The Reds begin their penultimate road trip of 2019 tonight with the first of three games versus the Seattle Mariners.   For those wondering, the Reds and Mariners last met in 2016 when the Mariners swept a 3 game series at GABP. Overall, the Reds have won just 2 of 15 games played between the teams. Their most recent win versus the Mariners came in 2013 at GABP. The Reds other win against the Mariners happened in Seattle back in 2007.

The Mariners come into this series at 58-86 having lost 8 of their last 10 games. The Reds enter the series at 67-77,  winners of 4 of their last 10. The stars may just favor the Reds chances of turning a new page in the history of competition between these two teams. Game time is 10:10PM EDT.

Starting Pitchers 

Righthander Trevor Bauer makes his  eighth start for the Reds. Saying things haven’t quite gone well with him as a Red so far is probably an understatement. The good news is he is still striking out a lot of people among  the walks, home runs and other hits he is allowing (BABIP .379; WHIP 1.69 w/ Reds). That has to be a cause for believing that someday he will get better, doesn’t it? Let’s hope so.

For what it is worth, or not, current members of the Mariners have .680 OPS versus Bauer in 68 plate appearances. However there are a couple of Mariners with seasonal OPS numbers in the .800 or better range who have never faced Bauer.

Justus Sheffield, a 23 year old left hander, will start for the Mariners.  Sheffield was the first round draft pick of Cleveland (#31 overall) in June of 2014. He was shipped to the Yankees (along with Clint Frazier and 2 other players) for super reliever Andrew Miller in a 2016 deadline deal and  subsequently  on to the Mariners this past off season as part of the package which sent starter James Paxton to the Bronx.

Sheffield made a single relief appearance for the Mariners in April before being sent to the minors. He was recalled in mid August and placed into the Mariners rotation. Tonight will be his fourth start of the season and major league career. Indications are he is a fastball (93 MPH)/ slider (83 MPH) pitcher who  mixes in an occasional change up.  Interestingly, his change up averages 4 MPH or so more in velocity than his  slider.

Pitcher Innings ERA FIP WHIP HR/9
Trevor Bauer w/Reds 35.0 8.23 5.27 1.69 2.06
Justus Sheffield 16.1 5.51 5.42 1.78 1.65



Both teams appear to have been off on Monday. Therefore the biggest bullpen question may be what Michael Lorenzen is up to tonight. Reliever, pinch hitter, CF substitute or possibly all 3?



1. Alex Blandino (DH)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Aristides Aquino (RF)
5. Jose Iglesias (SS)
6. Phillip Ervin (CF)
7. Freddy Galvis (2B)
8. Jose Peraza (LF)
9. Tucker Barnhart (C)

10. Trevor Bauer (SP)

1. Dee Gordon (2B)
2. Austin Nola (1B)
3. Kyle Seager (3B)
4. Tom Murphy (C)
5. Daniel Vogelbach (DH)
6. Kyle Lewis (RF)
7. Tim Lopes (LF)
8. Mallex Smith (CF)
9. Dylan Moore (SS)

10. Justus Sheffield (SP)


Pre-game News and Notes

C. Trent Rosecrans had an interesting weekend in Seattle, resulting in his landing himself in the hospital and under the knife (subscription to The Athletic required). He’s a trooper, though, and is back to his day job and ready to cover the game tonight.

While he’s currently in the Major Leagues with the Cincinnati Reds, Brian O’Grady got the nod for 2019 Cincinnati Reds Minor League Player of the Year today at

2019 Reds Minor League Player of the Year: Brian O’Grady

Speaking of the minor leagues, the Reds are also the favorites to land one of the top prospects in the 2020 International Signing class.

Reds are the favorites to sign 2020 prospect Malvin Valdez

Final Thought

The Reds have 18 games remaining in 2019. This means it is still mathematically possible they will finish at .500 (or better). However the formula for calculating what record they need in these last 18 games to reach .500 is eluding me right now. So, let’s just take things a game at a time and hope for an exciting win tonight.  GO REDS!

