This week’s big question: Should Reds fans have confidence in the current front office to get the job done over the upcoming off-season? Bill Lack and I have some thoughts on that topic. Plus, we evaluate Nick Senzel’s rookie season, the brilliance of Sonny Gray, and what we should expect from Joey Votto in the future. All that, plus #ViewerMail!

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13 Responses

  1. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Can they? Sure. They showed they did it for the pitching.

    But, will they? That’s always left to chance. Even if they set the team up just like they want it, the players still have to perform.

    As well as, there’s still plenty of ways they can go. It’s going to be interesting to see which way they do go. I just hope part of that includes but not limited to making sure to develop the minors. As in, getting some instructors, trainers, etc., down there to develop these kids. Or minors were horrible this year.

  2. AirborneJayJay

    Can the front office get the job done?
    Sadly, the answer would be a big fat NO in capital letters, in bold type and underlined.
    They are pretty inept at roster construction and roster management. They seem satisfied with the mediocrity that they have created. They also seem satisfied with the view from the 4th place level of the NL Central. If I was a betting man, I would wager a hefty sum that the theme song of the old TV show The Jeffersons plays daily in the Reds front office.

    “Fish don’t fry in the kitchen
    Beans don’t burn on the grill
    Took a whole lotta trying
    Just to get up that hill.

    Now we’re up in the big leagues
    Getting our turn at bat
    As long as we live, it’s you and me baby
    There ain’t nothing wrong with that

    Well, we’re moving on up to the east side
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky
    Moving on up to the east side
    We finally got a piece of the pie.”

    I would also surmise that in the Reds front office there is a lot of patting each other on the back for a job well done in 2019. We made it out of last place.
    However, the 30,000 empty seats at each home game tells a different story. Except Cubs games, where Cubs fans make GABP look like a Little Wrigley.

    • Mason Red

      Well they haven’t made it out of last place yet but I agree with what you said. There has been far too much praise heaped on the FO for their “success”. That’s what separates this franchise from those who are actually successful: mediocrity is not only acceptable but it’s also praised. There are some bits and pieces here especially LC and SG. Most franchises would try and build around those players…and it would take lots of building…but they would try. Trying for this franchise means rental players and castoffs. And in the process of bringing those types of players here the minors were depleted in the process. I expect more of the same this offseason and the next and the next. So on and so on and so on.

      • greenmtred

        I’m afraid that I agree with every word you wrote, Mason Red. It has become impossible for me to be an apologist for the Reds.

  3. TR

    As fans, the front office is all we have regarding change and improvement on the Reds before another season rolls around.

  4. RedNat

    I liked what the front office did over the offseason with the moves. The in season moves ,not so much. the Puig/Trammel trade still really confuses me. the team has just not been the same without Puig. my opinion is that if they had kept Puig, Scooter and Roarke we would be competing for the final playoff spot now.

    • Kevin Davis

      You do know that the Giants released Scooter ? To say that we would be battling for playoff with Scooter is a vast overstatement.

    • Pete

      Wish it were so RedNat but the problems run very deep. I don’t believe for a second the Reds are just player or two away.

      Trammell may develop into a great MLB player but he wouldn’t in the Reds organization. I’ve noticed many of the Reds prospects start out well but by the time they hit AA it’s curtains. Jeter Downs looks like he may very well turn out to be a gem but it will be due to the Dodgers farm system, this is what the Dodgers do – they develop talent. Same with Shed Long. So at the end of the day it will appear the Reds traded away their good prospects and kept the losers, where it might be they can’t develop major leaguers. This is a far bigger problem than trading Puig, Rourke and Trammell.

      People will come to this conclusion in their own time but it’s coming. One word to describe the Reds organization: amateurish.

      • Mason Red

        Finally we agree Pete. This franchise and team are many players away from being competitive. And this franchise has been horrendous at developing players for years and that’s where the trouble lies. It has been ignored and or patched for decades despite changes in ownership and FO personnel.

      • Pete

        Mason – my point is not we’re are “X” players away but we are an organization replacement away. I don’t think shuffling players in and out or around will work no matter the number. These guys can’t get it done, you can’t give them enough resources to succeed.

        Small market teams have to develop players whether ones they drafted or ones they acquired. Doug said the Reds replaced upper tiers in management but have the same crew on the ground. What good does this do? Tells me the upper tier is still garbage.

      • Curt

        I don’t study the minors enough to come to an informed conclusion regarding development but one things for sure when players finally do make it, finally get that call-up after years of hard work, they more times than not get the royal runaround, forced to jump through hoops, forced to move to different positions, get blocked again by waiver claims who get handed the keys, shown no confidence, ride the pine, have their minors stats ignored, you name it. Everything other than what should be happening which is welcoming them with open arms and told “You guys are the best of the system and deserve to be here. We believe in you and will do everything we can to ensure your success because without you boys there is no future, so were would you guys like to play? How can we make you comfortable? And we’ll do our best to see that it happens.”
        We had 4 main first time call-ups this year and only one was given the respect he deserved. These are your TOP AAA Performers, players of the year! Of those 4, one is now out for the season and the others are fading into ghosts. And yes add Peraza to this group. Surprised? Nope. It’s an upside down philosophy.
        And for those who say, “I don’t think they’re complaining” think again. They’re human. We had two public complaints from pitchers that made the news, justified or not, isn’t the point. Players ARE complaining and I’m sure there’s more that are complaining as well but just aren’t saying anything. If this was the NBA we’d probably have a trade demand or two! The kids need to come together and lay it out, if you don’t want us here, then please trade us somewhere (like Seattle) where guys are given an equal opportunity, we’ve earned that!

  5. D

    Grandfather,Canadian Calvary of WW1,mom grew up near where Riverfront stadium stood,father an OSP trooper who even though stationed in St Clairesville,always got us to a Reds game every year.Rember an inning at Crosley field ,when tornado started over stadium and hit Milford.With today’s analytical game,driving ball or bust,few hit and runs ,no attempts to just dribble a ball in a vacated area due to a shift,etc.Has left little desire to continue to support Cincy any more.A David Bell coached game is the most boring baseball known to mankind win or lose.

  6. redsfanhelpme

    Yes! Finally people on here saying what I have said about the Front Office. Time for change starting at the TOP!