Nick Senzel may not play again this year. Jeff Piecoro had some bad news from the Cincinnati Reds manager late last night during the Reds broadcast on Fox Sports Oho. David Bell noted before the game that Nick Senzel’s shoulder “is not getting any better” and that “we may not see him again this season”.

Updated: 9/12 at 8:55pm

As it turns out, Nick Senzel is done for the year as reported by C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic.

A torn labrum usually requires surgery, but sometimes it can be rehabbed without surgery. As of this time we do not know which option Nick Senzel and the Reds will be attempting. What we do know is that the rookie outfielder’s season is officially over at this point.

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Nick Senzel last played four days ago when he pinch ran. He also pinch ran the day before. But his last at-bat came on September 5th. Initially there wasn’t much of a thought that he was injured. He was in the lineup on the 4th, but was a late scratch before the game. He was said to be day-to-day at that point, but that obviously hasn’t turned around as noted above, the shoulder hasn’t really made any progress since then.

After three quality months at the plate for Nick Senzel, August was a month that saw him struggle. He hit just .184 during the month. That carried into the early part of September, too. The slump dinged his overall numbers. Through July 31st he was hitting .285/.346/.475. But if his season were to end today his line on the year would be .256/.315/.427.

For the Reds it seems that they will just continue to mix-and-match who will play in center. Phillip Ervin and Brian O’Grady seem to be the two most likely options. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Reds get crazy and let Michael Lorenzen get a start or two out there as they come down the stretch, either.

Sonny Gray gets closer to 200

On Monday morning I wrote about how Sonny Gray could possibly join Luis Castillo in the 200 strikeout club this season. Castillo got there in his last start and sits on 208 for the season as I type this. Gray entered last night’s start with 181 and four starts remaining on the season if he stayed with a normal schedule. Despite losing his no-hitter and shutout on a 3-run home run in the bottom of the 7th inning, Gray struck out 9 batters to push him to 190 on the season with three starts remaining.

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  1. Steven Schoenbaechler

    No problem shutting down Senzel. Any regular with any sort of injury problems should probably be shut down for the season. And, see what the call-ups can do. I mean, once you are out of the race, why press any issue and possibly cause career-ending injury.

  2. DocProc

    O’Grady should play in CF the rest of the season. See what we have. Maybe start Lorenzen there against lefties.
    I have not been on the “move Senzel back to the infield” train, but if O’Grady panned out in CF, I might be ready to see Nick at 2B, where he wouldn’t crash into walls and dive for fly balls.

    • Tv

      Ya lets let a no name guy play over real prospects

      • Colorado Red

        The real prospect has a shoulder injury.
        Why risk a major injury that will affect Nick next year?

    • jbonireland

      Playing Lorenzen in CF is, in my opinion, is only asking for injuries to happen. While we all wet ourselves every time He hits a HR, he is perhaps one of our most valuable relief pitchers now and in the future. If you want to make Lorenzen the starting CF next year then start it in spring training. I would however sit him down and tell him he can compete for the closers role now and for next year.

      • Eric B

        Great analogy for when Lorenzen hits a homerun. Funny haha!

  3. Mason Red

    Well there goes that 4th place finish I was dreaming of.

  4. Klugo

    I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. Spoiler alert: it ends with surgery

    • Jim Walker

      I’ve had growing concern for Senzel’s well being since I heard/ read the “I” word, impingement, used in connection with his shoulder.

      Recall that Mesoraco required surgery for both a hip and shoulder impingement. As they say, I am not a doctor (and it has been years if ever since I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express); and, I don’t know the levels and alternate Tx for an impingement injury. However, once bitten I can’t help but be concerned.

      • Mark Moore

        I’m not a doctor, I regularly stay at HI Express, and I’m in complete agreement. Get it fixed and get him ready for Spring if that’s possible.

        I think he’s a better body type than Mez and of course won’t have to deal with the strain of catching either. But being the CF guy will put anyone at risk. I’m fine with him there (I think he did well enough from what I can observe), but there are still a lot of chess pieces to sort through in the coming months.

        +500 for the thoughts.

      • DrDanPT

        I’m a PT and those are 2 completely different things. Hip impingement generally is the labrum or an issue with the femoral head. The shoulder is just likely a subacromial impingement in case you want to read up on it a little bit. It is typically inflammation that causes that. He will likely not need surgery unless there’s a tear somewhere in the rotator cuff.

      • george

        I will usually stay at an InterContinental 🙂 so my question is what do the X-rays, CAT scans, or MRI scans show? Is this the thinking of Reds medical staff or professional Doctors??