Stats and data courtesy of, Baseball-Reference, and  

74 Responses

  1. RedNat

    Geez this lineup depresses me. I have not given up on Peraza. I still think he can be a solid player and maybe even a starter one day. But he cant play left field! This is getting ridiculous

    • Jim Walker

      I knew I was hoping against hope they would put Lorenzen in CF tonight and be done with it. I really don’t see why not.

      With the crew they got down there in the pen now and everybody fully rested, the most valuable spot tonight for ML had to be CF at game’s beginning.

  2. Pete

    I wonder what the lineup would look like if Bell/William’s jobs were at stake…. Something tells me you wouldn’t see four weak hitting middle infielders. It’s depressing because I love this team, I wish I didn’t. I’m now following the Astros as well…. David Bell is not manager material and personally I believe on any level.

  3. BigRedMike

    Galvis, Iglesias, Peraza, sigh….
    Blandino at DH

    Rebuild is going well it appears

  4. Chris Holbert

    If this is the best they have, 2020 is in trouble..

  5. Don

    Glad the game is starting so late on the East Coast and with a 5AM wake up for work, I am not even tempted to stay up watch any of the game with this starting lineup.

    Will read the results in the AM before work but no excitement or even looking to 2020 with that lineup as only 4 of the 9 should even be considered starters in 2020 and only maybe 2 more of the 10 on the 26 man roster to start the year at all.

    • Jim Walker

      I think it is important to see as much as Blandino as possible because he is still a minimum salary guy in 2020 while J.Iggy and Galvis are both very high $$$ guys if brought back. Of course they would learn a lot more about AB if he were playing on both sides of the ball. Is he everyday 2B quality? Can he play well enough at SS and 3B to be the back up?

      • Curt

        Jim, I missed most of last years day to day but wasn’t Blandino on the 25 most of the year? If so, how did he do?

      • Shchi Cossack

        Blandino slashed .234/.324/.289 with a .613 OPS in 147 PA at the major league level in 2018.

  6. Curt

    A 23 yr old LHP on his 3rd team, making his 4th start since coming up in August. Can’t trust any leftys here. Nosirree..

  7. Chris Holbert

    It’s nice to see Galvis has joined the no hit party since coming to the Reds, .231 AVG .260 OBP, .396 SLG, .656 OPS. Maybe the Blue Jays were right…

    • Curt

      We can only hope that the reason it’s been Galvis and Iglesias night after night at this point is they’re trying to decide which one to keep? That’s gotta be it right? Doesn’t it? I mean…er…

  8. Shchi Cossack

    If the Reds finish 5-13, they add yet another 90 loss season to their history.

    Four…FOUR!!!…weak hitting middle infielders in the starting lineup with 2 of them playing LF and DH…sheesh. That’s just plain stupid…STUPID!!!

    • Chris Holbert

      Hopefully they are looking at who can be the best bench players for next year…no….he cannot think that far ahead

    • Jim Walker

      The Reds historically act like it would be cheating to put a real hitter in the DH slot. But then maybe they historically haven’t had very many real hitters in the last decade and a half.

      It is like, “Oh, really? The pitcher can’t bat tonight? Hey bench coach, who we got that bats most like a pitcher to put into this DH spot”? And of course this explains why Lorenzen can’t DH. He does not bat like a pitcher.

  9. Chris Holbert

    All the Mariners have to do is pitch around Suarez and Aquino, and they should be fine…

  10. Indy Red Man

    Well I’ve been moving onions from Washington state to the East coast. Tonite the Reds are moving road apples from Washington state to the Midwest. Sort of the same deal….both products leave you crying.

  11. Curt

    At the very least the FO should give the green light to try Aquino in CF. It would at least give us some helpful new information. Something…anything

  12. Chris Holbert

    It seems people get caught up in WAR. The Reds have 5 players worth more than 1.0. Four of them are under 2.0. Of those four, one of them has done nothing since May, and one of them came up in August. That will not compete..

  13. Indy Red Man

    Atleast the Reds have prepared properly tonite! Iggy the SS is armed with placards in his back pocket of 1, 2, and 3. To help Peraza know when to throw the ball into the infield and when to run to the dugout. Actually scrap the numbers and just have signs with THROW and RUN

  14. Chris Holbert

    Not to beat the WAR dead horse, the Reds by far have the worst WAR of any team in the division, including the PIrates….

