Final R H E
Milwaukee Brewers (88-80)
9 11 0
Cincinnati Reds (73-85)
2 4 1
W: Lyles (12-8) L: Mahle (2-12)
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The game was over before the Reds even had a chance to hit. Two home runs, including a grand slam in the top of the first had the Reds trailing 6-0 and Milwaukee never looked back and the Cincinnati offense never really got going.

The Offense

Eugenio Suarez hit his 49th home run of the season while going 2-3 with a walk. Tucker Barnhart went 2-2 with 2 doubles and 2 walks. Jose Peraza singled in the 9th. That was it. No other hits.

The Pitching

Tyler Mahle allowed 7 hits, 3 home runs, hit a batter, and walked 3 more. The Brewers scored 6 runs in the first inning and almost ran him from the game as they sent 11 batters to the plate.

Keury Mella threw 2.2 shutout innings of relief with 4 strikeouts. Sal Romano gave up a run in 2.0 innings. Jimmy Herget tossed 2.0 shutout innings.

Notes Worth Noting

Eugenio Suarez is now all by himself atop the all-time list for home runs hit by a National League third baseman with 49. That also extends his record for home runs hit by a Venezuelan born player.

The Brewers clinched a playoff spot with the win. The Reds did not.

Tomorrow is the final call for Marty Brennaman’s final Cincinnati Reds broadcast. For those of you out of the Cincinnati market, MLB Network will have the game along with Marty’s call overlaid from 700 WLW for the entirety of the game. Fox Sports Ohio will be carrying Marty’s call ONLY for the 9th inning of the game in what is a huge mistake by whoever is making all of this happen. How everyone in the country EXCEPT Cincinnati/the Cincinnati market gets to hear all of broadcast with Marty Brennaman over the video is absolutely incredible. *End Rant*

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds

Thursday September 26th, 12:35pm ET

Chase Anderson (7-4, 4.30 ERA) vs Luis Castillo (15-7, 3.25 ERA)

9 Responses

  1. Ethan L

    Here’s a way to listen. Go to Lexington, KY ESPN radio website. They stream Reds’ games. You can also find them via the free SmartRadio App. WATH in Athens and WRBI also stream Reds’ games regularly for free online. That’s how I listen out here in AZ.

  2. Rich H

    If there is anything right in this world, Marty will get to sign off with “And this one belongs to the Reds!”

    Losing season be darned if that gets to be Marty’s last call.

  3. Mason Red

    There are light years between the Reds and the Brewers. It wasn’t that long ago that the Brewers were a laughing stock. They became successful but then like most small market teams had to rebuild but they did so quickly and now they’re back. That’s the way to do a rebuild. The Reds blew theirs.

  4. VaRedsFan

    The Brewers didn’t cry when they lost the best player in the NL. They pulled their pants up and went to work and won 17 of 19. Hats off to them.

    The Nationals didn’t panic when they were 19-32 to start the season. Everybody was ranting on Dave Martinez the way that some rant about David Bell. The Nationals have gone 70-37 since. They won because they have better players at nearly every position, not because the manger suddenly figured out how to manage.

    • Pete

      David Bell has zero qualifications to be a MLB manager. None. Zero. It’s a farce, we need to stop pretending. It’s not that Bell, Williams, etc. are knuckleheads but they are basically amateurs against the best in the world at their craft. With Marty leaving it’s a good time to go in a totally new direction. The BRM guys are getting elderly and the team needs it’s own identity.

      Interesting interview with Joey Votto by C. Trent Rosencrans. Joey appears to be smelling the coffee and is coming around to reality as far as the Reds go and not overly confident he will play out his contract. In his favor, he wants to remain a Red – very few if any players would give up an opportunity to be on a WS Champ to do time with a team like the Reds. I wouldn’t. JV deserves all the accolades he is receiving from his fans. One of a kind in many ways. JV’s bottom line: six straight years of losing is taking its toll. New players are not the answer although they certainly will be needed. But the captains of the ship have no idea where they’re going. Keep hope alive!

      • Mason Red

        A different manager wouldn’t have made a difference with this team. It was a hodgepodge of rental players,inexperience players,bench players forced into starting roles and playing out of position,castoffs and waiver wire pickups. Not that long ago when the Reds were 6-7 games out of the wildcard,those moves were being praised here on RLN. A lot of us didn’t buy it and now most have seen the paint on the wall with this franchise. This franchise isn’t in it to win it. For lifelong fans like me it’s extremely sad to see a team like the Brewers…who not long ago were as bad as the Reds….changed their ways and built a winner. And then rebuilt it into another winner. I have no hope the Reds will make the necessary moves to right the ship because it would be a colossal and expensive undertaking to fix this franchise top to bottom. It has to start with ownership and currently they aren’t interested in doing what’s necessary except laugh all the way to the bank.

    • TR

      It all comes down to winning. Congratulations those who got it done.

  5. BK

    Really disappointing when the game is lopsided before many fans were even in their seats. There were no pitching/exit velocities displayed at the game or in the app (perhaps Trackman is down).

    Mella and Herget pitched well in relief while Romano labored. It will be interesting to see if either Romano or Mella remain on the 40man roster over the offseason as both are now out of options … nice arms, poor results.

    Brewers continue to shine. Their 2- and 3-hole hitters were value plays last offseason and have been very productive . Let’s hope the Reds can similar upgrades this offseason. We simply need more talent than we currently have.

  6. AirborneJayJay

    “Bludgeoned’ is a good word to describe the Reds season. It is exactly what the Reds front office and having David Bell as manager of the 2019 Reds has done to my optimism, my enthusiasm, my spirit and my love for the Reds. My fandom has been bludgeoned to death by Williams, Castellini, and Bell. The last 2 off-seasons were full of empty promises from the front office and very empty gestures for a competing team and lineup.
    There is much talk about the Reds are “All-in” for 2020. I don’t buy that for one second. This Reds franchise under Castellini has never been “All-in”. Even back in the 2012 and 2013 seasons the Reds were never in an “All-in” phase, as evidenced by Jocketty’s lack of activity at improving the team. A one year rental of Choo for 2013 was certainly not enough for the team, and that was about the extent of Jocketty’s improvement.
    Let’s see if Williams can work out another genius trade with the Dodgers this winter. Lets see what top prospects Williams can give away this winter for one year rentals that don’t produce or can’t even make it to the field. Lets see how many more Freddy Galvis types (.288 OBP) Williams can pick up this winter.