      • Eric B

        Impingement refers to something applying pressure on a nerve causing pain. I’m no doctor either but I’ve had many nerve impingement issues over the years. As a matter of fact I’ve got impingement in my low back and left shoulder as of right now. Believe me, it hurts like hell so I can feel Nicks pain.

      • Lockersocks79

        I’m not a doctor either, but I usually stay at a Hampton Inn. While there I usually google random wiki pages and take full advantage of the free breakfast buffets! I haven’t looked up a wiki of Senzel’s current injury but I have followed the Reds closely and all I can say is:

        -Drop Bell and hire Barry Larkin. Bells choices lost a number of games by himself.

        -Trade Bauer this off season for a bullpen arm or what ever. Then go all in on Garrett Cole. Cole doesn’t like Bauer; we currently have $40 plus to spend this off season and that would be a huge gain.

  5. Hotto4Votto

    Senzel’s overall numbers this season aren’t much to write home about. Was it the batting stance change? Was it the league adjusted to him and he hasn’t made the adjustments back? Did he have nagging injuries or just wore down?

    Figuring out why he slumped so bad down the stretch will be helpful for future roster decisions.

  6. Chris Holbert

    I was a fan of putting Senzel in CF and letting him go. He seemed to adjust fine, but he has had occasion to be injured in the minors. Since he is definitely not going anywhere, they should really decide how to keep him on the field. If he is 110% percent all the time, CF may be a little treacherous, maybe he should be looked at somewhere in the IF and find someone to play CF.

  7. RedNat

    with Winker and Senzel out this is Peraza and Ervin’s time to shine. I still have not given up on them ( and I am not sure why really ?). With Peraza his best ability is availability and I love his attitude and willingness to play different positions. Ervin has the potential but the consistency is something I hope he can develop

  8. TR

    Get Senzel injury-free and put him at second base in 2020. Backed up by Van Meter, he’ll flourish. Centerfield is a big question mark for the FO.

    • Dead Red(s)

      Senzel..injury free… that’s a good one. If it isn’t vertigo it’s a finger. If it isn’t a finger it’s a hamstring. Not the hammy, the shoulder. And if his body is fine, it’s the pollen and allergies.
      He may be more injury prone than Winker, and that is saying something.

      • TR

        I’m glad you enjoyed that and a laugh.

  9. Seat101

    Didn’t they put padding on the wall to protect Curt Blefary?

    • JB

      Good Lord you just made me feel old. Most people on here have no idea who clank is. Good one Seat.

      • Seat101

        I’m glad to see there’s at least one other old salt here

  10. Bill J

    My concern is still Senzel’s & Winker’s physical injuries and JV back and age. Does anyone know how many game these 3 have missed in the last 3 years because of physical problems?

  11. Mark Moore

    Shut him down, fix it, and get ready for next Spring. That’s all you can do at this point and there is no need to keep him in a position where he might sustain another injury in a lost season.

  12. Scott C

    I forget which shoulder it was, but if it was not his throwing shoulder it may not be bad. Remember Jesse came back from shoulder surgery this year and his power and hitting seemed ok, minus a dismal first week or so.

  13. Old-school

    Perhaps the shoulder was a nagging injury that did impact his performance. The worrisome sign for this Reds team is the anemic offense. Dick Williams said at the 2018 trade deadline they wanted a deep dynamic offense with a roster of high on base guys in 2019. They are in the bottom third of almost every offensive metric in baseball. They don’t create runs.

    The walk rates are particularly awful. Iglesias 3% Peraza 4% Aquino 5% Ervin 5% Senzel 7 %. The K rates for Ervin and Senzel are too high. Votto s walk rate is a career low with a career high K rate and an fWAR of 0.7. Barnhart walks but can’t hit for average or power. Too many flawed hitters. Galvis isn’t the answer. Bell’s platoons and rotations hide the problem- a fundamentally flawed offensive roster construction with too many guys who simply can’t hit.

    Winker is the 2nd best hitter on the team. Decent avg. Good obp. Good power .good walk rate. Great K rate.

    Senzel needs to get back to being a complete hitter and Joey Votto needs to be a much more productive hitter in 2020 if this team has any chance.

    • Jim Walker

      Winker is a strong hitter the 70% or so of the time a RH pitcher is on the mound. Paint him into a corner where he has to face a LH pitcher and his career OPS drops to under .550 and wRC+ is in the mid 50’s. This is why he is being platooned and pulled even early in games rather than being sent to bat versus LH pitching. Add him to the list of flawed players.