    • Jim Walker

      Do you suppose this might offer some insight into how/ why the Reds lose all the close games they find ways to lose?

      • Chris Holbert

        I think it would offer a lot of insight on the current standings and hopefully they can see what we all seem to see….but I am starting to really wonder where this is going

  15. Curt

    Hopefully Suarez keeps hitting home runs so his trade value keeps going up with it. Could bring a haul. An outfielder of equal value for starters would be nice…

    • Indy Red Man

      22nd in runs and you want to deal Suarez for prospects? 2024 is our year….I just know it!!

      • Curt

        Who said anything about prospects? An outfielder of EQUAL production value and maybe control or some combination of other positions that can replace him. Maybe a reliever as a cherry on top.

        Put it another way, The reds need Suarez or “a” Suarez on the team, just not at 3rd base where the Reds have depth. And apparently Saurez can’t play any other position. Reds have poor depth in the OF and C to name two.
        So yes I would trade Saurez (his HR’s and K’s) in a heartbeat if it helped balance the team and we all know you gotta give to get.
        That said, what trade possibilities exist I cannot say but any FO worth a grain of salt should at the very least be looking into it.

      • Curt

        Or an alternate solution that would involve keeping Suarez but still gain balance flexibility and openings for others would be to move Suarez to LF. Hey, if Peraza can do it…ha. Anyway, we’d still have his bat and it would create a slew of new options. Just thinking out loud.

  16. CFD3000

    How about JVM getting some at bats against a lefty? How about Lorenzen getting another start in CF? How about O’Grady getting some at bats as the DH (with Blandino at 2B)? Peraza, Iglesias AND Galvis? To what end? Sheesh.

  17. Seat101

    I’m an easy-going guy. But this team would be no worse off if we cut Iglesias and Galvis right now.

    • Pete

      If I was the manager and Galvis/Iglesias are the 2020 2B/SS combo, I would be using them exactly as Bell is doing.

      • Doug Gray

        If I were the GM/President of the team I’d fire you for stating that.

      • Chris Holbert

        If it is JV, Galvis, J Iggy, and Suarez, the will all be at least 29. Let the youth be served…

  18. RedsMonk65

    Happy Birthday to Joseph Daniel Votto. 36 years old today. Have a game!

  19. Pete

    Looks like Bauer tightened the laces on his glove….

  20. Indy Red Man

    Justus Sheffield….saw this Reds lineup and knew I had to start him in my fantasy playoffs. Gary Sheffield could shutdown this lineup. Or Chef Boyardee. Still rooting for 3 bombs from AA though!

  21. Chris Holbert

    With the all righty lineup, why is TB in there to bat RH, when Casali and for that matter, Farmer, are both sitting…..that makes you think there really is no logical thinking in the whole thing…

    • Indy Red Man

      I know….its makes no sense. Lorenzen is 16-52 (.308) in the last 2 seasons with 3 doubles, 5 hrs, and 3 steals. Why not give him some run in CF? Or DH atleast? What difference does it make?

      • Chris Holbert

        Lorenzen should bat 5th in this lineup…

    • Chris Holbert

      ..and he is batting lefty….

  22. Seat101

    I am so tired of that guy hitting him to double play after double play after double play

    • Indy Red Man

      2 problems. They don’t have anyone better for one thing and Bell doesn’t hit-n-run either despite the fact that Iggy usually makes contact. If they had 7 good sticks then they could bat Iggy 9th and they wouldn’t look too bad. If if and buts were candy and nuts.

      • Bill J

        Or as my high school coach once told a friend “I wish we played 10 men so I could bat you 10th”.

    • Pete

      Bell likes a weak bat in the fifth spot. Kind of even things out…..

  23. Indy Red Man

    I will say Peraza can hit the ball down and in. Its just 95% of the pitchers know that and throw him anything else.

  24. Pete

    Tucker batting lefthanded versus a lefty…interesting.

  25. Seat101

    It’s hard to break bad habits when you’re not getting any playing time and the playing time you do get is at an unfamiliar position. If Bell Has His Way, Peraza is not on the team next year.

