentals.

    • Mason Red

      Unfortunately the FO is also thinking “at least hit .500” next year. That’s the goal. Create some buzz which increases attendance because of hopefull Reds fans believing and laugh all the way to the bank. It’s Bengals 2.0.

      • Pete

        Whatever the Reds are doing isn’t increasing attendance, another disaster at the gate. Might try a completely different route. Maybe competence is the answer? Na, probably not.

        One of the best things we can do as fans is pray the Cincy soccer team really takes off and chips away at the Reds softer support base members – those who remain. The whole organization is an embarrassment to the City and the team’s fans – you can ask Joey Votto – “it’s unacceptable”.

    • Jack

      Mahle a good starting pitcher, if he starts the year as a starter something is not right.

      • Burtgummer

        Mahle is a good starting pitcher??
        Are you trying a career in comedy?

  3. RedNat

    You have to think Bell won’t be back next year. I don’t question his managing skills but at this point I do question his coaching skills. At some point you have to motivate your players to beat the stinking pirates I mean come on. I felt last year Riggleman lost his job in September after being swept by The Royals and now Bell may lose his job in September because he cant beat Pittsburgh

    • burtgummer

      Bell isn’t going anywhere wishful thinking.Bell is their guy (aka cheap)
      Ownership has no interest in winning as long as their pockets get filled

      • Mike

        I am afraid that my friends is the scary truth!!

      • RojoBenjy

        Agreed Bell is here til his contract expires at the very least. This is Cincinnati.

      • Pete

        Disagree it’s worse – they are trying to win. They.don’t.have.the.skillset. I think your barking up the wrong tree.

      • RojoBenjy


        If by “they” you mean the guys trying to build the roster—I think you’re on to something.

      • Pete

        Rojo: at the end of the day the Reds organization suffers from a severe case of inbreeding. I have no doubt everyone wants to win but when everybody surrounding you is a loser, including you, it kills any hope of winning. They don’t know how. Best move the Reds made is hiring Derek Johnson. Can you imagine the Reds record without him?

        Hate to kills people’s dreams but this club is going nowhere until a thorough and complete clearing out of all upper management personnel. Dream of Anthony Rendon but put yourself in his shoes: why would he/you ever play for the Reds?

    • Steven Ross

      I hope you’re right. I don’t want him back. I thought Dusty’s lineups were head scratchers but Bell’s drives me nuts. “It doesn’t matter where you bat in the lineup”. I’ll never forget those words from last May in SF.

      I read, for what it’s worth, Castellini was the only one who really wanted Bell. He’ll probably be back but I have zero faith in him going forward.

  4. D

    Clint Hurdle can beat David Bell with a wet broomstick as a bat,and 9 convicts pulled out of the clink.Get used to it.

    • TR

      Hurdle will be gone at Pitt and Bell will stay in 2020, so the Red’s bullpen better be strengthened.

  5. Big Ed

    Raisel sinks to the occasion again. The walk-off was in the geometric center of the strike zone, as we have come to expect of RI all year. When the chips are down, he will always find the fattest part of the plate.

    His apologists will say that he’d been fine recently, albeit in meaningless September games. But 12 losses for a 9th-inning pitcher is beyond belief.

    They just can’t have this albatross next year. Trade him to a team like the Angels.

    Meanwhile, the Reds couldn’t hold a 4-run lead to a bad team without about 4 of its best hitters, losing because they gave up 2 homers to Alfred E. Newman.

    They quit every year.

    • TR

      R. Iglesias finds it difficult to not put a runner on in just about every closing attempt. If he can control giving up the long ball, perhaps it’s time for a Stevenson and Garrett closing combo.

      • Ed

        Sadly Garrett is no better. His performance since before the break has been atrocious

      • TR

        At the age of 28, I would not give up on Amir Garrett. Good lefthanders are not that easy to find. Often, this season, he seemed a bit overactive. But I think pitching coach Johnson can make progress with Garrett as has happened with Robert Stevenson.

    • jim walker

      When my hockey team, the Blue Jackets, was bad, it seemed like every killer goal they allowed was by some guy who was the most unlikely guy to ever score a goal.

      We see some of the same too often with the Reds.

      Newman probably wasn’t that long of a shot to get one; but 2 in the same game?!?

      Lack of prep or failure of concentration by the Reds?

  6. NCHank

    Another strong finish by the Reds! Nothing like a seven game losing streak to end the season to build confidence for 2020 . . . Hey, I know they have only lost five in a row so far, but you don’t think they are going to win these last two games in Pittsburgh! I sure don’t!

  7. jessecuster44

    If the Reds want to win next year, they HAVE to get rid of players who have demonstrated that they can’t win. Iggy, Mahle, Peraza – all should be sent packing one way or another. Bring in vets who have been to the playoffs. Create a winning culture.

    • Pete

      Williams & Bell are going to create a winning culture? Really? You think this? Why? Yes, the Reds need new hands but if the current management is selecting them, they may as well save their time and trouble. Some of you guys don’t get it. It’s hopeless.

  8. scotly50

    The Reds are what they are and have been.

  9. Pablo

    At least we won’t lose 90 games this season.

    Gosh I hate PITTSberg

    • RojoBenjy

      “At least we won’t lose 90 games this season.”

      And THAT—is “Mission Accomplished” for the ownership.

  10. Jon

    Reds can’t consistently hit or pitch. Bell sounds like he is sleep walking. Sad in every phase from top down.

  11. Ernest Howerton

    Just like last night with the ball rolling away from first base and third base,just sloppy.Theres no excuse for it.

  12. TR

    Reds fall in Red’s fashion…. Two highlights of the 2019 season: too many called third strikes from the offense, and too many one-run losses.