      • Old-school

        Jesse Winker is an elite 25 yo hitter. Sample size against lefties. Nick Senzel has twice the at bats in his rookie year against same handedness. His splits are bad. Suarez became a great hitter in year 3 after 1500+ at bats. Give Winker the same as Hamilton. Peraza. Suarez. Give Ervin the same.

        Winker has flaws…. But he’s an elite hitter with elite plate discipline. Go watch his 105 mph EV against Josh Hader.

      • citzen54

        I agree. They should give Winker more chances to hit against lefties. He has had a mere 50 PAs against lefties this year with a 27 wRC+. Last year he had a 95 wRC+ against lefties in 57 PAs. If the Reds are going to make any meaningful progress they need to give their young players a chance to develop.

  14. Eric B

    I think maybe pitchers no longer consider Votto a threat for extra bases or power so they are no longer pitching around him and more to him which would explain the drop in walk percentage. Plus he is taking more strikes while still trying to increase his OBP resulting in alot of 2 strike counts. Then he is being challenged with more fastballs because pitchers no longer feel he is a viable threat. The numbers sadly confirm this as true.

  15. AirborneJayJay

    Just another tough, tough break for Senzel. Can’t keep him on the field. Mind boggling injury history and he isn’t even 25 years old yet. This just makes the pick at #2 in 2017 for Hunter Greene even more dubious. The India pick in 2018 isn’t far behind in dubiousness.
    Roster construction and roster management is not a trait in high standing within the Reds front office. And unfortunately, smart roster utilization is not a trait in the field manager. The theme of the 2019 season should go down as “Offensive Paralysis by Over-Analysis.”

    • RedsMonk65

      “Offensive Paralysis by Over-Analysis.”

      I like that. And it fits–on several levels.

    • Curt

      “Offensive Paralysis by Over-Analysis.”


      • Mason Red

        I will have to check the full analytics to see if analysis paralysis is appropriate in the description of stats running amuck. After all there is a stat somewhere that will prove anything and everything.

  16. Erik the Red

    We need him completely healthy in 2020 and beyond to have any chance of improving this franchise.

  17. D

    The difference between Senzel and Winkler injuries is speed ,when you drive fast the damage is moderate to severe.The only way for the elite Winkler to get hurt is breaking a finger or wrist throwing his helmet or bat down after hitting into shift for umpteenth time.What little difference you folks believe his elite hitting is,is made up by amount of coverage by Senzel,and his ability to score if they do get on.

    • doofus

      Uh? What does this mean in English? Thanks!

      “What little difference you folks believe his elite hitting is,is made up by amount of coverage by Senzel,and his ability to score if they do get on.”

  18. doofus

    Torn labrum in throwing shoulder. Not good news.

  19. doofus

    Reds will definitely need to find a CF for 2020.

    • Erik the Red

      I thought the same thing in that his throwing arm shoulder injury may now limit his future positions to LF, 2nd or 1st.

  20. D

    Sorry Mr Doofus ,I’m of northern Appalachia’s,but it was shortened baseball comparison lingo ,but you would probably need to understand a little more about baseball defense,and base running to fully understand it,I guess?

  21. Curt

    I know i’m in the minority here but I never liked the idea of moving Senzel to CF in the first place. It never felt right to me. It always felt like a short sighted compromise rather than a long-term solution. Worse there was something that felt “cheap” about it and I don’t mean money. amateurish. And it’s not because I didn’t think he could cut it, he did ok. It’s because it didn’t make sense to me to ask so much of your top prospect, the first in how long? To make such a last minute radical change just so they could find a way to get him onto the 25 man and into the line-up. It’s a testament to his character that he even agreed to do it. He wanted on the team, so he did. Just never should have been put in that position (no pun int.) Should have rolled out the carpet for him and put him where he wanted, just like they did for Aquino. It’s the one big mistake the FO made this year, in my mind.

    Senzel doesn’t want to be in centerfield anymore than Peraza wants to be in Left.
    I’d bet on it.

    Ironically of course is the fact that the guy blocking him is no longer on the team or even on the team he was eventually traded to. And yes Scooter’s injury was unforeseen but it doesn’t change the fact that Senzel should have been the priority all along.

    I also believe that by having to expend excess focus and energy on learning CF (the most demanding OF spot) on the fly, it hurt his ability to stay fully focused on his offense, resulting in the less than stellar numbers. my opinion of course.

    • Old-school

      Gold Glove infielder and #2 prospect in baseball yet has no position in the infield on a 90 loss team 4 years running.
      Says more about the Reds rebuild with no CF or SS succession plan 5 years running.