    • Indy Red Man

      I wouldn’t even mind seeing Peraza at this point. Or atleast someone with more of a future then Iggy and Galvis. Neither one walks any more often then Peraza does and neither one has a future. Farmer has shown the best glove of anyone at 2B this year. Just some spectacular plays and he can hit a little bit.

      • Chris Holbert

        I would think Farmer is more valuable than Blandion or Peraza….

  26. Indy Red Man

    Ouch….Yelich is done for the year and takes the Brewers with him

  27. Chris Holbert

    Can the Reds please use Jim Day as a throw in on a trade this winter? It seems he would rather tell a joke or talk about his podcast rather than talk about baseball or the game. He is fine as the sidekick, but as the main guy, IMO he leaves a lot to be desired..

  28. Indy Red Man

    AA gives them a little hope for the future atleast! He’s not just a hacker! He could hit 40+ at .290 and probably throw in 15 steals. They just need to make sure they have to pitch to him.

  29. Seat101

    That’s a rare injury, isn’t it? A fractured kneecap?

    How long does it take to recover from something like that does anyone know

  30. Pete

    Bauer is really pitching tonight – that’s ace stuff.

  31. Seat101

    This has to be a record! 53 pitches in three innings. He might be able to go six innings today

  32. Seat101

    I thought it was Joey’s birthday today. It was Jose who got the gift

  33. Chris Holbert

    The Barnhart lefty on lefty thing is dumb…..and the production is proving it..

  34. Grand Salami

    The running box score reveals Bell played all his free swingers tonight. When you have multiple batters who eschew patience for contact you get three DPs in 4 innings.

    9 base runners and 3 extra base hits through just 4 inning with a single run to show for it is especially below average.

    I don’t care that the games don’t matter, this lineup is just dumb.

  35. Grand Salami

    Tough way to lose the no-no. Now the Reds and the 10 base runners have been equaled by the Mariners only hit.

    • Pete

      It’s too bad, the highest xBA for the Mariners was only .170 except the two balls Lewis hit: .800 and .560.

  36. Seat101

    Well I can go to bed now. There goes the no-hitter and the shut out

  37. Curt

    Wow, the Mariners call-up a rookie in September, play him and he hits a home run, imagine that. Meanwhile, the Reds minor league player of the year is sitting on the bench scratching his head.

  38. Eric B

    How does insinuating Peraza is the dedicated imbacill of the reds contribute anything of value to the conversation?

  39. Hanawi

    I’m already tired of seeing Galvis in the lineup. He’s only has a bat for getting time at SS and even then it’s iffy. Playing him at 2nd everyday is asinine.

  40. Eric B

    The Galvis pick up baffled me from the start. It just wasn’t necessary to add another so so middle infielder. I hope Senzel will eventually play his natural position at 3rd or at least second base. He’s lucky he didn’t break his collar bone or tear up his shoulder when he crashed into that wall.

  41. Curt

    No Jim Day, I give no kudos to Bell for making the “right decision” to pinch hit O’Grady for Blandino. That was already the script and he should have been playing all along anyway. It’s despite Bell’s every effort to make it as hard as possible for O’G to prove himself that he still stepped up and hit his first MLB ding-dong. Every bit of that moment belongs to O’Grady.

  42. Curt

    So much for lefty/lefty. Mariners broadcaster said Kyle Seager has been crushing lefties. How in this day and age did Bell not get that memo, or did he? Just opted for default.

  43. Pete

    It may take 90 losses to dispatch Bell, we’re 1 loss closer.

    Both Welsh and Day were dropping so not subtle hints that ML needs to be more active in the offense. David Bell will be the last to recognize it, he is under no pressure to further the club’s ambitions and it shows.

    • Burtgummer

      Even if they lost 100 Bell isn’t going anywhere
      Wishful thinking

      • Pete

        Burt – the more losses the better the chance but I agree with you, unfortunately. Job#1 is to remove Bell and not far behind the current FO, players are a distant third in importance to me.

  44. centerfield

    Seager splits: .918 OPS vs. LHP with 10 HRs and .778 vs. RHP with 11 HRs.
    So Bell brings in Garrett?